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  1. If you're planning a Memoria Press order, this month might be a good time to do it--they are offering free shipping throughout February. http://www.memoriapress.com/
  2. Hopefully the oxygen helps and she feels better soon.
  3. I like the name. And it wouldn't stand out as a Mormon name to most people, just rather unique.
  4. If there is more than one library you have or can get cards for check each of them for a Mango subscription. It is quite a good program, I especially like using the tablet app.
  5. I'm super annoyed about the other doctor's approach... :angry:
  6. So the new diagnosis is olecranon abscess, per BIL and confirmed by the new dr. today. He drained the abscess and prescribed a different antibiotic, there is still a possibility of needing hospitalization etc. but at least we're on a more proactive course.
  7. We have been using Michel Thomas for a few months, though I haven't used very much of the Spanish program (I am trying to teach multiple languages at the same time, the jury's still out on whether that is a wise undertaking!) With regard to the accent, it doesn't sound French to me but it is Spain pronunciation not Latin American. We do Michel Thomas as a group, I think it helps that they have actual students on the CD giving responses as it feels more like being in a class with other learners and helps the kids feel comfortable giving their own responses.
  8. I am waiting on Latin as well, I favoring studying a conversational language first as the formal study of Latin seems better suited to the abilities of a more mature student. I'll put in a plug for Michel Thomas--we have three of his programs (Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin) and I really like them. I've used Pimsleur myself in the past, but was somewhat turned off by the first few lessons that seemed to be focused on how to order beer...(maybe that was just the language I was studying though).
  9. I talked to BIL on the phone (ER doc) and emailed some pictures, waiting to hear back from him. I'm not jumping to go to the ER tonight unless he tells me to, since that would involve packing up 5 tired kids and taking them as well. Feeling frustrated that he has been to the same doctor three times and the dr. hasn't tried anything different...will definitely be seeing a different dr. at least tomorrow. I appreciate the experience and advice, I will keep you posted.
  10. He has had three injections of Rocephin and is taking Clindamycin.
  11. Trying to attach a photo, let's see if this works... ETA: the faint blue circle marks the limits of the inflammation on the first day.
  12. My husband woke up last Wednesday morning with a sharp pain in his elbow, which was somewhat swollen. He went to the Dr. that afternoon, by which time the swelling had increased considerably and the area around the elbow was very red and inflamed looking, within about a six inch diameter. Dr. said it was an infection, and gave him both an antibiotic injection and a prescription for antibiotics to take 4 times a day. It's been a week, and while he has continued to make follow-up visits to the dr. and to take the antibiotics faithfully, his entire forearm is now swollen. The nurse mentioned cellulitis, the dr. has just continued to call it an infection without being more specific. I'm worried that this is not improving with treatment. We're going to try to get him to another dr. for a second opinion tomorrow. Has anyone experienced something like this? I'm hoping the Hive has some wisdom to share!
  13. See post above about how to get a free copy from the kindle app store.
  14. I thought that Jan 14 date seemed off, but I have a hard time keeping track of dates...
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