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  1. We rarely eat sugar cereal but I saw all three in Aldi's last week. Bought them all. Saving for Halloween morning. That is going to be one SUGARY day! Ha! (I haven't seen this cereal in decades, so I couldn't resist buying it when I saw it. Hee hee)
  2. You said you may put him in school in the US for three months -- this year -- so that's Kindergarten, right? I wouldn't worry about math. He's probably already beyond what they normally teach in K in the states. If you do put him in school, you can "afterschool" math to retain those positives you like so much and still get a break during the day. Where you are headed -- is it full day K or half day K? Would that influence your decision? (I agree with the PP who said that there wouldn't be enough time for the test results to influence anything about his school experience. Even if you were t
  3. Another friend made himself into a giant slice of pizza using cardboard with a slice on the front and a slice on the back -- connected over his shoulders with duct tape "suspenders." It was a big hit with the pre-teens.
  4. Oh, a friend's son had a terrific Scarecrow (from Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz) costume once. Even the makeup was adorable!
  5. My boys have liked Star Wars Stormtrooper and Indiana Jones costumes (without weaponry) at that age... but both are still inherently violent. Sigh. Wish i could take the air out of THAT balloon.
  6. When my older dd was three, we were having pizza and lemonade with grandmother. I limited the kids to one large (NYC style) slice and one (adult-sized) glass of lemonade. Dd ate that and begged for more. I said no way -- she had had plenty! Five minutes later grandmother brings dd into the kitchen without my knowledge and slips her another slice and another full glass. Dd downed them and promptly threw it all up. There was just no room for all of that in that tiny little stomach, no matter what dd said she wanted! Of course I was furious with grandmother. Sometimes there are good reasons
  7. Anyone planning to be in the city on Friday, Oct. 13? Some are visiting... Wanna join in a brief meet up? Shoot me a PM. Cheers!
  8. My kids love Beast Academy (Art of Problem Solving). Check out samples from the text and workbook here: https://beastacademy.com/books Click on the level and then see the samples/peek inside the books. The guide book is textbook (comics-style featuring make-believe funny, cartoon beasts) and the practice book is the workbook Edited to fix link.
  9. Here's a suggestion for a fancy NYC "store" -- The Sugar Factory! (although it's not exclusive to NYC) https://sugarfactory.com/location/upper-west-side/ Popular with kids and pretty fancy!
  10. My boys really love the Intrepid.
  11. It has been my home, too, so no worries. Okay?
  12. Just FYI "huge crush mob" was my attempt at describing the fact that it was not a line (you had said there was no line -- and you were right! -- I had said "waiting in line" but it was really waiting in a mob). I was also describing the behavior of the people -- many, many people pushing from all sides, in the shape of a triangle (crushing down to a narrow opening at the front). I do sometimes describe the usual mass of people somewhere as a mob *if* the usual mass *is* a ton of people all pushing together. Anyway, as usual, YMMV, but I thought it prudent to give describing details so
  13. It wasn't a line, it was a HUGE CRUSH MOB with some crazies even pushing into other people -- on the Manhattan side (the SI side was much lighter). But it WAS a Saturday, so that's probably the reason. Recently. It took us nearly 2 hours including the 30 minute wait on the SI side. (We did get to the terminal on the Manhattan side about 10 minutes early.) So, OP, take it during the day (not rush hour) and *not* on a Saturday.
  14. Yes. Snooping. I have Asian friends who have told me some older people in Asian cultures think nothing of this and, as your SIL has shown in the past, some younger people have no problem satisfying the older generation's desires. Still snooping though.
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