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  1. I’m sorry your daughter has had such issues. Just to commiserate and say it may not be a result of any of the info you mentioned, my son has had a time with his roommate too. First of all, NO ONE chose him as a roommate in the honors dorm. There weren’t many honors students, really, and most were female. Despite messaging a few of the ones who seemed most compatible (few seemed to care much about academics or studying, oddly enough), he ended up with a student who decided at the last minute. Now the student won’t respond to my son’s emails or FB requests. My son was trying to introduce
  2. Yes, the Bittle Scholarship is the highest they offer now. It includes full tuition but no room/board/fees. My son Nathan won this for the honors college during a scholarship competition weekend. He is trying to decide between it (at about $15K a year for room/board) and Old Dominion University (with a $6K scholarship to honors college and living at home, school will cost $4K a year). We are trying to decide if it’s really worth the extra cost.
  3. What basic tools will I need to have on hand for this (protractor, compass?) Thanks!
  4. Regarding Aaron Well's Medieval Rennaisance Lit Course: Do I need to purchase a collection of all Shakespeare's works if the students are only studying Henry V? My son has taken other Shakespeare courses and has accumulated a few individual titles, which are easier to handle. Also, If only Book 1 of the Faerie Queene will be studied, does this mean we can purchase the Hackett version that is sold in separate volumes -- thus buying just Book 1?
  5. Thank you. I wonder if I will find the teacher manual online to be a pain. Gosh, these things are hard to decide. Yikes. It's so expensive for the teacher guide!
  6. I see this lab manual listed: Lab Manual A price: $14.47 isbn10: 0133687120 isbn13: 9780133687125
  7. I see these lab manuals listed. I assume they both comprise the year's labs? Lab Manual A price: $14.47 isbn10: 0133687120 isbn13: 9780133687125 Lab Manual B price: $11.47 isbn10: 0133687147 isbn13: 9780133687149
  8. I am in the process of figuring out what I need. This is what is in my cart. Do I purchase a lab manual through them or somewhere else? If it is included in access, is it printable? It is my understanding that the access will provide online answer keys, teacher guide, worksheets and tests. Is this correct? Thank you. 19780133242003MILLER LEVINE BIOLOGY 2014 STUDENT EDITION (HARDCOVER) + BIOLOGY.COM 6-YR STUDENT LICENSE GRADE 9/10$93.47NetAvailable$93.4729780133299335MILLER LEVINE BIOLOGY 2014 TEACHER ACCESS PACK GRADE 9/10$328.47NetAvailable$328.47 Total$421.94
  9. So, would this be what I want? MILLER LEVINE BIOLOGY 2014 FOUNDATION STUDENT EDITION (HARDCOVER) + BIOLOGY.COM 6-YR STUDENT LICENSE GRADE 9/10 and does anyone know what access to biology.com offers? Do I buy a teacher guide too? Thanks for your help.
  10. I bought a used set from the forums a couple of years ago. i just sold it to a lady, but the first three pages were missing (they must have been missing when I bought it because we did not use the worksheets). Could someone photocopy them and email them to me? Thank you so much.
  11. Thank you. I did finally get my computer fixed and able to use CDs again, so I was able to access the TM. It is a tricky book!
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