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  1. This week was great! My oldest is taking 2 MPOA classes (her third year), and she's in TFL and Ref/Con. My youngest is taking Fable this year. The instructors are amazing!
  2. Dd is taking Derek Owens Algebra after finishing Math mammoth 4-7 and she is breezing through honors! She’s in 7th grade. It gave her a very solid foundation!!
  3. We are in search of a virtual co-op using Tapestry of Grace. Thank you!
  4. Depending on the age of the kid, Right Start can be a great fit!
  5. I also do not life Bravewriter as a writing program. My kids found most of it hokey. We have loved some of her suggestions, like Tea Time, but I just have not been successful with it at all. To be honest, even my dyslexic kiddo LOVES the progymnasmata writing curricula. Both MP and CAP Fable and Narrativr have captured his attention and he says they are his favorite subjects. We haven’t moved beyond those but his older sister is taking Ref/Con from MPOA and he says he wants to take it too.
  6. Thank you for the reassurance. I am more worried about me! Haha!!
  7. You can have excellent number sense and be terrible at memorizing math facts. I think this is a memorization problem.
  8. She is motivated and does like math. She has essentially covered 4 grades of MM in 3 years and when I sat down with her she wants to jump in to DO right away. So I think that’s what we are going to do. I guess worst case scenario we back up for Algebra 1 next year, right?
  9. Well it’s not that Sonlight copied Bookshark. They are literally created by the same maker. Just wanted to make that clear. The rest just seemed snarky.
  10. Well Sonlight and Bookshark are sister companies. So it wasn’t “copied.” I suppose none could say that any secular curriculum is also selling a certain worldview, eh?
  11. And that is ultra wonderful for all of you! I’m glad you found your method of stretching and that it works well for you! Kudos!!! Just offering another perspective. She did come here asking for opinions. Or did I miss something?
  12. First off, I think it’s hasty for someone to say Latin classes never ever helped her because you have not one time used it after 6 years of class. It’s more likely you don’t even know you’re using it, because it’s slightly inherent. I have a friend who won’t make her kids take algebra because she hasn’t ever used it. But that’s also not really possible. If you took it, you have used it. And, first form barely touches on vocabulary. So if your goal was vocab, it’s not adequate. The forms really drill grammar. I think that’s the point of Latin grammar. The vocabulary is a bonus. My kiddo also doesn’t love it. It’s hard! She does well but it takes work. But we don’t do it to translate Virgil or to get good marks on the SAT. I require it so they can learn that sometimes doing hard methodical things leads to greater understanding of where we came from and how far we can go.
  13. I would love to see more reviews on teachers online. We had one instructor with MPOA in a summer literature class and she was boring and way too strict and for an hour and a half she just talked monotone. We gave her another chance for FFL review last summer and our experience was similar. At one point a child was having issues with his computer and my daughter told him to log out and log back in and she was harsh and flat out rude to both students and basically told them to mind their own business. When kids asked if they could play a game she would threaten to take their participation points away. These are KIDS! A simple yes later or no, not today would have sufficed! I called Mr. Piland about the issue and felt like he addressed my concerns but she’s still teaching. That said, we have had two marvelous Latin teachers (Mrs. Cutrer and Dr. Dray) and I have heard great things about Timmis and Reed as well. Specific reviews would be so helpful, and I feel like they would force the online school to really consider teacher retention. With that said... Cutrer is kind and full of humor, and very interesting. She absolutely loves history so her Latin class is full of slides and history that pertain to Latin. They played some kind of Latin Drill game in nearly every First Form class. She seems to genuinely care about each and every student in class. Dray is funny. He has FUN in class. He doesn’t provide as much history but he has a way with the kids. There has been a trouble maker student in class and he handles it very well and keeps the chat box on task and still manages to move the class at a great pace.
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