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  1. This book looks really good. My kids learn really well with this kind of book. It looks like an easier first step compared to what my ds used. (The first Arduino book was actually a present from a relative for his older brother, but he is the one who took the book, bought a kit on Amazon, and built many of the projects).
  2. That is my 11yo ds's area of interest. He started off with Snap Circuits, Scratch programming, and LEGO Mindstorms in elementary school. He's been programming in Python and using breadboards and other "real" electronics equipment for about 2 years now. I know one thing he used to get started was the Arduino Project Handbook series. Sometimes he does projects following instructions in his books and other times he makes up his own projects. He and his brothers also take apart various things, like their old broken remote controlled cars and a kid sized gator, and fix them.
  3. It sounds like he is happy. Make sure he has the supplies that he needs to do what he is interested in and let him do it. He'll learn way more doing that than completing more school work.
  4. We went there when she was 3 or 4. DH went to graduate school at Michigan Tech. We now live in Southern Wisconsin. But going to the geology museum at UW Madison would be a great idea!
  5. My rising senior would like to take Mineralogy as her science next year. Any ideas? She found a few texts on Amazon that she thought looked interesting, but any ideas would be helpful. Thanks!
  6. I'm looking for an online Spanish 4 class for my rising senior. Any recommendations? She has used the Avancemos series with Kolbe Academy for the last three years so that would be ideal, but we are open to all ideas. Thanks!
  7. So thankful that we went through finding a place to take AP tests last year. We are able to use the same school as last year (not our school district but another local one).
  8. These were the same classes that I took the first semester of my sophomore year as a biochemistry major (though the research was just doing organic chemistry research with a professor 6+ hours a week). I spent a lot of time studying, but it was doable. It was definitely my hardest year in college!
  9. DD wants to prepare for the AP English Language and Composition test this year, but does not want another online course. What materials would you recommend? Thanks!
  10. We have the rest of dd's subjects decided, but not what materials we'll be using. She will be taking the three classes at Kolbe Academy (AP Calculus, AP Biology, and Spanish III). She wants to prep at home for the AP English Language and Composition exam, but not take an online class. Government & Ecomonics, 1 semester each Drawing & Painting, 1 semester each Religion 11
  11. We're still working on planning for my 11th grader. So far we know: AP Calculus AB: Kolbe Academy Online AP Biology: Kolbe Academy Online Spanish III: Kolbe Academy Online Probably American History, either a one year course, or the first half of a two year course Possibly Government English 11, though no idea what we will be using Art, but not sure what we will be using At least one more elective
  12. My oldest dd is taking AP courses and would be taking DE, too, if we lived closer to a college. These classes are a good fit for her. I'm guessing that most of my other kids won't take them.
  13. I'll have 4 kids using AAS next year. They each do their own level. I usually do level one 4 days a week, but the other levels we only use 2 days a week, completing half of the lesson each day. I've never tried combining them, but they all started level 1 in kindergarten or first grade.
  14. My 9th grader will take a 0.5 credit government course next year alongside the first half of American history. I haven't planned for my 11th grader yet. She'll take it either next year or in 12th. She'll also take American history at some point during the next two years.
  15. She has not. I had not even thought of these. How much of the books cover internal anatomy?
  16. My upcoming 7th grader will be studying life science next year. She is less interested in the insides of animals and more interested in the outside, especially animal behavior, habitats, etc. (No dissections here!) Any ideas for resources? Note: She'll probably use at least part of a life science text, but I would like to include more about animals in a way that interests her. She is considering a career with animals, though not a veterinarian. Something more like a zoo keeper, dog trainer, boarding horses, etc.
  17. My dad was around that age when he got his current job. He had retired from 30+ years at a paper mill (had worked his way up and had been a superintendent for the last 10+ years) a few months earlier. That job was stressful and had very long hours. At his new job, he is only doing the part of his old job that he loved the most. He now works for Focus on Energy and helps paper mills save energy and money. A lot of people at his job are older, I think partly because it receives its funding each year and offers no insurance. He is just happy to be doing something that he loves and making some money while doing it and will continue to do so as long as his health and the funding holds up.
  18. My 5yo loves the online lessons and worksheets from Progressive Phonics. He also really likes the letter and word dry erase cards from Usborne.
  19. My kids have used Scratch and Scratch Jr. You could take a look at each and decide which would be the best level for her. They can both be downloaded for free, but I'm pretty sure that Scratch Jr. needs to be on a tablet or phone. There are lots of books with project ideas and we also have a set of task cards for Scratch Jr.
  20. We have PE at our weekly enrichment classes. For Bible, I just pick a children's Bible and read it to my kids two times a week.
  21. We'll probably subscribe to Homeschool Connections unlimited access soon to try it out. If we like it, this will likely be our plan. If not, I'll have to fill in some holes. English 9: HC grade 9 writing courses and a few literature courses (or The Power in Your Hands with a Lightning Literature course), if the literature courses we pick do not cover American literature, I'll pick at least a few American novels, short stories, and poems to go along with history, Rod & Staff English Geometry: probably Jacob's Geometry using the HC recorded course Observational Astronomy: Signs and Seasons: Understanding the Elements of Classical Astronomy with field journal, plus some tbd supplements Early American History (probably 0.5-0.75 credit): Lands of Hope and Promise (first half), possibly with HC recorded course, with some tbd supplements Government (probably 0.5-0.75 credit): 2 HC recorded courses, possibly with some supplements Religion: Bible readings & a few HC recorded courses Logic: if we don't finish it this year, we'll continue The Art of Argument Spanish I: most likely either a HC recorded course or Spanish Now, possibly a live course?? Computer Science (0.5 credit): HC course or have dh teach him Now that I write that out, I see that I'll have lots of holes to fill if Homeschool Connections doesn't work out. Luckily, several things will stay the same, I'll just have to provide the structure and assignments. I'm glad I was already planning on trying it out soon, so I can make changes sooner rather than later, if needed. Even if we do like it, I'm not sure if I want to use it for that many courses.
  22. My 6th grader has been asking to try French. We've dabbled with Spanish over the years. I took four years in high school so it seemed like the obvious choice. I have no experience with French. For now, I'd just like some fun things for her to play around with, either free websites or books or software that we might borrow from the library. If she is still interested by next school year we might try something a little more formal, then I'd probably sign her up for a class in 8th or 9th grade.
  23. Math: Singapore Math 1 Language Arts: AAS 1, copywork, finish OPGTR if needed, read alouds, and read books to his siblings and me History: maybe American History for Young Catholics Science: probably science encyclopedias, possibly tagging along with his older brothers while they do hands-on projects from a kit Spanish: tag along with older siblings using La Clase Divertida Religion: Bible, Catechism, saint stories Not sure what else, but probably something as this kid needs lots of project suggestions to keep him busy.
  24. Math: Singapore Math 5 Language Arts: AAS 5, Rod & Staff English, something for writing, The Treasure Trove of Literature 1 American History/Geography: Our United States of America Science: probably half of Harcourt Science 6, with hands-on projects with his 3rd grade brother (I'll probably buy a kit for them to complete together). Spanish: La Clase Divertida Religion: Bible, Catechism, saint stories Logic: Mindbenders For Fun: He spends a few hours or more every day using his Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and various electronics parts to make all sorts of cool projects. I might have him do a recorded course on computer programming through Homeschool Connections, too, if he is interested.
  25. Math: Singapore Math 3 Language Arts: AAS 3, Rod & Staff English, Dictation Day by Day, something more for writing, lots of read alouds and books for him to read History/Geography: Our United States of America Science: not sure, maybe half of Harcourt Science 4, hands-on projects with his 5th grade brother Spanish: continue La Clase Divertida with siblings Religion: Bible, Catechim, saint stories Other: Mindbenders, lots of Snap Circuits, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi projects with his 5th grade brother
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