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Today's ultrasound results...

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I'm so sorry. Not knowing is the worst...


Enjoy the baby while you can since you don't know what will happen or how much longer he/she will be with you. He/she is alive and for that we must rejoice until when/if it is time to grieve. You are blessed to be able to carry this baby, even if you will not meet during this life.


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There is still a heartbeat which went from 82 to 96, so still low.


What's worse- there wasn't really any fetal growth at all from last week to this week. Last week I was 7w3d and measuring 5w6d. She said she should have seen some significant growth, but it's still just measuring right around 5w6d. It hasn't changed much at all.


She said she's "not as encouraged as she was last week" and that she can't throw in the towel or do anything since there's still a heartbeat, but it doesn't look good. She wants me to go back in another week. I feel like I'm just waiting out another dead baby. I'm heartbroken. She said if it doesn't continue they can do some chromosomal testing on it to try to find out why and determine whether I need more testing. And meanwhile all I can do is wait. It really, really sucks.


:grouphug: I'm praying for you. I'm still hoping. I wish there was better news. I'm so sad for you and I know the waiting is the worst...


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