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  1. Hi, I am still looking for an online course for Precalculus- Calculus 1-preferably one that meets late afternoon but will have to be flexible. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated Pam
  2. Hi, I am looking for some advice and or recommendations. We are just finishing Chapter 1 with Foerster, using Math Without Borders videos. My 15 year old son is very unhappy with the book so far. I realize that lesson 1.7 with the proofs is unusual and will not continue throughout the book, so I am o.k with this. But at least one time, the lecture didn't discuss an important topic for the assignment: how to plot integers on the number line, so he got those wrong. I suppose if he had read the book AND listened to the lecture he would have picked up this while reading, but we just assumed that the video would cover everything needed for the assignment. So he is a bit frustrated about this and wonders if this is going to be a typical issue the rest of the book/lectures. I am just wondering if we should continue plodding along and see if it gets better and he likes it better-or if we should jump ship before we get too far. He is very bright and picks up new concepts extremely fast-and generally is o.k. with whatever I pick out for curriculum. But this book really has him frustrated to the point of almost tears! And we have only done 7 lessons!!! Any other recommendations for Algebra 2?? We used Lial's Elementary Algebra for Algebra 1 and while neither of my boys enjoyed the book, there were no tears (LOL!) and they did well with the layout of the book. Does Lial compare with Foerster in Algebra 2? And what book would I use of Lial for Algebra 2? Would love to hear from anyone would can give some input or advice!!! Thanks pj
  3. We are beginning with Foerster Algebra 2 (Algebra and Trig. book) and I noticed that in chapter 1 there are proofs using algebraic concepts. I have not seen this before and I am curious as to why some books have proofs and some do not. What is the benefit to completing an Algebra 2 program with proofs-or is there a benefit? After proofs in geometry, I kinda thought we were done with that! :) Any thoughts/insights?
  4. Hi, I just have a few questions about Latin as a foreign language for high school/college prep. My son has taken 2 years and he will be a sophomore next year. He is wavering about whether he wants to do another year-he really doesn't like it or the amount of time it takes.(online course) But he is getting a 99%, so he understands it very well. I have heard that some colleges are not accepting Latin as a foreign language any longer. Has anyone heard this? Also, how many years of foreign language do most colleges want these days? He won't be going to a top notch school, but will be competing somewhat for UW Madison, if he continues to pursue his plan as of now. I don't want to base everything on that school, as he may change his mind. Would it be wise for him to choose another foreign language at this point? He could still get in three years of another language, though I know he won't be happy about any foreign language. Thanks for any input. pam
  5. Hi, We are in the process of moving and I need to develop a plan for 2nd semester quite quickly here. We finished Middle Ages using a combo of Ambleside and TOG but I can't do that for this 2nd semester with the move. I really need something that is pretty well planned and simple to execute. So I was looking at Human Odyssey Volume 2 with the student pages. If I add in some videos and literature, would this be o.k for 9th grade history? For 1st semester the read Ivanhoe, Joan of Arc, The Brendan Voyage, Watership Down, and Beowulf. Thanks for any feedback pa

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    I have a lot of SL things that we are done with: SL 200 package. Only missing 2 books and this includes the parent guide and student guide. There are check marks on the parent guide but the student guide is clean. The books are in good shape and if you are interested, I will send you the list of each book and the condition of the book. Overall, this is a great deal and an awesome Core!! Asking $250.00 plus shipping Guide G: Older IG edition that uses the books of Genevieve Foster. This is just the instructore manual Asking $15.00 Guide W IG: This is the combined Core of G and H in one year. The IG is in great shape!! 2011 Asking: $25.00 Guide 300: Never used this one, though I so much wanted to!! 2011. No marks and in great condition. Asking $25.00 Guides 100: This includes the parent and student guide. 2011. Great shape. Asking $40.00 If you have any questions, please PM me. Pam



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    K’NEX Education – DNA Replication and Transcription Set – 525 Pieces – Ages 10+ Science Educational Toy https://www.amazon.com/KNEX-Education-Replication-Transcription-Educational/dp/B000O8Z7UQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1483574403&sr=8-1&keywords=knex+dna+replication I bought this a year ago and I have used it only three times. All the pieces are accounted for and it is in excellent shape. Asking $18.00 plus shipping.


  8. To make a long story short, the government plans that I was planning on using with three of my high schoolers is no longer going to work so.....I am splitting them up and one group of two will be doing World Geography as they will be 9th graders. I am looking for something that is very simple, planned, and easy for me to manage as I deal with chronic pain. Is there anything like that?? I don't even know where to begin looking and it is so late already! Any suggestions greatly appreciated! pj
  9. I have a soon to be 9th grade boy who has been struggling with writing for the past 2 years or so. We have done many oral and written narrations, and he does O.K. on these-not great but average. His twin does excellent in comparison. When we have worked on essay writing, he just can't do it unless I am sitting with him and helping him get his thoughts in order. He needs to talk everything out and really needs help organizing his thoughts into sentences and main points for his essays. I am wondering what to do with him this year. Would Writing with Skill be helpful for him? Or does anyone know of another idea? I am going to listen to the audio talks from S.Bauer tonight and go back to the middle school lectures, as well as the high school lectures. It would be nice, however , to have a prepared curriculum to help him with is weaknesses. Thanks
  10. Hi, I will be using the Windows to the World and I think I will be doing the syllabus by Jill Pike (?) to make it a year long course. We will read To Kill a Mockingbird and Hamlet for sure and I am still researching another one for 14 year old boys. I am not sure they would appreciate Jayne Eyre.... BUT my question is the amount of writing for the year. Should I add another writing program to this? I was thinking about doing Bravewriter Expository Essay, but doing it at home. I have the manual and basically I would be the teacher and would make it a 6-8 week course. Would that be overload with the Windows to the World work as well??? T My boys are 14 and will be 9th graders. One is comfortable writing and the other one struggles. I would love feedback from those who have used this program for the year. Thanks pam
  11. Hi, I am feeling overwhelmed by the amount of "stuff" out their for government credit. My daughter does not want to do the Notgrass book, which would be the easiest for me....she did their American History and that was enough of textbooks for her. So trying to pull resources together has just about put me over the edge. AND I still have 9th grade plans to finish up before we sell, move, vacation, and hubby surgery. So, would anybody be willing to share their government plans for the fall? I can do either a semester or a full year, we have a little wiggle room. Thanks in advance.... pj
  12. Hi, I am planning on using the "dragonfly" Miller Levine biology book for the fall and I already own one book. I want to order a few other things; a teacher's book, another student book, tests and study workbook. But it seems there are different editions and I am confused. The book I own doesn't have any edition and at Amazon, it shows as " 0 edition" Can I assume that means 1st edition? And if that is the case, should I get the 2nd edition instead? Is it better? How do I tell what studt books and tests go with which edition? They seem to be labeled by letters, A , C, B are the ones I have seen. This is hurting my brain, and in turn, hurting my new hip - yep, just had a hip replacement at 50!! That's what sports will do to you! Any help would be truly appreciated! pam Just looked again and what is even more strange is that my book that has no edition, 0 edition according to Amazon, has a printing date of 2006- which is after some of the other books. Now is am truly overly confused!
  13. I have upcoming boys who will be doing 9th grade in the fall and I am having a difficult time with history. Last year, we did TOG Ancients, Year 1 and they worked well at the dialectic level. They generally liked the structure and independence this program gave them. So, if we stayed with TOG, we would be looking at Year 2. My only "problem" with TOG is the literature analysis at the Rhetoric level-it is very rigorous and more than they need in 9th grade. The dialectic books are too young for high school, I think. Public schools do American History for 9th grade, so I am wondering if maybe that is a better option. But which program? Do I do it in one year or two? And what about the kiddos missing out on the 4 year cycle.....will we ever get back to the medieval times??? And when we do, will they remember the sequence of events with the fall of Rome and all that happened that ushered in the middle ages. I would really love some input- anything!! I am just going round and round with this one so anything you say will be helpful, I am sure! Thanks in advance for your comments! pj
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