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  1. You might want to look into Journey Homeschool Academy science courses. My son took their astronomy course this year and next year will be taking their chemistry course and his brother will take earth science. It has been a life saver for us because I don't have to do anything except remind him to do it. https://journeyhomeschoolacademy.com/getting-started/
  2. My son is currently doing Canon Press (Nance's) Introductory Logic with the dvds from Compass Classroom. The teacher is Brian Kohl, who my son is enjoying. This curriculum has been a good choice for my picky kid, so I would definitely recommend it to others.
  3. I third First Form Latin. It's well paced, logical, and gives ample practice.
  4. I asked your biology question last year. Below is the thread. I let my son choose to do Classical Astronomy instead and it's been a good year of science. I am going to make him take bio his senior year, though. He will have had a thorough cooling off period from his hatred of the subject when he had it in 8th grade. We will be using Experience Biology when the time comes. https://journeyhomeschoolacademy.com/
  5. When and in which lecture did he say "innocent plantation farmers?" I don't recall ever hearing this. And as for Dave Raymond leaning left as another poster mentioned, I assumed the opposite. Interesting that we all have a such different takes and perspectives. This course has worked well for my son, who dislikes just about everything involving school.
  6. Has anyone compared Rhetoric Alive to Fitting Words? My son is registered for Schole Academy's Rhetoric Alive next year, but he really doesn't like online classes, so I am now considering the Fitting Words program instead.
  7. You might want to take a look at Roman Road's wonderful Old Western Culture "Christendom" or "Early Moderns". Christendom covers the medieval period and Early Moderns takes off from there and covers British history. They are from a Christian perspective, too.
  8. Has anyone used this course who will review it for me?
  9. My son only went through FF and then moved on to French and has done very well. I think when to stop Latin will depend on your goals, time, and interest. It was becoming a battle in the middle school years and was not something I wanted to continue to fight over with a strong-willed child because he wanted to move on to French. He's in French 2 now and I had plans for him to go through at least French 3, but he isn't interested.
  10. Shormann Math is integrated. Algebra 1 is combined with geometry, as is Algebra 2. When algebra 1 is completed, the student will receive 1 credit in algebra and 1/2 geometry credit. Same in algebra 2. You have a year and a half to do each course, or do the honors option and complete them faster . https://diveintomath.com/shormann/
  11. My boys take classes through Shole Academy and they require the cameras to be on. My son took a class through MP Online Academy last year and the teacher did not require the students to have their cameras, which was not good for my inattentive kid. I heard it varies by teacher with MPOA.
  12. My son is doing American History this year and he really likes it, so I am happy, and he will continue with Modernity next year. He rarely likes anything, so I am going to stick with what works. We are reformed, so the perspective doesn't bother me, of course, but my son has also had teachers with Catholic and secular perspectives, and we just discuss the differences. I don't think it is overly providential because that would be a problem for us as well. There were a few things he said in the beginning of the course I didn't agree with, but over all I've been pleased. I really like t
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