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  1. Put them in the crock pot and pour gravy over them and let them simmer?Serve it with rice or potatos. Sorry to make your thread controversial. Just make sure it's not a old crock pot:)
  2. Thanks She definitely my little sweetie.
  3. I spoke to mom. It's her first baby and she said she wondered about it to. She noticed the same thing I did.
  4. I have been noticing for a few months now that my eleven month old niece always has her legs up. If I put her in her high chair she puts her legs up on the tray. If she is on the floor sitting she always has at least on leg in the air. I am starting to wonder if its something that should be checked out? It seems odd to me but am not sure if I'm worrying for nothing. I included a picture that I will delete later to show what I mean. Often it is raised much higher. It seems that she holds it like this. She has her legs raised more often than not.
  5. We left for a long weekend once. I called the lady supposed to watch our pets to see how they were doing. She told me she was too tired the day before to go and feed our dogs and let them out. She told me well it won't hurt the dogs to go a day without eating! Grr, some people think they are just animals and don't think it is important to take care of them. She probably didn't think a few hours would make a difference.
  6. Verbally and in writing. I am dyslexic so that doesn't help. My vocabulary is terrible. I feel so stupid. There are certain things that I just can't master and I feel it is handicapping me. I just don't know what to do about it.
  7. It seems like people are constantly misunderstanding what I am saying. I am not good at articulating what I mean. Anyone else feel like this? Its starting to bother me. I'd like some advice on how to say exactly what I mean. Thanks
  8. Sweet. Thanks for sharing. I know my nephew was upset when he found out he was getting a sister. It was the first girl in the family. He didn't want any girls in his house. He didn't want to hear a girl crying or any girl things like dolls in his house. He now is very in love with his sister. He wouldn't trade her for anything dolls and all:) I think he has also realized that girl cries sound the same as boy cries:)
  9. I have a flip phone. I can't turn my phone off at night because I never know when I am going to get called out to help with a birth. I get annoyed when my sister calls me at 11:00 pm because she's bored at work. I get annoyed when someone texts me at midnight apologizing for not calling me back when I called her at 6:00pm and tells me they will call me later tomorrow when they get off work. I'm like Dude I promise I don't care right now if you didn't call me earlier and right now I don't ever want to hear from you again:) I get really annoyed when my friend texts me almost every night just after I've fallen asleep to tell me goodnight. And the real kicker is the person that calls me at 2 am with a birth complication that is not a emergency. They called me because they didn't want to wake up their midwife. GRR. Ok I probably sound really grouchy. I can understand the point some are making about business and I often email people at odd hours but a text seems different. Anyways I really just wanted an excuse to vent the frustration:)
  10. Um didn't you forget a very important piece of information in your updated op? I mean like the gender? You can't not tell us you know that right? :lol: :lol: Jk I know you may not want to say but inquiring minds are wondering :laugh: :lurk5:
  11. Just bumping to see if anyone in the evening crowd has heard.
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