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Today's ultrasound results...

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I went in for an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy when, according to my LMP, I should have been 7 weeks, but all they saw was a gestational sac.


My Family Doctor said I was more like 4.5 to 5 weeks along.


Several weeks later, went to first OB appt.; should have been 11 weeks, she said more like 9.


At "15" weeks, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and went to a maternal/fetal specialist for a high tech ultrasound. That guy moved my due date back 2 weeks. I've been right on target ever since :)


I'm 31 weeks (plus a few days) now and everything is perfectly fine :) Had an ultrasound today, baby boy weighs 4.2 pounds, due on November 12th!


Sometimes, our/their calculations are just plain wrong. It happens.


ETA: There was no heart beat at my first ultrasound, when I was 5 weeks. No bean. Just the sac and possibly the yolk?? At the 11 week (technically 9 week) is the first time we saw the heart beat/fetal pole.


Thanks for sharing this! They told you that you were even more behind at first than they said I am and it worked out for you, so hopefully it will be okay! :)


Continuing to send good thoughts your way. One week is so long to wait, your doc sounds wonderful. :grouphug:


Thank you! And it sure is...but, hey, only 6 more days now! lol.


Thank you again everyone for being there and being so supportive!

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So, even though the ultrasound last week showed that the baby is not on track with my lmp date, it still feels like a milestone of sorts that I made it to 8 weeks from lmp today.


That's farther than I got with either of my last two pregnancies. I lost the last one at 7 1/2 weeks!


No cramping, bleeding, or anything like that going on. Not a whole lot by way of symptoms, either, though.


It's still just a waiting game.


Three days to go until that next ultrasound! Hoping, praying, and wishing that the baby shows at least another week's worth of growth and development and a higher heart rate!

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Guest submarines

:grouphug: I know the waiting is brutal, but have you researched the potential effects of ultrasound exposure on the fetus, especially the one that could be weaker? It doesn't really occur to most people to think about the ultrasound exposure as harmful, and sometimes you just *need* to know. After my first loss, I had to see that hearbeat. I know how you feel. But the ultrasound technology is not well researched, the effects on mice are not reassuring, and this is something to think about before repeated ultrasound exposure. I hope you don't take this the wrong way. I've been thinking of you lately, that's all. More sticky baby vibes to you! :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:

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Thinking of you!


If you are using progesterone vaginally, sometimes a little pinkish spotting can happen, especially if there is intercourse, or after a transvaginal US ( I know you haven't had an US for a few days, but just mentioning that for when you go back). BTDT several times.


Hang in there, and know you are in our thoughts. :grouphug:

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I know it's probably not helpful to have one more person tell you it can be totally normal (I mean, I know you know it can be normal and you don't need to hear that), especially because you've experienced recent losses, but I had a lot of spotting/some bleeding with both my first pregnancy and my current pregnancy. I'm now 10 weeks and I still have some spotting. Both of my cases sound a lot like what you have described. Everything looks totally normal.


I don't know, I thought maybe another personal story of the "sounds like me and everything worked out fine" variety might be helpful. If not, please ignore me!


Hoping for the best for you!

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