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  1. Checking back again this evening... hoping someone will see this and have something to share...
  2. Ever feel like you have a question and you don't know how to ask it???:blushing: So... I got this.... "Post menopausal female seeks recommendations for estrogen cream or ??? to help with... well... you know... um.... teA" Don't want to take hrt (hormone replacement therapy)... experienced surgical menopause (uterine rupture at age 30)... and the libido is just not there. OMGoodness, did I just hit the post button?? lol
  3. I understand points assigned and calorie limit, but, what does a monthly fee look like and is it worth the money? Can buying a book and working on the same principles work instead of spending money month after month? I have lost weight with Atkins before, but end up putting it back on when I use carbs again... and my dh hates atkins... wants me eating more fruit and veggies... I usually avoid breads anyway... don't have a sweet tooth... But, I am post menopausal and my body insists on looking like a plump pear...
  4. Not fancy... plain and simple... I used up scraps that I made my grandson's nursery with. It was fun and quick!
  5. Absolutely go over the basic rate and the increase for additional time as well as letting her know that drop off and pick up the two of you must meet up. Perhaps you live in a very safe location and she felt comfortable, but anything can happen in a minute or two or even less! Your basic rate stays the same if she brings him later because you are committing to that time frame and you are available for her. That said... I have at times been the wishy-washy mom of many young kids. I was never intentional about it, but life had a way of getting crazy on me with all my little ones and I a
  6. I currently have two jobs outside of the home, but most weeks they add up to 25 hours work... I work at a retail store... fast and friendly... usually upbeat and fun. Flexible schedule. I like 4-5 hour shifts a few days a week. I also work as an elder caregiver and love that!!! I wish I had more clients and/or longer hours. As it is, I have one client 3 hours in the morning twice a week. The "problem" is, elder care involves elderly and they don't get younger each day, so I have lost a couple of clients. I am really hoping that my hours/clientelle pick up soon. And the end
  7. Earlier today: Put on playlist and had it play in the background while I make Dr. appt.s for back to school stuff... took 8 songs to get through that call! I started two loads of laundry so far today... need to get on the dried load and get the next going... I made a quilt top because life has been so much about responsibilities and juggling a LOT of adult business (court, custody, teen in rehab), that I needed some "fun". The top is made, now I need to decide if I border it and then back it or just keep it simple and back it.... Next up: Pick up dd and grandson for a
  8. My son was given one immunization at 2 weeks of age... I think it was a hepatitis, but could not be sure... It was obvious by 6 weeks that he had multiple food allergies and he received no more immunizations during his infancy/toddlerhood... The Dr. was fairly old school and wouldn't diagnose his autism (he had very specific qualifications by two years of age and should have been diagnosed) because the Dr. said he (my son) had an emotional bond with me and gave family members eye contact (he didn't give many other people eye contact)... Anyway... he was diagnosed with aspergers by a new pediat
  9. I didn't have the great ideas here... so, when my youngest was too afraid and kept insisting that he wasn't interested in bikes, that he's just as well play with the scooter, we left him alone. A couple times a year we'd point out how his brothers enjoyed riding and would he like to learn, but no, he didn't want to. Finally, when he was 11 he decided he'd like to try and dh went out with him and had him riding that afternoon. He has aspergers and a great fear of being physically hurt... so, he had to really want to or it would have just not happened.
  10. My oldest daughter was quite well read and often mis-spoke, too... One of the favorites was when she went out on a canoe with friends, came home and said that she had a great time on the "can-oh". We still tease her about that!
  11. Well... Since you asked... And I am in the mood to let the cat out of the bag... I will be 49, I think... LOL! I think that my youngest graduates in 2018... What I DO know is that the year he graduates we are having a HUGE party... Since my ex has made life incredibly difficult, has lied more times than you can imagine about me and the past and since he has been abusive in multiple ways to our kids... I will be hosting a HUGE party in 2018... I wont have it connected to my youngest's 18th birthday, nor will it be connected to my youngest's graduation because the reason for t
  12. Re: rewards.... It might be a "3 nights in a row and not wetting and we'll get an ice cream cone" and he does... I've done 5 and 7 day rewards. He does not stay up and go... He is a sleeper. He almost always goes to sleep by 9pm... used to be 8pm... on his own and sleeps until 7am or so. Once I got him up to pee at 10pm... then between 120-1am... then at 4am... and again at 6pm and I tell you that boy would pee and pee. Anyway, about the rewards... I get tired of it because I cannot get those all the time... nor do I think it's okay for him to stay dry night after night and get reward
  13. I am using leftovers/scraps from the nursery set that I made for my grandson... http://mytripleo.blogspot.com/2011/11/nursery-is-done.html Basically, the material is leftover from the curtains/crib skirt... jungle print, cut into about 5-6 in squares... and green/white checked cut in squares to match... and I have a lot of cream.... I am making a simple quilt for a friend who is having a baby boy... money is tight, so I would like to make something using what I have on hand. I plan on the back of the quilt being the green/white checked material (because that's my large piece!
  14. I have 10 jungle squares.... and 15 checked squares and I can make as many solid colored squares to add in for the top... I am having a hard time planning how to lay out the 10 and 15 (can be 9 and 14 or whatever)... Anyone want to help take a stab at it? Thanks!!
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