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  1. Exactly what this person said is what it's all about. Both of my DS's understood the concepts very well. BUT, they need to be trained to not make silly errors and mistakes! Those simple math errors (even though they know those concepts) are what cause issues later on. Saxon has a very good reason for being repetitive, and I PROMISE YOU, your children will be very challenged when they reach Algebra 1, but especially Alegbra 2.
  2. I will complete WWE with my 5th grade son in a couple of weeks. I used WWS with my older ds and had planned to use it again, but I'd love to get some other suggestions that my better suit us right now. My son will start a public charter school next year for 6th grade. He has had a great deal of experience writing narrations for history, and like I mentioned, has worked his way through WWE. He does some writing for English, but not enough IMO. He really needs practice writing short essays, he needs practice writing good paragraphs, and *I* need something that is effective but gentle for me! I have a one year old and a busy school schedule for my older ds15, and I honestly do not have tons of quality time to dedicate for school. I need something that can hold my hand in teaching, but that my son can do somewhat independently. All suggestions are welcome!
  3. I need an open and go Spanish curriculum that doesn't break the bank, but easy for my son to use independently. He needs to complete Spanish 1 and 2 by September of next year, so preferably something he can move through fairly quickly. Also, is there much difference with a high school Spanish curriculum vs. one I'd use in middle school? My younger son in 5th grade is going to switch from Latin to Spanish, so it would be great to have a curriculum I could use with him as well. Thanks!
  4. I need recommendations for a Spanish curriculum for high school level. I do not want anything online - just a standard text that focuses on grammar, etc. I'd prefer something rather inexpensive and one that can be done independently. Thanks!
  5. I almost bought the Harcourt: American Government and noticed these texts are for 4-8th grade. Just FYI for anyone else - those suggestions are not high school texts.
  6. I'm on the tail end of my homeschooling journey and he has a few classes he must have completed prior to admission to a specific school. I know that studying economics will be something he actually enjoys, and because he will be doing this course independently, I'd like to ensure that he covers it thoroughly. I was just looking for input regarding using the Sowell book, and possibly supplementing with something else to fill any holes. My son is a textbook-lover, so the more worksheets and tests, etc. - the better. **I much prefer secular curriculum**
  7. Would reading this book and using the questions on his website be enough to count for a half credit of economics?
  8. I am attempting to put together a semester course for my ds15 who needs to have economics completed by next year. Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell has received some great reviews, but does anyone know if there is anything that accompanies that (tests, quizzes, etc.). I would like for him to read this book, but I don't mind supplementing with something else. He will be doing this independently and I'd like to gauge what/how much he is learning. Thanks!
  9. I need suggestions for solid government and economics curriculum. My ds is starting a school next year that requires him to have those two courses completed by grade 11. I'd like a textbook/workbook/test type of curriculum for both so that we can show the completed work if necessary. Thank you!
  10. This is great - thank you. DS's outside school offers literature courses, and I can clearly see that taking a class would serve him well. In the meantime, your information and resources are very helpful.
  11. What does a good literature course look like in high school? My ds15 is attending a school for a few of his classes, but literature is not one of them. We have done Lightning Literature, but I'd like to find something else. Any suggestions?
  12. Thank you all for the suggestions - I appreciate it!
  13. I need suggestions for a high school level French curriculum for my son. He's in 10th grade with no prior experience with French, but did take Latin for several years. Bon Voyage was recommended to me and a few others I am unfamiliar with. I'd prefer a standard textbook/workbook/quizzes/test type of curriculum as ds will be doing his French study independently. We will not conversing with tutors or studying French abroad. We just need to check this off the list for his high school requirements! Thanks!
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