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  1. This book is like that, though. I remember reading it in my tweens, and just not "getting it." Then in college, I had a professor who adored (like, practically worshiped) C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Madeleine L'Engle. She taught a course in their literature, but my schedule always seemed to conflict with it, so I never had that course. But I had her for other courses, and we used to chat after class. Anyway, she talked me into reading all their books again. For some reason, in my twenties, I liked the books better than I had in my tweens or teens. And they stuck with me, in ways that m
  2. I was tired, but we did it all, LOL. I even decided to beat back the fatigue with exercise -- 10 minutes stretching, 20 minutes weights, 30 minutes super-cardio (don't be too impressed, I can't even run yet). But I was faster on the treadmill than I have been, so I think that "resting" this morning was a wise idea. For some reason, I couldn't get the engine turned over this morning. My endocrinologist put my Armour down way low two months ago. We told him it would be too low, but he wanted to begin there again, because I was messed up over the summer. I need to call him tomorrow and let hi
  3. I don't want to hijack this thread, but since Saxon-lovers are here already.... :blushing: If you wanted to (perhaps) transition from CLE Math (which we very much like) to Saxon (which we tried once in 3rd grade and didn't like -- we used Intermediate 3), when would you make that switch? My oldest daughter (6th grade this year, in CLE 600 series) would like to accelerate the CLE pace this year, so that by the end of 6th grade, she will have finished 705. Then, next year for 7th grade, the plan was to do the rest of the 700s and all of the 800s (except 701 and 801). She's nearly done with 6
  4. So this was a GREAT success! I used to take school work on trips, too, back in the days when I thought that was realistic, LOL. Now, I would view the hours of playing Monopoly as the best of the best of the best, and leave the school work home. We went to California for a MONTH last year. Took no school work. The girls played endless games of this and that with relatives, swam in the Pacific Ocean, hiked along the coast and in the mountains, went to museums and parks, ate great Middle Eastern food (in-laws are Egyptian), and learned some life lessons along the way (my MIL hates me, for exa
  5. I'm tired this morning. Why? I went to bed on time. I think I slept well. It could be the grayness of the day. We had bright, sunny, beautiful weather for at least 10 consecutive days. We were out in it every day. Today we are fogged in, but this is equally beautiful to me. I call these "Gray & Green Days." Love them. But... overall, I do better with sunshine. I need a Happy Light, perhaps. I still enjoy a rainy day, though. It works out so well that today is also Mandatory Nap Day, LOL. My girls need one nap per week, or they start to drag through everything. One nap + one early bedti
  6. I don't think so, but she does do that when we rub her jaw. This, I think, was a genuine snore. It was so adorable! She is our most vocal rabbit. She grunts, she squeaks, and, apparently, she snores. And she tooth purrs. :) Mr. Speckles Thumper (a dwarf lion mane, white with black spots and little black ears, so cute) does his fair share of snuffling, squeaking, and grunting when we pick him up. He is hilarious, and super alert. He thumps whenever we put a hot pan into the sink and it sizzles. He predicts the weather -- seriously, he starts to thump before thunderstorms. One night, I was h
  7. Latin past Prima Latina. Well, I'm not sure my oldest hated Latina Christiana I, but she didn't want to continue to the next level. It wasn't a hill to die on for me (this year, at least), so I let her decide. She'd rather focus on French. That said, all three girls do seem to enjoy studying word roots. We're using English from the Roots Up 1, only the cards. Yard work. I used to enjoy doing yard work, until I tried to get my children to join me. Out of the three, one hates yard work (bugs, sweat, dirt, oh my!), one will tolerate it, and another is my willing helper at all times and in any
  8. Monday 9/26 Everything went well today. We did our chores and school work in the morning. We saw a large fox trot across the back yard. We saw the black cat with white socks, stalking vermin by the swimming pool. We saw the pinto gallop across the back field. It's a wonder we got anything else done! As I was cleaning up breakfast, the girls practiced their pianos (with headphones). I thought I heard humming, so I asked them to please stop (I can't stand humming all day long). "We're not humming, Mommy." Hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm. I still heard it. Maybe it's the doves on the roof? Went outside. No
  9. Most of the time, for the Genuinely Curious, I respond as you did, sort of "yes and no." I agree with you, that question is too complicated to answer meaningfully, without telling our story, and most people are not actually asking for that. They are simply on the outside, peeking in, and they wonder what it's like inside. So what I usually say is, "It depends on how a parent defines homeschooling, for herself and for her children, and what level of effort she believes ought to go into it. For us, yes, it is hard work -- for the girls and for me -- but then so is a good life in general. We hope
  10. Sunday 9/25 Worship at church Play outside, free time, crafting, bunnies Tea & conversation Monday 9/26 Regular chores, meals, laundry, pets, exercise, etc. School Work -- Science Morning, Composition, Math Grandparents' Visit Tuesday 9/27 Regular chores, meals, laundry, pets, exercise, etc. School Work -- TBD Afternoon Nap Wednesday 9/28 Regular chores, meals, laundry, pets, exercise, etc. School Work -- TBD Church midweek Thursday 9/29 Regular chores, meals, laundry, pets, exercise, etc. School Work -- TBD Choir Practice Friday 9/30 Regular chores, mea
  11. Several years ago, we tried BA 3A (but had also purchased 3B). My daughter hated it. She didn't care for the monsters, didn't like the busyness of the pages, didn't want to have to wade through cartoon strips to find the math teaching, and strongly expressed a desire for a "just tell me the facts" approach to math. I agreed with her wholeheartedly. I disliked BA, too. We went with CLE Math (from the Mennonites), which is probably about as far away from Beast as you can get.
  12. Our neighbors on the other side have about 20 guinea hens. It's a good thing we love the sounds they make, because we hear those all day and half the night. :) And yet another neighbor has a crazy donkey. Hilarious. It's like Noah's ark, all spread out. And behind the horses on the farm behind us (!) is a good-sized dairy farm. The cows and calves in the spring are a regular chorus of bawlers. The neighbor across the road has sheep, another has goats, and yet another has more horses. We have no garden, no crops, and three house rabbits. :lol: I guess we're still city folks. :blushing: We
  13. Agriculture/food production is our third largest industry: http://jerseyfresh.nj.gov/facts/ Our nickname is "The Garden State." Our farms feed Philadelphia and New York City. Where I live (NW NJ), we have signs on some roads that say, "WARNING: Active Bear Area." http://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/bearfacts.htm They do live here, but we haven't had them on our property (that we know of). I've never seen tracks or scat, in any case. We have (once) seen them in the woods nearby, a mother and two cubs. Some people get black bears in their swimming pools. My cousins had to watch ou
  14. We had a pretty good day. Someone is still struggling a bit, but we're working through it. Kids had choir practice. That's about it for our news. :)
  15. :leaving: That would do me in, too. I don't want to deal with a snake. My mother is even worse. She runs when she sees a snake on television. :laugh: We have about 24 species of snakes here, and two are venomous, the Northern Copperhead and the Timber Rattlesnake. You wouldn't expect to see a rattlesnake in New Jersey, now would you? http://www.wildlifecontrolexperts.com/snakes.htm We seem to have a steady population of Eastern Black Rat Snakes here on our property, all of which were discovered by me while doing yard work. This is part of why I now decline to do yard work. I feel
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