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Today's ultrasound results...

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So, a week ago there was nothing but a yolk sac.


Today, there was a fetal pole and a heartbeat! The gestational sac had grown more and the fluid had increased. This is all definitely progress and I'm very happy about it, because the alternative of no heartbeat would have been pretty devastating!


BUT I am also still pretty concerned, because the baby only measured 5 weeks 6 days, and going by my last period, I should be 7 weeks 3 days today. So that's pretty behind, I think, for it to be measuring, even though I ovulate around cd18!


And the heart rate was only 82, which I think is pretty low. When I looked up what a heart rate should be at 6 weeks I got a whole list of people saying their baby's heart rate at 6 weeks measured anywhere from like 100 to 130ish.


So, I still just don't know what to expect or think.


My doctor said again, "There's progress. I still can't PROMISE everything will be okay. I wish I could wave a magic wand and put you safely at the 12 week mark. But really all you can do is keep doing what you're doing- keep taking your progesterone and metformin- and hurry up and wait."


She was going to have me come back in two weeks to check it again. I asked her if she could maybe do it in one week instead as the waiting is really nerve-wracking and she said OK. :D


So, once again, I'll see what happens in another week.


Thank you for your continued prayers, good thoughts, well wishes, etc., and please continue to send them my way!

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That's exactly what happened to me with our last pregnancy.


I'd had two mc prior to that pg, and I was terrified. HR was 85 at the first sono, and by my count the baby was supposed to be 7 wks.


1 wk later the HR was up and she turned 2 last week.


Praying, babe!



I really love stories like this! They make me feel more hopeful! I hope my story turns out the same way!

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I hope things continue to look up. My last baby measured weeks behind for some reason in an early U/S. If I hadn't had blood work at 4-5 weeks they would have changed my due date.


He is a healthy two yr old now! He was always very small until this Summer and now he's average. His Pediatrician was confused at the huge sudden spike in growth.

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I really love stories like this! They make me feel more hopeful! I hope my story turns out the same way!


Now that I'm thinking about it, I believe I had an early sono with Gabriel that showed a HR in the low 90's. I've had 5 miscarriages, so I was expecting one then.


He's in kindergarten now :)

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I am cautiously optimistic for you.


DD measured over a week behind where she should have been my first ultrasound with her. I have no clue how (I was keeping track and it was close to impossible for me to have gotten pregnant on the day that it would have had to happen for her to be at that gestational age). She is a happy cheerful little 3 1/2 year old now, and she arrived 2 days before the new due date, so apparently it was right, I just have no clue how!

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I had an u/s thinking I was 7 weeks and I measured 5w6d last week. We could see a yolk sac right away, but it took awhile to see the little bean. Like 3 straight minutes of her wiggling the wand around. I was starting to get worried. Then we found it and saw a hb. Anyways I googled away and asked some friends and found many people who's baby's measurements caught up to their first "due date" so it can be OK. Also I have read many cases of early u/s's being off or just plain wrong. I am not stressing over it since there was a hb. Hang in there, I can imagine the "what ifs" are torturous. I have only suffered 1 mc and so I am also a bit scared about what can happen. :grouphug:

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