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  1. Our theater is so small, we don't even have a ticket collector. You just buy your tickets at the outside window, then go in and sit down.
  2. Ours recently put in those horrible supposedly comfortable (NOT!) recliners and went to the stupid seat picking thing as well. It just makes standing in line that much longer and annoying. We have the option of purchasing seats online ahead of time, but you still have to wait in the same line to get your actual tickets when you get there, behind all the people who are picking their seats as they purchase their tickets. And for this "privilege" of reserving seats online, you have to pay an extra dollar per ticket "convenience" fee! I hate everything about it.
  3. VaKim


    Hate, as in wanting someone dead, or at least suffering horribly? Nobody in "real life." But every time there is a child molester, abuser, or any other cruel, evil person, yep. Would like to see them in the same pain they caused their victims. Or at least quickly dead. Doesn't hurt me to hate them because I don't really know them and it isn't something I dwell on.
  4. Yeah, I never did that to begin with. Never made sense to me, plus I already "knew" that it would spread germs all over the place. Can't even remember why it had been recommended to wash it to begin with.
  5. As for the thing with Loki escaping, my girls pointed out that they may have been setting things up for the series Disney streaming is planning. Supposedly, they are launching with several Marvel mini-series things to get going, two of them being Loki and Scarlett Witch. Oh, and dd was thinking that when all the snapped people returned, they returned to the spot they left from. Which could mean that they were able to snap Natalie back, but she is still on the place where she jumped off the cliff. I love hearing all the theories.
  6. VaKim

    He is risen!

    Praise the Lord! He is risen indeed!
  7. Azo is the most awesome thing ever for UTIs! Immediately stops the pain and urgency! Taking them now myself along with antibiotics.
  8. I think there is hope. We have continually had new and old cats in our house for probably 30 years. We still have some that only tolerate one another and they do occasionally growl and scrap, but as long as they can get away from each other, it is always fine. Just let them loose in the house under a watchful eye and, like somebody said above, keep a spray bottle handy for unacceptable behavior. The only time you need to worry is if one cat is constantly attacking the other and the second one cannot or will not defend itself. Or, of course, if they get into serious vicious fights. Cats do tend to make a lot more noise and sound much scarier than things actually are.
  9. Shaving is easier, effective, and actually helps exfoliate your skin at the same time. And no, the hair does not grow back either thicker or coarser. It is still very fine and the same as it was before. I use tweezers for brows and any random coarse hairs here and there.
  10. VaKim


    No. Nobody can see if anybody else visited their page, regardless of what all the fake apps and whatnot claim. Not possible. If person A blocks person B, person B cannot see anything that person A posts on facebook. They cannot even see that person A is on facebook at all. Their name will not even come up. Also, unless person A unblocks person B, it is the same for them - they cannot even see anything person B posts or even that they are on there.
  11. Yep. Check out Jason Fung. Fasting can actually completely turn type 2 diabetes around. I do a form of intermittent fasting myself. I love this book of his and it is on sale right now.
  12. Seems to me that whenever Facebook updates or changes something to their site, there are glitches like that everywhere until they finish. That might be the case.
  13. As at least one pp has said about herself, I am a completely different person than I was 30 years ago. I would not even like my younger self at all were we to somehow meet now. My beliefs, actions, motivations, etc. are nearly 180 degrees from what they were when I was younger. People grow and mature and change all the time. I hate when people dig up junk from the past to judge people in the present. If the person is repentant, let it go.
  14. Yep. I do it all the time. Life is short and books are plentiful.
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