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  1. Just thought I'd share my free Geography & Cultures Textbook: https://guesthollow.com/guest-hollows-geography-cultures-online-textbook/ I just finished updating it after our new website went live. 🙂 So far the feedback has been really great! Now I'm off to browse the boards. I haven't done that in ages and miss all the discussion! ❤️
  2. Chiming in here quickly. This is on the website: Question: Aren't some of the books too easy for high schoolers? Answer: The spine text A Patriot's History of the United States is a book that is used in some colleges. It is NOT a lower-level book. Using just the spine book, the scheduled videos, and the linked activities covers quite a bit of history. The scheduled books are "frosting on the cake" that help bring topics alive in a way that is engaging and memorable. I do schedule in quite a few graphic novels and some easier fare (amidst some more difficult titles written for adults)
  3. The Kindle version of The Science of Seasons is free until Friday: https://amzn.to/2NxGk8s I wrote an illustrated it. ?
  4. Good idea to separate it into a separate activity book...I will consider that for the future. :-) (And I love reading all the great feedback from the other posters!! Totally made my day.)
  5. I'm glad you haven't changed your icon/avatar - whatever you call it, lol....because that's how I recognize it's YOU. Some of the others have changed theirs so I don't know if it's who I think it is or not. ;-) I'm glad you are still here!
  6. I'm enjoying it as well! I used to wonder what I would do with myself when I was finished, and it turns out I have LOTS to do, and it's finally what I want and not centered around the kids. ;)
  7. The alpine lodge: https://www.amazon.com/PLAYMOBIL-5422-Alpine-Lodge-Playset/dp/B00A30Z1HE I bought so much Playmobil for my kids over the years. I think I was secretly buying it for me, lol...
  8. Yeah, I bought myself a Playmobil set....lol...and then I set it up in my craft room. ;-) I may not have kids anymore, but I still love toys. :laugh:
  9. Just sending you some ((hugs)). My kids are all grown up now, but I sometimes wish I could go back to those snotty 10 year olds and give them a hug. ;-) I think every parent feels like a failure at some point. My advice: Try to avoid power struggles. Allow several choices, so those struggles don't come up as often. Find activities for your ds like Boy Scouts or something where he can have some time to himself with friends in something that is structured. Try reading the book: Yes, Your Teen is Crazy: Loving Your Teen Without Losing Your Mind - Your ds isn't a teen, but the info in the b
  10. I haven't had time to visit the boards much, but I MISS all of the great conversations. I need to hang out more here, even though I'm "retired" from homeschooling. I put about 15 grammar related pictures books on hold at the library for a curriculum I'm working on. Does that count? ;-) Just wondering if anyone else is hanging on, even if you aren't homeschooling anymore. I refuse to leave, lol....
  11. I don't know much about stuttering, but you mentioned anxiety...I sometimes stutter at the beginning of sentences when I'm very upset or anxious. I hope you get some answers and that it's an easy fix for your Ds.
  12. I found MM useful, but booooooooooooooooring. I used it here and there with one of my kids and also a student I tutored. I did NOT use it as our primary math program. That would have bored us all to death, lol. Maybe you can use a bit of Khan Academy to make things more interesting for awhile - while you research other programs. I was never afraid to make a switch when something wasn't working and my kids "hated" what we had on hand. Homeschooling years are too short to hate things when there is always something that's a better fit out there. ;-) That's my personal philosophy at least.
  13. Oooh, no, I haven't seen that....checking it out now. Thank you so much for the recommendation!
  14. :grouphug: Everyone else has great suggestions. I just wanted to send you a hug. :-) I'm done with homeschooling now, but I LOVE it. I am redefining myself and focusing on my interests for a change. It takes a while to transition, but you can do it! Think back to the things you enjoyed before kids. Do any of those things still interest you? I've been making friends at a free gardening club at my local library. They have free crafts and such at the library, too. If your passion has been homeschooling, you might connect with a local homeschooling group and find a mom who would love some help onc
  15. I had to relearn math from scratch in order to teach it successfully. Singapore and Miquon really helped in that regard, as did RightStart. If I was homeschooling all over again, I'd use Singapore in a heartbeat. I think Singapore was by far the best math program we worked with, with lasting benefits all the way into college (according to my daughter). We also used Teaching Textbooks (among other things) and it had its place. I know it's often maligned, but it worked really well for one of my children who just needed to get through math without a lot of fuss. (Note: we only used the high schoo
  16. I recommend prismacolors (colored pencils). I don't often have time to make sketches, so I resort to taking pictures and cataloguing them in a Word document. I add notes in the document. I've also collected samples and put them in Ziploc bags to identify later. Someday I plan on pressing some of the plants / flowers I find and putting them in a notebook (plastic sleeves or such). At some point I'll transition to a notebook and try a bit of watercolors, etc. A great book I recommend is: Keeping a Nature Journal by Leslie Roth Also, EDx has a free course that is starting on June 27: ht
  17. Another example: The ranger shared the best place to hike (along the trail). Is along the trail an object complement or a prepositional phrase acting as an adverb?
  18. I'm hoping someone has the answer to this question.... Can a prepositional phrase be used as an object complement? Example: He chose his cousin (as the leader). Is "as the leader" modifying the direct object cousin as an object complement? Can you think of any other examples? I've found conflicting information about prepositional phrases being used as object complements and am trying to straighten it out in my head. :-) Thanks!
  19. An update: I didn't get anything done in the time frame I thought I would! We moved to a different state and were staying with family for awhile, etc. Anyway, I finally got back to work on this! I also decided to create an ENTIRE grammar curriculum, instead of a unit on prepositions, so needless to say, things are taking me a lot longer than I anticipated, since I'm illustrating everything myself. If anyone is interested in being a proofreader, please follow my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/guesthollow/ . I'll be posting something about it soon. Proofreaders will get a free final cop
  20. My daughter wrote a review after using TT, years ago: http://www.guesthollow.com/homeschool/reviews/reviewteachingtextbooks.html She's 25, almost 26 now, and teaching English at a school in Japan. She took both the ACT and the SAT and did fine on both in the math section. She did score higher in the English section, but that's her strong area, and math has always been something she struggled with and often disliked. When she entered college, she actually became a high school math tutor for a while to make a little extra income. Her time with TT made it so she was proficient enough
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