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  1. Holy shouldn't be writing past a certain time of night, Batman! Please excuse the errors. It should read, "I can see where CC is not a good fit for many." and "But as a whole it has been extremely beneficial."
  2. I tutored Challenge A for 3 yrs. I loved it. I am currently directing Challenge II. I will say it can be exhausting, although A is easier content wise. The biggest thing about the math is to realize that every student will be in a different place. Some will be below pre-alg, some will be right there, and some will be beyond. I focused on the whys behind what we were doing and getting the kids to be able to do the same. We constantly went over the "legality" of what we were doing. You know the identity law, commutative law, etc. It is more didactic than the upper challenges as they are
  3. My understanding was that the schwa was for unaccented syllables. It isn't mispronunciation, but more of a lack of it due to stressing another syllable in the word. As far as I know something like America would be written phonetically with a schwa for the first letter and the stress mark on the second syllable.
  4. Didn't work for me and was pretty painful. Ended up with a D&C. I'm sorry. ((((((()))))))
  5. It's a stupid song. There are way more important things to be worrying about than a dumb video.
  6. Voting for a trip to the ER. A seizure out of the blue warrants medical intervention. [At least this inexperienced mom thinks so] (((((()))))
  7. Just a quick note that this thread is rather old. We are still using CC and do still very much love it. I don't think we can tag threads anymore.
  8. May I disagree with no? I think it is an adverb. Aren't all negatives adverbs. Plus adverbs answer the question of how much or to what extent and in the above referenced sentence either would apply. Others is indeed the object of the prep phrase to others. Happy is a predicate adjective but being a stickler, I would call the verb were a linking verb as that is its job in that particular case. Pam [who happened on this thread searching for something else. Feel free to ignore. :)]
  9. So now I see I am in several old groups that I am no longer following and should probably unjoin. How to do that, hmmmm.

  10. Thinking of you, Kay and your family. ((((()))))

  11. There are no words to convey the depth of sadness I feel right now. :crying: Kay, you have been an inspiration to me and so many others. Praying for peace for you and your family. Please let us know if there is anything we can do. Natalie, thank you for letting us know. :grouphug:
  12. LemonPie, didja have to go and mention mini eggs? I've been restraining myself. On Dave Ramsey and they are def. not in the budget, but . . . plus trying to be good , but . . . Cadbury Mini Eggs yummmm they have pretty much become the basis of my Christianity and celebration of Easter. [Well not really, but close :D] As for this morning, I am trying to be low (ish) carb but decided to splurge this morning with an english muffin with blackberry jam. Yummmm! So yeah, i'm bein' bad.
  13. Glad that the discussion is happening and people are discussing rather than assuming. KWIM? That said, I am one of those crazy YE Christians. I am the opposite of Crimson Wife. I tend to believe the earth is less than 10,000 years old, but hey, God can do anything so He could very well have done it in a longer time frame. I don't think it diminishes His ability and honestly we humans know so very little. I imagine there will come a day when I will see things clearly and apologize to God for all my silly misconceptions. :)
  14. There are some wonderful Latin tutorialsI just found them and they are helping me to understand the subjunctive. They probably would help them so you don't have to.
  15. Gotta say, I love TWTM. I am not following it as closely as I once did, bc I am using a classical home school program. However, it was the first book that really touched me and challenged me to think differently about education. As for memory work, I wouldn't discount it too much. My 6 yr old, who has been memorizing Latin declension endings [with no real explanation as to what and why] asked me during her copy work, if the object of the preposition would be in the ablative case. Sometimes I think we don't expect enough of our kids. [That probably sounds bad in a tiger-mom sort of way but
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