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  1. I'm pretty sure next year is the first year they are offering chemistry.
  2. Does anyone have their kids take French with Sally Barstow through Aim Academy? My son wants an online class and this one looks promising.
  3. I'm considering it a lab science since there is so much observation.
  4. I'd love to hear about this, too. I'm planning on using it eventually, but my son really wants to take their astronomy course next year, so that's the plan.
  5. Yes, two years of W & R and I was very pleased. I've signed my second son up for it for next year and am trying to figure out which class to sign my oldest up for because we can only choose one.
  6. We are similar to you! We'll be doing Breaking the Barrier Frecn 2, Dave Raymond, and I'm thinking about SA Rhetoric 1 and American Lit. Has your child done all the Writing and Rhetoric books?
  7. Same here. Two strong-willed people in the house is two too many! I remember telling him when he was challenging me at five, "You are not going to win. I am always going to win." He's really wearing me out now, though. Besides the strong will, we are dealing with ADD. We've never had him tested, but it runs in my family and 99% sure he has it, too. I've always thought so. I took a look at that podcast you mentioned and thought, "Yep. That sums him up to a T." Not many people I talk to can relate to what I'm dealing with.
  8. This has been our experience with our son since he entered the world.
  9. Competition has been very valuable for DD as a motivator. She's found how she "places" in the intelligence pecking-order. It's been eye-opening to her. This would be great for my son since he thinks he is super smart. 😳 It's been good for her social life, too. There aren't many homeschoolers we know in the area that are her age so going to a b&m school opened up more opportunities for friendships. It's not a panacea, but it's better. The good thing about where we live is there is a large homeschooling community, so the available activities and social opportunities between school and our church's active youth group are plenty. I appreciate your detailed response. It's helpful to hear other people's perspectives and experiences.
  10. Janeway, I completely agree, but it is a Christian school and we know other families from church that send their kids there, not that that is any guarantee.
  11. I'll ask if the school uses planners when we visit. My kid is very competitive and we are hoping that if he is in a school environment, the competitiveness will kick in there as well. I read in the book, Boys Adrift, how many boys thrive in a competitive environment, especially the alpha males like my son. The most ideal environment for him would be an all boys school, but that isn't a possibility for us.
  12. Lori, BTW, I have heard of the Smart But Scattered book, and realize the planner I bought for my son that we went through and he refuses to use, is by the same author. I might go ahead and buy the book now.
  13. Lori, thanks so much for your helpful response. I definitely think my son has lost his brain somewhere. He'll turn 15 this spring and I wonder if his mind will return then? I see benefits from both school and home, so really don't know what to do! It kind of saddens me that if we send him to school, we won't be able to pick courses for him to suit his needs and interests, but at the same time, he doesn't appreciate it and complains that everything is so boring and he hates school. He's my firstborn, so maybe this is normal?
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