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  1. What about holding back in later grades? I've heard this for early elementary, but don't know anything about holding back later elementary.
  2. *Please do not quote* The co-op is something new, for people who live in remote places so it is pretty small. Our son would be in the "2nd" year of it's existence. The program works so that the kids fly to another location for 1 week out of the month and then do their work at home the rest of the time, so there is really only social time during that week. They have said that there could be some flexibility in the future--he could repeat pre-algebra when in the 8th grade. If this year of math proves to be too difficult. he could do a "study hall" math time and work on his own math (that we would teach otherwise). He does have local friends in our village, but they are few.
  3. Unfortunately the co-op is only for 7th and 8th grades.
  4. *please don't copy* Thank you for much for your replies. Our big thing with wanting to try the co-op is that our ds doesn't have any English speaking friends. We live in a remote area and he speaks the local language well, but we see within him the need for friends who also speak his native language. The co-op only offers 3 subjects (math, science, and English), but he would get to do it English with some kids that are already his friends (though he doesn't see them often). There are no other options as far as friends/co-ops where we live.
  5. Edited to add "keepsakes" as I also have a few non-toy items (old piggy bank, necklaces, etc) that I'm trying to figure out what to do with. I have packed away some of my old favorites from when I was a kid--mostly stuffed animals and a few other random things. A few children have mentioned wanting things. I don't think that it makes sense to just keep them in a box, but how do I decide who gets what? Any suggestions? Advice? Anyone else distributed their old childhood favorites amongst their children?
  6. I've heard about CLE, but never really looked at their products. Honestly, I've always felt a little confused by the light books. Do they do grammar every day? Every year? Diagramming or just application? Do they have a placement test?
  7. Okay, so my title might be a bit dramatic. However, I am coming to the conclusion that my well thought out plans are not going to work for this particular child. The problem is that I don't know what WILL work. Ds is 11 years old and so far we have done FFL 1&2 and R&S 4. I thought that we would continue with Rod and Staff, but I can see that it is not working so well. I really don't want grammar to be something that causes stress. Ds is not very interested in most things school related. He needs lots of repetition and a workbook seems to work pretty well. I've discounted JAG or AG because they say that a child needs to be ready to dissect a language and I really don't think that he or would enjoy that. I've looked Easy Grammar, MP's English Grammar Recitation. Any suggestions? Honestly, I'm not even sure what my goals for grammar are or SHOULD be . . . Edited to add more information
  8. Ds and I have talked and have shelved it for now. However, I will start researching more so that I can figure out what I'm going to decide on in the future. Thank you, everyone, for your input/advice/wisdom.
  9. PeterPan--Thank you so much! You touched on a whole lot of things that I've never even THOUGHT about. I have a whole lot more thinking to do . . .
  10. I need some been there, done that advice. My ds11 has been asking lately if he can play games on my phone. Now, I don't play games on my phone (nor does my dh), but his friends play games and he really wants to. He doesn't play video or computer games (except for the games that come with his typing program). I feel conflicted about what my answer should be. He wouldn't have open access to the phone--it would be a game that I approved and would be while he is near me and for a limited amount of time. Am I opening up a can of worms that I won't be able to stop? Or maybe this is not really a big deal?
  11. This is exactly how it would be. I've never had a kitchen like that before, so I was just wondering if the visual aspect would bother me.
  12. I'm not explaining it very well (and I can't upload a floor plan) even though it makes sense it my head. ? It would just be a matter of one cabinet being wider than the other. I've looked online a bit and see lots of L shaped kitchens that way, so I'm probably overthinking it a bit. ? Thank you!
  13. If the windows are centered on both walls, then the kitchen side (which will be in front of the sink) will have a wider cabinet on the left side and a shorter one on the right, if that makes sense? I'm trying to see if that would look okay.
  14. We are in the process of building a house. The kitchen will be a long rectangle with the kitchen on one side and the kitchen table at the other side. The kitchen will be an L shape, with the sink on the wall that you first see when walking in the room and then the stove and fridge on the right side. My question is: do we center the window on the wall as it is without any cabinets/counter, or center it on the wall how it will be when the cabinets/counter is installed (which then makes it not line up with the window on the kitchen table side). Help! ?
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