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  1. :iagree: When my nephew was in 7th grade, the total weight of his textbooks was more than his weight, fully-clothed, with shoes. He was expected to bring home ALL of his textbooks every night (for homework), then cart them ALL back the following day (for class work). My sister went ballistic, LOL (she's good at that). In the end, the school loaned them a full set of textbooks to keep at home, and he kept another full set at school in his locker. He was the shortest kid in his class in 7th grade. He is 21 years old now, and 6' 4". ;) I wonder what weighs more than your girl? :scared:
  2. :iagree: We found much of the MP guides to be busywork. With the CLE answer keys, I use a large magnifying glass. Seriously, I have a magnifying glass in my pencil box, just for CLE. Otherwise, it's impossible to see things like fractions and exponents! So tiny! At least this year (4th & up), the instructor guide for Math won't have each student page reduced to one-fourth the full size. :glare:
  3. :lol: Yes, "grammer" is one of my pet peeves, along with "even has it's own workbook." Either master the proper use of the apostrophe, or don't teach it, please.
  4. I know, I've seen that clown, and he would be enough reason to say "No!"
  5. Dislikes: So anyway, I dislike anything that begins with, "So anyway,...." I dislike products that use weird font combinations, TOO MANY CAPS, and too many exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dislike full-price products that come across as beta versions (hello, Memoria Press). :glare: I dislike scribbly pictures. Okay, actually I hate scribbly pictures. I dislike it when a "teacher's manual" for math has the helpful suggestion to "teach the student subtraction with borrowing across place values." Thanks for that. :tongue_smilie: Likes: After a certain point
  6. Also, this is coming from a context in which my mother (still) thinks that FART is a curse word. Seriously. Over the years, this has had only one possible outcome in our family: Fart, fart, fart, fart, fart....
  7. Sort of... I did have to explain why holding up one's middle finger would not be a great motion for "The Middle Kingdom" during Ancient History timeline cards. Recently, during our unit on Ancient China, I did have to correct my daughter's pronunciation of "Confucius." Think "hard c sound" for both C's, and you've got it. I just corrected her, though, without explaining. My children have heard me say a few choice words at times. Not often, but I suppose I'll chalk it up to "exposure to the world." Right? Their level of naivete is far greater than mine was at that age. The "tough gi
  8. I had one who put up with anything, and another who fought for space day and night. They are still that way, but they both hold their own. Yeah, the shape-shifting twin pregnancy. I remember....
  9. I haven't read all the replies, but I agree with Hilltop Mom that CLE is a bit "ahead" and TT seems a bit "behind." This is just going by what I've seen of both. CLE is simple to use and rather easy to accelerate, if you choose to do so. If you give (or already gave) your student the placement test, then I would purchase the first several light units for wherever he places and just begin. Don't pay too much attention to the level or the numbers on the books. Just go at his pace, focus on concepts and mastery, focus on facts and attention to detail, focus on good work habits and just.... br
  10. Having a bad case of "I don't want to" today. That's me, not the kids.

  11. My husband made a passing reference (to me) about the Zombie Apocalypse. Of course the girls overheard him, so they wanted to know, "What's a zombie?" He explained (I have no idea what he said). A few days later, we drove past a church with a sign that advertised Zumba Dance classes. Same youngest daughter asked, "Daddy, why does that church have dance classes for walking dead people?"
  12. About two years ago, after we finished reading aloud The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, we also watched the movie. Following this, we had a family discussion about Aslan. Following this, my youngest daughter said, "I've been meaning to ask -- Who is Asthma, anyway?"
  13. My daughter just startled a snake while doing yard work. Eastern black rat snake, I think. My nerves....

  14. No teens (or boys) here, but one of my friends who has a teen boy (15) had this solution. She had her son make his own list of how to fill up his summer days, but that could only include 1-2 hours per day of total screen time. He had to include something involving outdoor exercise (swimming), indoor exercise (DDR/Wii), something involving work around the house (he's helping his dad redo the kitchen), something relational (he's in 4-H and another group), something involving math (he's taking an advanced course), and something that would help him keep up with his languages (he's working on R
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