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  1. Alot of great ideas! I am looking now, thank you!
  2. I have been teaching my 10 & 12 year olds together but I think my older son would learn better on his own. I am looking for some recommendations for a Christian history and science curriculum that a 12 year old could do more independently. Thank you.
  3. Im wondering for those that do MOH, what do you do for Bible? I know there is a lot of Bible in the curriculum itself, but not for every lesson. Also, sometimes going over Genesis for the umpteenth time gets to be too much. So I am wondering what others do for Bible with MOH. Thanks!
  4. If anyone has used the Genesis Curriculum by Lee Giles, I would love to hear reviews.
  5. We are starting on HOD Bigger because I just need a curriculum that tells me what to do step by step. Unfortunately I don't really like the choice for the main history spine or science spine. The history book is "First Book of American History" by Edward Eggleston, and the science is A Small Square. I was wondering if anyone could help me possibly find a history book that had similar topics that wasn't so dry? I love history and I found this book very uninteresting. I just don't know if there is going to be another book that has similar topics.
  6. I need to chose a math curriculum for my boys going in to 2nd and 4th. They have done Saxon at a private school for two years. I am not sure if I should stick with it, as I have never used it. I have used a variety of other curriculum with my older two, and I had a very hard time finding something I could actually help them with. I thought about TT, but I don't think it will be a good fit, because I tried a sample lesson and my son was just clicking any button for the answer and clicking through. I think he will just play around on the computer. The youngest does better at math, but both feel
  7. My sons are going to be 8 & 10 in the fall. They have been in tiny private school for 2 years while I had to take a break from homeschool. I am bringing them back home, but I have no idea how to tell what reading level they are in. Any suggestions on how to determine that? Also I want to put them in Saxon math, which is what they have been using. The youngest completed Saxon 2 and the oldest completed Saxon 3. I tested them with the Saxon placement test, but the youngest didn't do well in some areas, and the test determined he should go back to Saxon 1. He missed some basics such as time,
  8. Can anyone recommend a good online class for Algebra 2? He has been using Saxon math. Thanks!
  9. I am wondering if there are any online classes for Saxon Algebra 2? Something my charter school with pay for hopefully. Thank you!
  10. I was thinking it would be fun to do a Bible study with my 16 yr old son. However, after a lot of searching I'm stuck on what would work. I would love some suggestions. Thanks!
  11. I really struggle with teaching math. My oldest two fell behind because of it. I was always looking for a new math curriculum that I could teach better with little success. My younger two recently were in private school for 2 years and were using Saxon. I have been thinking I would just use Teaching Textbooks or Time 4 Learning, because I don't want the struggles again. However, I know Saxon is a strong curriculum and it would be good if they could use it. They would be in s and 54. My son who w9uld be in 54 is not a Kathy person either. I would love some thoughts on this.
  12. Has anyone used this? I would love a review. I am looking for a way for my son to continue with Saxon, but I cannot teach him Algebra. Thank you!
  13. My son is 16 and going into 11th and would like to take Latin He has no Latin experience, but taught himself Hebrew all on his own. Can anyone recommend programs he can use for high school credit? Thank you!
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