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  1. I'm just checking up on everyone. As soon as I heard the news, "the families at The Well-Trained Mind" always come into my thoughts and prayers.
  2. We will be doing Early American (intermediate) history, the horse study, and maybe the geography. About how long can I plan on a lesson a day? Thank you. :)
  3. I made a 2 week shopping list and planned out most of the dinners for this pay. I have spent about $200.00 so far. I still need to get some meat. We now have 5 of us always home with a 24 year old home sometimes and our 21 year old and his girlfriend here on some weekends. Our oldest is moving out (2 other dc live far). I don't really buy much or any processed foods. We will see how little I can spend.
  4. Ds dissected a pig yesterday. I posted pics. On my blog. Www.trueblessingshomeschool.blogspot.com
  5. I have many pics. posted again. True Blessings below. :)
  6. I got it last Christmas. :glare: I do have a warranty but I have a question. Can there be any way that my private information can be taken out of it?... Like getting on this site, fb, etc. Also, when I get another one, can I get my books back from Amazon? Thanks for any help. :001_smile:
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