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  1. The only thing I know that would get close is Mennonite (CLE and R&S). They don't believe in eternal security. I was raised strict Arminian, but our Christian schools had no problem using Abeka, BJU, and ACE. They just didn't use their Bible courses.
  2. Husband and I don't exchange gifts. Both of us are the way you described your husband. We just usually buy something for the house (an oven hood one year). LOL. Does he even want you to buy him something?
  3. Well, thank you. I don't know why though!

  4. Jean, you are one classy lady.

  5. Hey, how is the house selling going? Haven't seen you post in a while and I'm tap, tap, tapping my fingers waiting, waiting...

  6. I love how to-the-point you are! :)

  7. I always enjoy reading your book comments & reviews in the weekly book thread & on your blog. :001_smile:

  8. There are more of us. Some are just tired of it and avoid the threads altogether. Not every Christian is stuck in the Crusades. ;-)

  9. Thanks for your post on the mythology thread...I wished more people felt like you do!

  10. Those timeline pictures are GREAT! I love it.

  11. Happy Birthday! We share the day. I hope you have a wonderful celebration.

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