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  1. I would really like something structured and not student led. Her main problem is time organization and focusing on the task at hand, and I think another perspective from a liver person would be really helpful.
  2. I would be concerned it would not be enough. I find the 1.5 hour classes to be long and I think for the more difficult subjects, twice a week is optimal for accountability and memory. My dd has taken Algebra I and Geometry through Derek Owens and even that has been challenging. I am fine helping her with both of those, but Algebra II is out of my comfort zone, so I enrolled her in a live online twice a week program.
  3. My 9th grade dd seems to have some misconceptions about how much work is required in high school, and she has become quite inefficient at getting her work completed. I looked at the TPS study skills class but the times do not work for us. Any others that are similar?
  4. I would absolutely love for video based history and science curricula that is vibrant and engaging and shows the world of both subjects. I am not talking about a lecturer discussing it, but re-enactments of history, and nat. geo. type videos. I have a dyslexic student who is very visual, and we struggle to find topical studies like this. I can usually find one video, but that just doesn't go into the detail necessary.
  5. Mr. Schaeffer said she gets nothing but glowing reports and everyone loves her. He just could not understand at all what our problem was. The teacher does teach both comp and lit, but it could be two separate teachers, I suppose. I am happy to share a name privately.
  6. I feel the exact same. I don't know what happened or why, but it the entire feel of it changed for us. Five years in and we are moving away from MPOA entirely. We have loved Cutrer and Dray for Latin. Last year my daughter registered for a HS Comp II and the teacher was a good teacher but not very caring or compassionate to circumstances beyond our daughter's control. The attendance policy at MPOA varies by teacher, which is not a great way to run a school, and this teacher would not allow absences for dd to compete in speech/debate. Furthermore, she expected that her Comp II class
  7. I love math and have always been Math-y. I only took through Calculus in college, though, because I didn't need other math for my degree. I taught Algebra I, but I am really struggling through all the proofs in Geometry. We are taking Geometry through Derek Owens, and even so, it has been a struggle for us both. The proofs are a lot more than what I learned in high school Geometry. I don't have any advice, just a warning, and I would like to follow this.
  8. 10th grade dd: History/Literature/Government/Writing/Bible: Tapestry of Grace Year 2 Co-op Algebra II: not sure if we will go with DO again or a live online class. Physics: Honors Physics with WSA or MPOA French: French together Electives: speech/debate, logic, dance, photography As an aside, we teach MLA in our writing co-op but I would caution teaching anything "hard and fast" when it comes to citing. Different professors have different preferences, so it's imperative to teach it as such. Students should be prepared to adapt!
  9. Yes, this is what I was asking. Thank you!
  10. Can you explain how Blue Tent works?
  11. My daughter is taking 4th Form and French 1 concurrently. She says French is a snap because of her history in Latin grammar especially.
  12. I would prefer a class. I am thinking live/online too.
  13. We loved Algebra. Sometimes the return on grades is 3-4 days and 48 hours or more for questions. We are behind as a result. It's very frustrating.
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