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  1. the only place i've seen furs in the last few years was at my husband's work christmas party, worn by the high up rich guys' wives. fur coats, shiny baubles, strong perfume, and a tendency toward dramatic hand gestures.
  2. i just get the instant stuff - all done in about five minutes. :D
  3. They are "seizing" you and your car, albeit temporarily, while they ask you a few questions. hmmm. i don't feel "seized" at a checkstop ~ i've felt nervous once, going through a check that was for plates/inspection stickers/etc...because although the vehicle i was driving was all up date in those things, i was 17 and unlicensed :laugh: (they looked over the vehicle & waved me through) but nah.. DUI checks don't make me feel like i've been 'seized' or anything...i don't have anything to hide... the officers are always polite and stuff....
  4. why is going through a DUI stop a "seizure"? they aren't "seizing" anything... (well, unless you're drunk - then they're gonna seize you and your car)
  5. I am. For that matter, I'm usually against anythinng that includes the phrase "whatever it takes". Goes double when it boils down to treating all citizens as criminals. Citizens should be permitted to travel and generally live without police intrusion unless they are under investigation for a known crime. DRIVING in general kills thousands every year. If you really want to do whatever it takes to make roads safer, remove the driving and they will be much safer. see now...i'd be happy if ALL car manufacturers installed those devices where the car won't start if you have alcohol on your breath...i'm THAT much against drunk driving. ;) what's the alternative? we just allow people to drive in whatever shape and..scrape up the bodies later? okay that's a bit dramatic in presentation, but it's from truth... you're seriously the first person i've ever EVER known who was against them - and i'm not saying you shouldn't be (don't get the wrong idea) i'm just really curious where this goes.. i mean, what IS the answer? [maybe part of it is that i don't view a checkpoint as "intrusion" ...it's just the police doing their best to keep us safe on the roads - and i'm happy to show that i've not been drinking. i've nothing to hide eh?] (do you believe there should be a driving AGE?)
  6. i've never heard of anyone being against DUI check points ... so i'm curious: are you? (or is anyone else here?) i'd be interested in knowing why... drunk driving kills a LOT of people every year ~ i'm all for whatever it takes to get drunk drivers off the road.
  7. Airport odyssey reveals how awful and annoying we are i thought parts of this were pretty funny. :D ETA: i caught a few episodes of some kind of reality show about airports the other year - and i'll tell you right now...i would NEVER have the patience! :laugh:
  8. ahhh. i was guzzling slightly cold coffee and reading along, saw the 'some people' :glare: and the 'sheeple' remarks and thought ??? because this is an issue that obviously will have people carrying different opinions and i don't think it's fair to jump on them and say that they don't think for themselves (the meaning of sheeple) or whatever.... blech. coldER coffee. :p
  9. ^^^ that. pat downs at large public events have been going on for a very long time - concerts, sporting events, whatever.
  10. Sheeple. If they want to give up their rights, then... they can. I won't. are you talking about the 40 people who voted in the poll that they are okay with the new procedures? people who are your fellow board members, fellow homeschoolers, and for all you know (as the poll is anonymous) they may be your friends? just wondering if those are the people that you guys are being unkind about...
  11. that's nothing new - at least not here. it is, after all, a SECURE area (most secure areas do not allow filming)... a couple of years ago when my husband & a friend were flying away, i was taking pictures of our daughter giving him a hug right before he went into security...a few minutes later, from inside the security area, he started waving at us - so i went to take his picture through the doorway and the security lady there told me that it's not allowed to take photos of the security process and stuff. (she was very polite.)
  12. awww! glad she's ok. :D i'm not surprised that she climbed in - one of mine (and he's almost 5 years old!) is always trying to do that...of course, he's a lot easier to SEE than a little kitten, but still.
  13. Where are you from? Everyone I know says it saw-ry, except for my family members in England. canada... and i just sat here trying it out as "saw-ry" and "sar-ry" (like starry) and they sound so weird :laugh: [i don't know anyone who says it those ways]
  14. i'm trying to imagine how else you could possibly say it? it DOES rhyme with lorry/story/dory/tory/etc!
  15. this is one of those questions that can't ever be answered with "yes". :laugh:
  16. boxed potatoes are kinda yummy with ketchup. :p
  17. does anyone else smell a bit of "hey! 15 minutes of fame!" with this guy? i mean really... he went there "somewhat prepared" (his words) for the confrontation, filmed things, used very specific *language intended to get attention, etc etc. it bugs me. * what's the word i want... aggressive? inflammatory? in-your-face?
  18. i have one close guy friend ~ but he's a relative and lives on the other side of the country now, so... that doesn't really count. dh has some female friends & travels to work every day with a female coworker ~ whether i mind that or not doesn't factor into things; he does what he wants.
  19. that was not a "strip search" and the FATHER removed the boy's shirt - it says so in the video description. i'm not saying anyone would *enjoy* the situation...but i don't think it helps when people make something into something that it isn't...he was not "strip searched by TSA".
  20. so not fair. :tongue_smilie: we don't get that flavour...heck we don't get a lot of the flavours you have down there! your flavours (listed on the side) our flavours (they show at the bottom)
  21. if you want to wear black nylons ~ then wear black nylons! :) ....i'd be wearing tights - the warm fuzzy kind. and a sweater. Brrr! :p
  22. you've got a guy who communicates? CLONE HIM NOW PLZ. make the world a better place. :p
  23. i'll trade ya. my late fees are over $100 right now. :tongue_smilie:
  24. ha! love it! :D ...of course they'd prolly nail ya for "public nudity" or something. pasties & a thong?
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