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  1. In comparison to MPOA I felt like TPS was light on its teaching and gave grades away. I was also not impressed with their administration when it came to some issues that came up. The admin did not act in a Christian manner at all.
  2. I had a really negative experience with TPS and they definitely did not act Christian in the matter. Furthermore, I think their classes are generally lacking in instruction and on the easy side of things compared to the classes we have taken at MPOA. Please feel free to message me about any of it and I can tell you more.
  3. I think my opinion of his submissions would depend on what the criteria was for the assignment. I agree, for an essay submission at that level they are lacking, but perhaps that was not the purpose of the assignment. I am not familiar with VP's Omnibus classes, so I can not speak to that aspect.
  4. I have not taught R level 2-4th year in TOG but the books for Year 1 so far have been anything but dry and boring. They are not easy to read, by any stretch, but they are fascinating. My daughter is not a history buff and only tolerated the previous stages of history with TOG/Biblioplan, but she is truly enjoying History this year.
  5. I have used DO for Algebra 1 and am we will be using it for Geometry again. The response time is excellent for questions, and the grading turn around is also generally very fast. We did have a few times when it took longer than 24 hours but those were rare and usually because the email went to the wrong box. The videos are better than Dive (we used this when my son used Saxon two years ago), and the teacher grading is beneficial for the times when you need to stay on pace. I am sure we will use DO for all of high school math and then for physics as well. HTH
  6. I would follow the sequence. The title “Narrative” does not imply narrations, but the style of writing. You can skip any narrations. They are really fun stories!
  7. This week was great! My oldest is taking 2 MPOA classes (her third year), and she's in TFL and Ref/Con. My youngest is taking Fable this year. The instructors are amazing!
  8. Dd is taking Derek Owens Algebra after finishing Math mammoth 4-7 and she is breezing through honors! She’s in 7th grade. It gave her a very solid foundation!!
  9. We are in search of a virtual co-op using Tapestry of Grace. Thank you!
  10. Depending on the age of the kid, Right Start can be a great fit!
  11. I also do not life Bravewriter as a writing program. My kids found most of it hokey. We have loved some of her suggestions, like Tea Time, but I just have not been successful with it at all. To be honest, even my dyslexic kiddo LOVES the progymnasmata writing curricula. Both MP and CAP Fable and Narrativr have captured his attention and he says they are his favorite subjects. We haven’t moved beyond those but his older sister is taking Ref/Con from MPOA and he says he wants to take it too.
  12. Thank you for the reassurance. I am more worried about me! Haha!!
  13. You can have excellent number sense and be terrible at memorizing math facts. I think this is a memorization problem.
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