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  1. If she wants to learn how to read music and is really motivated to learn theory, The Music Kit by Tom Manoff teaches everything one would want to know about reading music.
  2. Thanks, Jamajo and Candid. Jamajo, I may use so of your phrasing, if that's okay.
  3. Elegantlion, I agree about this forum. I haven't run into anything like it anywhere else. And it does defy description. Thanks for your input.
  4. Thanks! This is very helpful. So exploring this a bit more---Part of the application process is including any training I have completed for any employment I've had. Should I include home school conferences I've attended? All of my other training for homeschooling involves lots of reading, hours and hours of time spent on these forums ( :lol: ), and books read. Should I include any of that? And how would I do that? Any other suggestions. I need to sit down this weekend and get this together.
  5. Hello, I don't post so much on this board and haven't posted much at all on the forums for the last year or so, but I am hoping for some help brainstorming. After 15 years of homeschooling, I am taking a turn at going to school. The program I am applying to requires a resume as part of the application process. I haven't worked outside the home since before my children were born. We do have our own small business, and I will be including that as well volunteer work, but I also want to include my experience homeschooling. I'm just not sure how to include it. After talking to the admittance counselor, I am sure she does not have a clue about what exactly most homeschool moms put into homeschooling. I am also wondering if I should include the work I did with my blog. Is that something that would go on a resume? I wrote for several other blogs as well as did reviews for a homeschool company. Thanks for any help. I'm feeling overwhelmed at the thought of putting this together.
  6. You may want to look at National Geographic's Almanac of World History. I found the articles included in this book well written and added a lot of logic stage appropriate information and background to our history studies.
  7. Early Times The Story of Ancient Rome The Roman News Horrible Histories: The Rotten Romans a game we really enjoyed was Catan Histories : A struggle for Rome
  8. I have a detailed review of the science books on my blog. http://missmoe-thesearethedaysofmylife.blogspot.com/2011/02/teacher-and-student-quest-guides-for.html
  9. No, we do not allow bikinis because we don't feel it is modest. My girls are allowed to wear tankinis as long as the top is long enough to cover her up. As young children, my girls wore rash guards and board shorts for swim suits. I don't require this, but I've noticed that as they've grown into teens they still feel most comfortable wearing board shorts over their swim suits. Wanted to add--we have a pool where we live. We live a few blocks from a community pool where my kids swim almost everyday during the summer and we live 10 minutes from the beach. Makes no difference in our swim suit standards.
  10. Steak salad. Southern California. Feeds 8 adults/teens Steak---I buy steak from the clearance section at Fresh and Easy. I can buy two steaks there for 6-8 dollars. Or this week they had tri-tips for 2.50 lb. I have also seen tri-tip on sale at other grocery stores for as low as 1.99lb during grilling season. The whole tri tip is about 8 dollars. This makes about 12 servings of meat. The two steaks will be make about 10 servings. Grill seasoning--guessing I use about 25 cents worth. as well as another 25 cents worth of oil. and about 25 cents of garlic cloves (which I peel). I rub the tri tip with oil and rub grill seasonings all over it. I cut slits and insert garlic cloves. Roast in oven or put on grill. Slice thin. I like to put a few thin slices(about 4 oz) on each salad. I have enough left over to make about four sandwiches the next day. or to chop up and make steak and eggs. Salad---1 1/2 heads of lettuce. Each head of lettuce is 1 dollar for a total of $1.50. Clean and rip up. 4 tomatoes--1 dollar at Fresh and Easy. Tomatoes are also available at farm stands here for various prices depending on if you want basic romas, beefstake, yellow, orange, heirloom, ect. chop and season with salt and pepper Cucumber--59 cents a piece during the winter months. Less during the summer. I use two cucumbers for a total of $1.18 Oil, vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper for dressing. About 50 cents. I also have been known to blend this with mint (free from my yard) and throw in a few tablespoons of yougurt. Guessing about 50 cents of yougurt. If I have the extra money, some kind of cheese is good on this salad--we like feta or blue cheese. Not including this in the cost because it is perfectly fine without it. Total cost---$13.43 or 1.68 per serving.(includes meat for another 4 servings) Not the cheapest meal, but this is my go to meal for entertaining. Steak salad seems special and is super yummy.
  11. yes, you can boil it to kill any bacteria. I believe it is for 3 minutes. Don't want to give bad advice--you may want to google that find an answer.
  12. Also, I'm wondering if prices are the same for Azure Standard no matter where they deliver? If so, I could help with lots of recipes made from their ingredients. And I believe they deliver as far east as Michigan at this point.
  13. Potato Soup. Southern California Feeds eight adults/teens 5 pounds of potatoes--3 dollars at local farm stands ( I am also able to buy 50 pounds of potatoes for $30 from Azure Standard) (and in certain seasons of the year I grow my own)---peel and chunk potatoes 1 onion--3-4 onions come in a bag for 1 dollar at Fresh and Easy--also peeled and diced---25 cents 3-4 diced peeled carrots--I can buy a 3 pound bag for about 1 dollar at the local farmstand. The three pound bag has about 8 carrots. Making the cost of the carrots I use about 50 cents. 2-3 cloves of diced garlic---4 heads of garlic for 1 dollar at the Farm stand or 2 heads for 1 dollar at Fresh and Easy (also able to grow this in my garden)--3 cents per clove for about 10 cents for garlic Various seasonings--hot sauce, worchestershire sauce, salt and pepper, fresh thyme (which I grow in my garden) ect--25 cents 4-8 cups Chicken broth---2 dollars for 4 cups at Fresh and Easy, I also boil chicken bones and scraps with veggie scraps (onion ends and skins, carrot tops, ect) to get free broth.--I add water to make up enough liquid. 2 dollars Splash of oil---not sure how to figure price. I buy oil a gallon at a time from Azure standard for 20 dollars a gallon. That gallon lasts me 5-6 months. 1 cup of dairy--I've used cream, half and half, milk, yougurt, and buttermilk before. What ever I have on hand. Yesterday I bought a quart of buttermilk on clearance for 1 dollar at Fresh and Easy. So using that the cost would be only 25 cents, but if I bought milk at reqular price it would be 1 cup of milk for about 67 cents. 1 cup of shredded cheese--I buy Tilamook cheese at Costco for 7.99 for 2 1/2 pounds. That makes the cup about 1.60. (there is cheaper cheese available at the local market, but I like the quality of Tilamook). So total cost of soup is $8.02. I most likely would serve this with cornbread which cost me about 1.50 for a batch or with whole wheat toast purchased at the bakery outlet for $2 a loaf. And three in my family eat this without the dairy and like it just fine (or better) without the milk and cheese. Without the dairy this meal would be about $5.93 Saute onions and carrots in oil until onion is soft. Add garlic and saute for a few minutes. Add potatoes and seasonings. Add broth. Add enough water to just cover potatoes. Boil until carrots and potatoes are soft. Mash with potato masher or puree in food processor or blender. Add milk. Add shredded cheese to each bowl before adding soup. This soup lends itself to any veggies you have. You could add broccoli, mushrooms, ect.
  14. How about your older children? I see that you have adult children. Have they made close friends as adults?
  15. I use to be you! I have five kids ages 18-13--including one set of twins. Just wanted to let you know--it gets easier. That is how I feel about my kids, but as they leave the house I worry about them connecting with others. My oldest has been at college for a year + and I still don't see a him having a huge connection with others. My kids do have friends--just not really close friends. They seem to be fine hanging out at home with their siblings. Good to know their are other families in the same position.
  16. Yup, it is the Hailey W's video--the blond Hailey's video. Thanks all! I do think she did a really good job.
  17. Yes, my kids did have friends when they were little. And they were the kids of my friends. :) But now that they are teens, it doesn't work the same way.
  18. I've found that I can barter for many things with a good home cooked meal. I can make many meals for very little--making this a good deal on my part. Also, for a long time we hung clothes from hangers to dry them. You can hang a lot from your shower rod. And look for anything you need on Craiglist before buying it retail.
  19. I'm wondering if your children have close friends outside your family. My dh and I were discussing this the other day. Our kids are really close and consider each other best friends. They don't have very many close friends outside our family. They get along with others and seem to have a knack for putting others at ease. But they haven't emotionally connected with others. I'm wondering if this is a large family thing--or something else altogether.
  20. One of the young ladies at my church has entered a contest that requires votes. Would love to help her out. http://davidsbridal.com/promstylestars?promid=videoid86 Thanks.
  21. I have kids at home and kids at school right now. Would it be possible for you to find something part way between being in school fulltime and home fulltime. Perhaps, a day a week away would help everyone. I found that my highly social boy did better with time surrounded by people. He never went to school full time, but he needed to be around people. I tend to need lots of quiet down time, so I couldn't meet those needs myself.
  22. I read an excellent article in Fitness Magazine about self discipline. I was not able to find it on their site--perhaps, someone more talented than I could find it. It is titled Control Your Cravings Quick Fixes for Wimpy Willpower on the cover and Make it to the top inside the magazine. The info is taken from Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength by Roy F. Baumeister, PhD. The main points are: We only have a certain amount of willpower each day. So we need to limit our choices each day. My husband is the most discplined person I know and this is so true in his day to day life. He has the same breakfast everyday, he exercises at the same time throughout the week, ect. He doesn't sit around and wonder what is for breakfast. He has a healthy breakfast that he eats everyday. He doesn't wonder when he is going to exercise--he gets up early three times a week and does it. Figure out out how to Focus. Noise sucks up energy. Electronics are mentioned--all the notifications we receive actually take energy away from our willpower. Listening to music while trying to accomplish things is a distraction when accomplishing things. It is suggested one use music to energize and then turn it off to work. Eat for Energy--this is more focused on fitness, but I do notice that when I eat well I am able to accomplish more. Plan Ahead---make your decisions ahead of time. It is suggested that one plan some things once a week and others monthly. I've found this to be true for me. I tend to do exactly what I always have done unless I plan ahead to do differently. If I don't think ahead about how my mornings are going to go, I get up and do the same thing I've been doing that I know doesn't work for me. But I still do it. If I have a plan in place for something different, I tend to get up and do the different thing. Deal with stress--stress and willpower use the same energy, so when dealing with stress one's willpower usually decreases. Follow you friends--one tends to act the same way as one's friends. Keep in mind your friends are not only those you see regularly. Those you interact with through Facebook, Twitter, online forums, ect affect your behavior as well. I need to find skinny friends with neat houses! :) I know self discipline is a problem for me. Lately I've figured out that routines are the key to me changing. I think that ties into the plan ahead/get rid of choices. For the longest time, I equated routine with a boring life. Now I'm able to see that routine actually helps accomplish the necessary things without a lot of effort, so one can fit in all the other extra things that make life enjoyable. I'm still in the thinking phase. I'm at a point where homeschooling is ending and I feel like I need to figure out a new focus. I don't know what that is yet. Still doing a lot of thinking.
  23. Is it possible to bring ice-skates in my luggage I bring on board? I hate to check baggage.
  24. This is a huge help for me. I also grew up in a house without day to day organization. And I also get angry and hurt when my family can't get on board and just keep things clean! I've never made the connection with how I grew up and how I expect the same thing with my family. I remember one time my mother came home and was so upset I hadn't swept and mopped the kitchen floor. She expected me to just see that it needed done. I couldn't fathom how I was suppose to figure that out! And I tend to feel the same way--though I don't express it in the same loud disgusted way. Thanks for the insight. I've realized that I need to set goals each week. I will exercise four times, read 10 chapters of scripture, sweep and mop the downstairs everyday, sweep and mop kitchen twice this week, are examples of goals I set. I have to physically write them down and check them everyday. I've learned that I don't get to everything, but I accomplish so much more than if I don't write anything down. I've learned my weakness is following though throughout the entire week. I tend not to check back in with my list after a few days. That is one reason that weekly goals work for me. It's not too long of a time period for me to totally lose interest.
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