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  1. $1.5 to $6.8 million and I'm sure even higher but that was a quick check. This is why we live in a 2 bedroom condo :(
  2. I figured so I don't know why they wouldn't say that on their site. That saves me some money though, so Yay! Thanks :)
  3. I have AAS levels 1-3 for my older child with all of the tiles. She never used AAR because it was not available then. I want to use AAR for my 5yo and was able to buy most of level 1 used, minus the activity guide and magnets. My question is does AAR use the same tiles as AAS because I would hate to buy them and then end up just duplicating what I already have. I tried to look on the website in the FAQ's but couldn't find an answer nor could I see what tiles were included in AAR. I figured someone on here has/does use both programs and can chime in. Thanks!
  4. Ugh. Wrong board. That's what I get for trying to multitask ;)
  5. I just wanted to say I am in the middle of a December/January Christmas in Europe trip planning myself. I have no idea where we want to go yet though, so you're way more ahead of the game than I am :001_smile:
  6. I noticed in the trends that need to die thread that a lot of people were mentioning not finding bras that fit properly or weird hard to find sizing. I posted a response like this but I know it will probably be lost in the thread so I am posting it here. For my entire bra wearing life I always was told I was a 32 B, and although that was supposed to be my size I constantly felt like I had bad fitting, shifting, bras that you had to adjust all the time. I thought that was my normal since no store I was ever at sold under a 32 band and I was told on several occasion that was my size. Apparentl
  7. I can help you with that! A few years ago I was with you on the bad fitting, shifting, bra that you had to adjust all the time. I thought that was my normal since no store I was ever at sold under a 32 band. I actually thought I was a 32 band though until I read a reddit thread on how to measure yourself for a bra accurately and it was a game changer. I went from wearing a 32 B to 28 DD (sounds large but is not when you compare sister sizes) and it has changed my life. I never knew that a bra could fit so well or that it was supposed to. I order my bras from Fig Leaves in the UK because they h
  8. One of my birth boards had severe drama and partially splintered over the death of Whitney. :001_huh: Definitely not my doing and it was such a train wreck to watch. We still talk about it to this day. I admit to having sadness over Kurt Cobain dying. I was 15 I was devastated. I was/am also sad about MJ, Adam Yauch from Beastie Boys, and now Bowie dying. I like music and these musicians were important to me at various points in my life. I was also really upset about the death of an author I read, but mostly because she left her last book on a cliff hanger and now I will never know
  9. I read somewhere yesterday that the group Anonymous plans on helping. That they have found some evidence stating his innocence. It will bee interesting to see how it plays out.
  10. For older dd Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Sherlock inspired stuff. It was like the British invasion was hanging out under the tree ;) and for dd5 we put together a doctor kit using a real vintage doctors bag, and real doctor tools, with a set of scrubs. She is obsessed with it, everything and everyone in the house is covered in bandaids and gauze wrappings. I think I have had my knee hammered enough to develop a small bruise ;)
  11. I love BBC detective shows and love Sherlock. I just watched River with Stellan Skarsgard which was very good. Luther is great as well but might not be as appropriate.
  12. He already bought me Frye Engineer Boots and I want the Ancestry.ca DNA Testing kit.
  13. We are completely secular here. Always have been. Most people I know are. I love, love, love Krampus. I wish it was one of those traditions that North America embraced along with Santa since they go nicely together. Going to a Krampuslauf is on my bucket list.
  14. Also, I have the Mr. Tea mug in this listing in pink (bought from this Etsy store) but I want the Lionel Richie "Hello is it tea you're looking for?" mug that is in this listing as well. They often sell it alone on here in a few different colours but they must be selling out fast for Christmas. They also have it in a teapot version that I am in love with.
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