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  1. If she wants to learn how to read music and is really motivated to learn theory, The Music Kit by Tom Manoff teaches everything one would want to know about reading music.
  2. Thanks, Jamajo and Candid. Jamajo, I may use so of your phrasing, if that's okay.
  3. Elegantlion, I agree about this forum. I haven't run into anything like it anywhere else. And it does defy description. Thanks for your input.
  4. Thanks! This is very helpful. So exploring this a bit more---Part of the application process is including any training I have completed for any employment I've had. Should I include home school conferences I've attended? All of my other training for homeschooling involves lots of reading, hours and hours of time spent on these forums ( :lol: ), and books read. Should I include any of that? And how would I do that? Any other suggestions. I need to sit down this weekend and get this together.
  5. Hello, I don't post so much on this board and haven't posted much at all on the forums for the last year or so, but I am hoping for some help brainstorming. After 15 years of homeschooling, I am taking a turn at going to school. The program I am applying to requires a resume as part of the application process. I haven't worked outside the home since before my children were born. We do have our own small business, and I will be including that as well volunteer work, but I also want to include my experience homeschooling. I'm just not sure how to include it. After talking
  6. You may want to look at National Geographic's Almanac of World History. I found the articles included in this book well written and added a lot of logic stage appropriate information and background to our history studies.
  7. Early Times The Story of Ancient Rome The Roman News Horrible Histories: The Rotten Romans a game we really enjoyed was Catan Histories : A struggle for Rome
  8. I have a detailed review of the science books on my blog. http://missmoe-thesearethedaysofmylife.blogspot.com/2011/02/teacher-and-student-quest-guides-for.html
  9. No, we do not allow bikinis because we don't feel it is modest. My girls are allowed to wear tankinis as long as the top is long enough to cover her up. As young children, my girls wore rash guards and board shorts for swim suits. I don't require this, but I've noticed that as they've grown into teens they still feel most comfortable wearing board shorts over their swim suits. Wanted to add--we have a pool where we live. We live a few blocks from a community pool where my kids swim almost everyday during the summer and we live 10 minutes from the beach. Makes no difference in o
  10. Steak salad. Southern California. Feeds 8 adults/teens Steak---I buy steak from the clearance section at Fresh and Easy. I can buy two steaks there for 6-8 dollars. Or this week they had tri-tips for 2.50 lb. I have also seen tri-tip on sale at other grocery stores for as low as 1.99lb during grilling season. The whole tri tip is about 8 dollars. This makes about 12 servings of meat. The two steaks will be make about 10 servings. Grill seasoning--guessing I use about 25 cents worth. as well as another 25 cents worth of oil. and about 25 cents of garlic cloves (which I
  11. yes, you can boil it to kill any bacteria. I believe it is for 3 minutes. Don't want to give bad advice--you may want to google that find an answer.
  12. Also, I'm wondering if prices are the same for Azure Standard no matter where they deliver? If so, I could help with lots of recipes made from their ingredients. And I believe they deliver as far east as Michigan at this point.
  13. Potato Soup. Southern California Feeds eight adults/teens 5 pounds of potatoes--3 dollars at local farm stands ( I am also able to buy 50 pounds of potatoes for $30 from Azure Standard) (and in certain seasons of the year I grow my own)---peel and chunk potatoes 1 onion--3-4 onions come in a bag for 1 dollar at Fresh and Easy--also peeled and diced---25 cents 3-4 diced peeled carrots--I can buy a 3 pound bag for about 1 dollar at the local farmstand. The three pound bag has about 8 carrots. Making the cost of the carrots I use about 50 cents. 2-3 cloves of diced garlic---4 heads o
  14. How about your older children? I see that you have adult children. Have they made close friends as adults?
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