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  1. You are driving home my point. I hardly know this person. I am considering a phone call, but haven't decided. Again, I barely know her.
  2. ???!!!! Whoa. Wow. If I learned my mom regretted adopting me? And that she broadcast that on social media?! You could not possibly convince me to not have a problem with that. Honest feelings are one thing. But, like I tell my teenagers, some feelings are not meant to be broadcast. There is a time and place for talking about deeply painful and personal feelings regarding one's children. The internet is not that place.
  3. Obviously, those of you who blog about their children's personal issues feel differently. I think it's a terrible violation of privacy from the person who should be most motivated to protect them. (Flame away.) I should not know that this particular child has the issues he has. I hardly know his mother! I know so many ugly details of his challenging behavior. His mom has set him up to be a topic of gossip and "oh my gosh, did you hear what ____________ is doing now?! What kind of kid does something like that? Don't let your kids near him! I wonder what he'll be like when he's olde
  4. No pseudonyms on the blog to which I am referring. Photos of the whole family with just about every post. An anonymous blog would be an improvement, but still risky, I think. Kids are pretty tech savvy these days. I was adopted, and suspect that my mother has her regrets. If I were to come across a blog/chat room/whatever where she admitted her regrets, I'd never trust her again.
  5. Ugh. I am aghast. Please be careful not to reveal your child's most personal struggles and weaknesses and pain on the internet. Try to think of how he'll feel one day when he reads it and it confirms his fears about your true feelings. Your child deserves privacy as he grows. And there are certain things a should child should never hear from his mother -- even if he is a very difficult child and you adopted him.
  6. Very helpful and informative. Thanks for taking the time to explain! (I'm guessing you have a medical background?)
  7. That's what I've been thinking while reading through this thread...If a person is unable to lose weight through calorie restriction, how would the surgery help? Isn't it just a way to restrict calorie consumption? Or is there more to it that I'm not aware of?
  8. Mine wanted to hs, for high school, but I was done. I told him I wouldn't do it. He just didn't work very hard unless I was ON HIM every minute. I plain old could not do that for four more years. He loves his new school and has good grades.
  9. My goodness. I wasn't suggesting that jeans would "turn anyone away." Just stating my preference. I dress professionally at work because I want to be seen as a professional at work. I think kids, parents, taxpayers, coworkers, administrators, would all have a bit more respect for teachers if they dressed up a bit more. We have quite a few staff members who appear to be on a perpetual camping trip. I teach kids with multiple severe handicaps. I'm sure I have more opportunities to get truly messy (we change diapers, lift students, feed students) than your sister. I also t
  10. Business casual Mon -Thurs for most teachers here. People dress in jeans on Fridays, but I don't. I wish teachers dressed more professionally. (yes, I keep that opinion to myself...)
  11. I'm back to suggest you try a calorie counting app. You don't have to just eat veggies and salads. You can have regular food that you really like. I really like my app -- it's so easy to use and helps me make reasonable decisions. I enjoy my treats much more knowing that they fit (at least approximately) into my daily calories. I know people think counting calories is a chore, but I find it very freeing! No more guilt -- just an easy way to make better decisions. I realize ymmv, but I do think it's worth a try.
  12. I disagree on Powell's Books and the Fremont Market. In a time crunch, I'd never make these a priority. Yes, a great book store. Yup, a nifty outdoor market. But nothing one couldn't find in any other large metropolitan area.
  13. Would you pick it over Mount Rainier? For someone who may not get up this way again? Just wondering.
  14. I'd go the week after Labor Day, if possible. Not rainy yet, but the crowds will be gone. My favorite place in the world is Mt. Rainier National Park. I'd strongly recommend it over Mt. St. Helens. Vancouver is a fantastic city, but not worth the hassle of crossing the border, in my opinion. I'd visit the San Juan islands instead. North Cascades Hwy is an amazing drive(eastern WA), but the Hoh Rain Forest (western WA) is equally worthwhile. Lots to choose from up here in the PNW!
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