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  1. A friend of mine used Time4Writing with her son and it prepared him very well for the college classes he is taking. It's only $99 for an 8 week course. I love BW, too, but can't stomach the cost so I am going with Time4Writing for my 14yo who needs to get up to speed for high school writing.

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    BRAND NEW CKE Creation Science w/ CD. Decided to go a different route with science this year. $25ppd. Paypal preferred. Smoke free home. Photo available upon request. :) Thanks!


  3. Thanks, Lori. Wow. You should advertise your services. ;) You are good at this planning stuff. LOL. I feel much peace about combining all 3 in Chemistry. Either with Chem 101 for all 3 supplemented as needed for the older 2 or the option you laid out using Wile's text and Chem 101 as supplement. I ordered a Chem 101 and will take a good look at it before I decide.
  4. HOD WG is a great HOD year. It is, by far, my favorite. My son really enjoyed it for the most part, with the exception of the Book of Discovery (which he said was "boring", lol). Keep in mind that he is a 15yo boy who thinks everything but basketball is boring. ;) After getting in to the map drawing in Mapping the World with Art he really enjoyed those, too. The World Religions and Cultures study was perhaps his favorite part. Mine too. My husband even picked up a few of the books and was impressed! We did not use the IPC science that is scheduled b/c my son had already done Physical Science.
  5. I know that I am a homeschooler and do not have to follow "traditional" science progression. I would like to follow a sensible progression if that makes sense. My husband suggested that I just have all my high school boys do Chem 101 together. 9th, 10th and 12th. Since none are heading into a STEM field (except maybe the 10th grader and it is likely that he won't...he is interested in Photography) I think Chem 101 would be a good, basic, "get er done" Chemistry program. I plan to add in a few more books (the Chemistry that is scheduled in HOD's MtMM since I already own it) as well as perhaps a
  6. An opinions on which is "better"? I am aware of the errors in the 3rd edition Apologia Chem so I am not even considering that. I like what I see so far in the samples of his new text. My oldest used the 2nd ed. Apologia Chem and she had difficulty with it. I didn't prefer it either. For some reason, I get a better "feel for his new text. Any thoughts? Opinions? Thanks!
  7. Thanks, Lori. I have looked at Chem 101 and while i do not feel it is a great college prep course, especially for a child going into a STEM field, I do think it would be enough for my 12th grader who has no STEM or college aspirations. I do agree that it is more "middle schoolish" and would work better as a supplement. I am familiar with VHSG as several of my children have used it for classes. :) My oldest used the 2nd edition of Apologia Chem and after comparing that to Wile's new text (at least the samples that are provided), I must say that I prefer Wile's new text. I have heard about the e
  8. Wow. Thanks to those who answered! That was so very helpful! I "think" I have pretty much decided to put my 9th grader in Apologia Physical. A friend has Apologia Physical and is going to let me borrow it. Lori, I do have a 7th grader but he will not be ready at all for Apologia Physical. He is also a bit "behind" academically (in reading and math mostly). I had the Spectrum Chemistry but sold it. I just didn't really like it after looking through it and the cost of supplies was going to deplete my budget. So...now I am looking at Chemistry 101 or Jay Wile's new Chemistry text or possible eve
  9. I have a rising senior who is not college bound (at least not right away...he will likely realize that he needs college and take online classes after he "spreads his wings" in the real world a bit and reality smacks him in the face ;) ). Anyway, he took Environmental Science in 9th (non-lab, with a co-op and an amazing teacher), Apologia Physical Science in 10th (again with our co-op) and Apologia Biology in 11th. Our state only requires 3 years of science and does not specify which or that any have to be a lab science. Technically, he doesn't even need another science in order to graduate.

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    Looking to purchase for upcoming school year ASAP. Thanks!



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    Complete Levels 1-3 Homeschool edition Rosetta Stone German. Sells NEW at CBD for $227. Asking $125ppd. Smoke free home. Paypal accepted and preferred. Thanks!



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    The Great Courses: History of Science 1700-1900. 36 lectures on 18 audio CDS. Set in good working condition. DVDs are no longer available from Great Courses website. Books not included. Asking $55ppd. Smoke free home. Paypal accepted and preferred. Thanks!



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    1st edition MUS Gamma Teacher Guide, DVD with a brand new (newest edition) student test booklet. 1st ed. teacher materials are compatible with the latest edition student workbook/test book. Good condition. $20ppd from a smoke free home. Paypal accepted and preferred. Thanks!



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    $15ppd. Margaret Lial's Intro Algebra 7th ed. (Algebra 1) paperback text. Good condition. Smoke free home.


  15. I would have to agree that it is repetitive. There was one lesson I had to simply stop reading b/c I felt like I had just read the same point in the previous paragraphs/sentences.
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