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  1. Thanks so much for answering! I did go ahead and buy the Shormann subscription and my son is two weeks into it. I'm not so sure if it was the right choice or not, so only time will tell. He really needs someone to hold his hand through math, but I'm not the one to do it and my husband is too busy, so this seemed like the next best thing after going through CLE math. A friend of mine uses it with her son and has been very happy with the results, so I'm sure hoping for the best for my kid. I will go ahead and look into Unlock Math, though. I've never heard of that program.
  2. So good to hear. Thanks for responding.
  3. Thank you! This is the kind of information I'm looking for.
  4. Yes, we are doing exactly what you suggested, except for skipping quizzes and tests. I am just pretty confused about how much is absolutely necessary to begin algebra because some say getting to 804 is enough and some say getting through 710 is enough to be ready. We are trying to squish two years of pre-algebra into one so I would like to eliminate whatever we can.
  5. My son is going to begin Shormann Algebra I in the fall for 9th grade. He did CLE 700 and is in 805 right now. Is it necessary to finish the 800 series to begin Algebra 1? I've read both 700 and 800 are considered pre-algebra and the student needs to do both, I've read 800 isn't necessary, and I've read doing part of 800 is enough? I'm confused. Is 700 pre-algebra? Is 800 a mix of algebra 1, geometry, and consumer math? Can someone help me with this?
  6. I would look into Lyme disease and its related illnesses because of the returning fevers.
  7. This will be my first high schooler and I hope this goes well! Math- Shormann Algebra I??? English/ Composition- Fix It Grammar Book 4, Vocab from Classical Roots books B and C, and MPOA High School Composition I Literature- MP Middle Ages Literature and Poetry History- MP Middle Ages and Roman Roads Christendom videos and hopefully MP Renaissance if they get it published Science- Novare Introductory Physics Foreign language- French I with a local teacher and Duolingo Elective- MP Geography III Fine Arts- Homeschool Orchestra and Choir Extracurriculuar- Basketball and Bible Quiz Team
  8. Has anyone used Shormann Algebra? I'm very interested in this for my rising 9th grader next year.
  9. Thanks! I did email RR over the weekend and asked if the Christendom program should really be done as a whole and I was told the lectures give a good overview of the books that are read and I can use them with another curriculum. Maybe the unit you are doing is a little different? I am still trying to figure out what to do. I wish they had more samples videos up than just the introduction. That would help me decide.
  10. I'm not planning on doing everything MP has listed for 9th grade, like American and Roman history, Christian studies, their Logic, or Latin. Does that make a difference?
  11. Yes, so would it work to watch the lectures, but do MP history and literature from the same time period? I'm sure the most ideal thing would be to do OWC as a whole, but I'm just trying to figure out all my options. I've only looked at the one video they have for Christendom, which is the introduction, so I can't tell if what I'm proposing will work or not.
  12. And along these lines, can the OWC video lectures stand on their own? Can they be paired with another curriculum purely for the benefit of listening to Wes Callihan? I am wondering if I can pair the videos with MP Middle Ages history and lit.
  13. Thank you, that is helpful. So in OWC, do you read any full works or just excerpts? Can the OWC video lectures stand on their own? Can my son watch the lectures, but do the MP readings and student guides or would it be better to do the whole OWC program?
  14. Is it possible to combine RR Old Western Culture Christendom with Memoria Press Middle Ages history and literature? This would be for 9th grade next year. I've been using MP history and lit for two years now and it's going well. However, I recently discovered RR OWC, and know we could all greatly benefit from Mr. Callihan's teaching. My husband watched a segment and immediately said, "Sold!" Would combining the two be too much? Thoughts? Advice? This is my first foray into high school and I want to get it right.
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