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  1. Hello, BMW! hehe, your name is special, haha, so, do you like the car, bmw? ^-^

  2. I remember your previous difficulties and heartbreak. No advice on difficult teens, even though I've had a few too.:grouphug: Just wanted to say hey.

  3. You have one of the best hearts. Just thought you'd want to know. Online diagnosis, the results are in, you have a big, kind, generous, thoughtful heart. My fee is $1000, pay whenever convenient :lol:

  4. Here's a hug. I'm sorry that you and your boys got hurt.

  5. We seem to have similar feelings on getting back to the public school grind. I need someone else who understands me!

  6. A little gift to someone else who enjoys getting them...



  7. Happy Thanksgiving!


  8. I hope that you have a much better day today!

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