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  1. The only thing I know that would get close is Mennonite (CLE and R&S). They don't believe in eternal security. I was raised strict Arminian, but our Christian schools had no problem using Abeka, BJU, and ACE. They just didn't use their Bible courses.
  2. Well, thank you. I don't know why though!

  3. Jean, you are one classy lady.

  4. Hey, how is the house selling going? Haven't seen you post in a while and I'm tap, tap, tapping my fingers waiting, waiting...

  5. I love how to-the-point you are! :)

  6. I always enjoy reading your book comments & reviews in the weekly book thread & on your blog. :001_smile:

  7. There are more of us. Some are just tired of it and avoid the threads altogether. Not every Christian is stuck in the Crusades. ;-)

  8. Thanks for your post on the mythology thread...I wished more people felt like you do!

  9. Those timeline pictures are GREAT! I love it.

  10. Happy Birthday! We share the day. I hope you have a wonderful celebration.

  11. Thanks for stopping by my page!

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