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  1. Thanks - several of these are at our library. Peace, Rene
  2. Are there any good movies or very easy books that would be appropriate to supplement Dorothy Mills' book? My 8th grader is using this book at her school and she hasn't studied much about Ancient Rome up to now. I'm looking for an easy way to fill in the gaps. Thanks! Rene
  3. Shutterfly! I love that site; they always have sales, so as you get your books created, you can wait for a 40% off deal before you order them. Good luck!

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    I have the following items for sale. Unless noted, items are in good condition with little shelf wear. Books/DVDs include postage, (media mail); Montessori materials will have to be quoted UPS shipping based on zip. Offers welcome! PayPal Only please. The Singapore Model Method $15 Elementary Geometry for Teachers $15 Elementary Math for Teachers (This book is a bit more worn – IMO still good condition, but someone picky might call it fair) $12 Singapore 4A HIG US Edition (This has been spiral bound) $10 Sold Singapore 4B US Edition Textbook $6 Sold Singapore 4B HIG US Edition (This has been spiral bound) $10 Sold Singapore 4A IP $6 Latin for Children A DVD $25 Latin for Children A Teacher’s Guide $8 Latin for Children B DVD $30 Latin for Children B Teacher’s Guide $9 Latin Alive Teacher’s Guide $15 Sold Latin Alive DVD $50 Sold NEW Writing Strands 4 $12 NEW Evaluating Writing $12 NEW Harvey's Book $8 NEW Harvey's Student Workbook (I have two of these) $9 NEW Harvey's Teacher’s Guide (I have two of these) $9 NEW Critical Thinking Book 2 $10 Sold Handbook of Nature Study $10 Physics Experiments for Children $5 More Mudpies to Magnets $10 NEW The Usborne First Encyclopedia of Our World Paperback $10 NEW The Usborne First Encyclopedia of Space Hardback $13 Story of the World Activity Book Volume 1 $11 Sold NEW Galileo for Kids $10 NEW Marco Polo for Kids $10 Augustine Came to Kent $6 Montessori Materials (These items do NOT include shipping – we’ll need to estimate based on your zip; I can send photos if you like): Long Division – great condition, but missing one bead $41 Metal insets – good condition; the insets are straight, not bent. There are a few scratches on the paint. Includes wooden stands and colored pencil holders. $49 Algebraic Peg board, and box of pegs – great condition $28 Let me know if you have questions! Peace, Rene


  5. The Frazier History Museum is great! Lots of hands on and interactive activities - still might be a bit museum-y for your kids. Sky Zone might be fun if the weather doesn't cooperate. Bernheim Forest is about 20 minutes from Louisville and it's lots of fun. If you decide to go, have fun! Rene
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I was planning on adding some things to shore up weak areas. I'll certainly keep test prep in mind for a few years down the road. Peace, Rene
  7. So, it seems we should do some work to improve these scores. She is a very bright kid; somewhat careless and very literal with test questions which doesn't help. Any suggestions? Thanks, Rene
  8. I'm just wondering if there is any relationship between a 7th grader's ITBS stanine scores and future (college) achievement. We just got results back and, overall, I'm pleased and there are no real surprises. I'm just wondering if these scores can predict in any way how well she will do on ACT/SAT, college acceptance, etc. We don't do any test prep or teaching to the test and she is consistently in 6th/7th stanine. I've never been one to put much stock in standardized tests and aside from math/reading, I thought the test questions were fairly ridiculous. Can anyone shed insight on wha
  9. I also did this course and love how much better I look. I haven't been into clothes for years and had no clue where to start. Now when we look at old pictures, my girls say, "that's before dressing your truth, when you were beastly." Good Luck! Rene
  10. I am an approved Stanford and ITBS administrator through BJUPress. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to administer the Stanford to your own children. We did testing through a co-op and I administered to other grades. It was a big pain and we did it in 1-1 1/2 days instead of spreading it out. I was exhausted, as were the kids by the end of it. This is our first year giving ITBS; I ordered a sample test that came last week. It seems pretty samey-samey to Stanford at first glance. FWIW, I would go with the easiest to administer. Good Luck!
  11. No, I'm not willing to formula feed and I do everything in my power to avoid pharmaceuticals, but that is my choice as a participant in the economy. I would also never suggest that the pharmaceutical industry is a free market or that the FDA looks out for my best interests. In addition, I would not say that charter schools are the same as school choice. They are more of a pseudo-choice. (also not a choice in KY, where i live) They're still part of the same government problem. School choice, in my mind, means that my tax dollars follow my child to ANY school of my choice.
  12. I don't see how this conversation can take place without considering how school choice would raise standards. One of the things free markets do best is to raise standards. One thing the federal government does best is lower standards. I guess I'll go get my tin-foil hat and get back to work.
  13. My kids have been sick for a week, so instead of getting ahead on planning, I'm spending a too much time dinking around online, trying to figure out what I would like to do when this homeschooling gig is up, or at least becomes less demanding. I just took a Core Capacity Index test from a local broker to see if I'm a good fit to become a realtor; Surprise - I am. There are some things about it that has always intrigued me, and I think I could do well, but...I don't know. I'm just wondering if there are any realtors out there that manage to juggle it with homeschooling and what that looks
  14. This is a great recipe for a gathering like yours that is always a hit here with adults and kids both: Pepperoni Bread. 1 package Bridgeford frozen bread dough (3 loaves); 1 pound thinly sliced pepperoni; 1 dozen eggs hard boiled; 1 pound mozzarella cheese. It's very easy to make ahead. I usually assemble it before guests arrive, then pop into the oven. Let dough rise (approx 7 hours?); separate dough into two sections (1 1/2 loaves and 1 1/2 loaves) Roll one dough section flat and place on pizza stone (you can also use a lightly greased glass pan if you don't have a stone) Place
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