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  1. Update: IEW was a huge success. Ds came in the top 20% of his SAT score in essay and maths and is going into tertiary education in a few months! We also did various other writing programs, but IEW was the one that triggered things.
  2. It doesn't have to be secular: we are Christians, but my son has asked for something that doesn't keep going on about the earth being 6000 yrs old. Old Earth or theistic evolutionist is fine ... it's the YEC that puts my ds off.
  3. Can anyone tell me if there is a Chemistry course for highschool that is like Apologia, but not Apologia? By that I mean with all the colourful pics, the logic questions, the experiments, and the "non-dry" approach .... but without the young earth parts? I love Apologia but my son is asking for an alternative without YEC. So I'm looking for the course that is MOST LIKE Apologia ... if that's possible. Thanks
  4. I was the OP of this thread :o That was two years ago! We started IEW Writing Intensive B and he loved it and overcame a lot of the problems listed above :) We had huge success with IEW after WWS. I have bought the LTW program and will begin it once we've finished IEW Speech and IEW Medieval Writing. So at this point I only have the IEW - WWS comparison.
  5. Holly, when my ds was 11 we did WWS and it was a huge headache. We swapped to IEWB about 3/4 way through WWS, and ds has loved writing ever since. One thing I keep saying is that I think, for the average boy, WWS is too hard under the age of 13. Also I think it depends if your child is 'whole to parts' or 'parts to whole'. After reading some of LLewema's posts I realised my ds was whole to parts inclined. WWS is parts to whole, and IEW and LToW is whole to parts.
  6. Pen, he definitely has no reading LD, and he is only behind in maths since this is our first year homeschooling, and we started from MUS Alpha. He has been tested for LDs and doesn't have them, though he does have HFA, and not having the right help in school made him get behind. We completed WWE last year before school each day. The work isn't too hard for him; he's just not motivated and doesn't see any point in it. I think one of the problems is that he has no competition with anyone. He loves being hs'd, but I think I need to start grading his work and giving him marks etc. I'm lea
  7. We're coming towards the end of WWS1 with ds12, and there have been some struggles on his part (though I love WWS). His main problem is lack of concentration and rushing through activities, and for me; having to be 'parent at elbow' at all times or there will be no work done at all. He refuses to read the lesson, so I have to read it to him, though I encourage him to take turns with me. As for topics, he will often refuse to do the topic listed in WWS and only wants to write about aeroplanes; so his essays all sound exactly the same, with no evolution or expansion. He also just does the absolu
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