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  1. Update: IEW was a huge success. Ds came in the top 20% of his SAT score in essay and maths and is going into tertiary education in a few months! We also did various other writing programs, but IEW was the one that triggered things.
  2. I feel exactly the same way about those two stories! Not uplifting at all - almost nihilistic. :crying:
  3. Is there any explicit violence and gore in this book? I'm looking at this translation: The Expedition of Cyrus (which I believe is the name as Persian Expedition?).
  4. Thank you Rose. I just ordered a copy of that one to read instead :001_smile:
  5. Another one that I just thought of that is uplifting: Gawain and the Green Knight.
  6. Which classics have you read that have been uplifting for you? I felt pretty depressed after reading 1984, and a couple of others. So far, for me, these are my favorites for being uplifting: Don Quixote (the entire 1000 pages are wonderful) The Hobbit and LOTR Narnia Series The Giver Over to you
  7. Thanks. The version I bought was this one: Metamorphoses by Mary Innes. Has anyone read that?
  8. Before I begin reading aloud this narrative version of Metamorphoses to my teens, are there any "surprises", ie sex or violence? If so how explicit? Thank you 😊
  9. Thank you for explaining what I might be in for. I was going to read it aloud after The Princess and the Goblin. How much harder is it after that book?
  10. Those who have read Phantasies by George MacDonald, how suitable is it suitable for teens, in terms of being engaging and relevant? (by relevant, I mean that it speaks to all eras and age groups) I read that CS Lewis was inspired by this book, and I'm looking for a new read aloud to teens. Thanks
  11. The DVD sets: not online as we have slow internet and our timezone is 12 hours behind EST.
  12. For those who use or have used RRM, what do you like about the program? What do you not like? I'm looking for some honest reviews, and thinking of using it for grades 11 and 12 as something a little different (since we've already thoroughly enjoyed most of the Omnibus series).
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