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  1. Dd would love to be homeschooled again. For her I am concerned about making sure she has ample opportunities for socialization. However, given her current status and needs that might be best achieved in therapy groups. Good to know that it's simple to homeschool solo. In Utah we just had to file an affidavit without additional reporting or testing (unless we participated in a charter school program). We are in San Diego now.
  2. I'm in information-gathering mode. I homeschooled for ten years in Utah, which was very simple legally. We have relocated to California. My children are currently attending local public schools. My 11yo 5th grade child is struggling with life generally (currently in the hospital again) and her pyschiatrist is recommending an alternative to daily school once she is released. Her psych recommends a hybrid option (time split on and off campus) as a way to balance dd's tendency to be overwhelmed easily and her need to learn how to tolerate/interact with her peers. Our local school district has a h
  3. I've only ever used iPhones and have had positive experiences with the models I've had. My iPhone 5 is dying, but I have resisted upgrading to a new iPhone because all the newer models are wider and longer. My hands are small and I want to be able to used my phone with one hand. Anything bigger than my 5 feels like trying to operate a tablet one-handed--awkward and uncomfortable. I could get an iPhone SE, which is the same size as my 5, but I'm worried it's already out of date in terms of hardware because it's from generation 6 of iPhone. An internet search shows that the larger size of the n
  4. I called the metabolic clinic. "Clinical review" of dd's referral is in process. The person I spoke to said they review labs and chart history to determine which speciality within the clinic is most appropriate. It will be another week before we hear back. I hope this means they will see her....
  5. 😫 The puking returned at bedtime and has lasted through this morning. Trying a liquid diet again. She first got sick with this episode 28 days ago.
  6. Her dentist said her teeth looked okay, but we also have her doing ACT flouride rinse. She had a good birthday. She stayed the whole day at school (I wasn't sure she would last). It's her acylcarnitine levels that are below normal. The other levels on her carnitine panel are low/barely normal. GI office called tonight and asked if I'd seen her low acylcarnitine. I said I had. The person I spoke to said dd should be seen by metabolic as a result. Hopefully we get a call from them soon. The pediatrician, GI, and metabolic specialists are all affiliated with the children's hospital
  7. Plot twist: after puking all night Sunday night, she was symptom free Monday. She had a good night last night and after twenty-six days of being ill she is at school today, her birthday. â˜ºï¸ I've been in contact with the records department for the newborn screening program in our previous state. This morning I received the report of her newborn carnitine levels, which were assessed after her two failed metabolic screenings. They show low/barely normal across the board. Not as low as her labs from two weeks ago, but low enough for me to think this has been a problem her whole life.
  8. *sigh* After not throwing up since Friday morning, she's back at it again. We did meds+ a liquid diet for almost 48 hours before slowly reintroducing solids. She complained of nausea pretty soon after the first food, which was applesauce. I'll see how she does overnight and call her doctor in the morning. If we are going to admit her, it would be nice to skip the emergency room if possible. Maybe if GI calls ahead we can manage that. It's her birthday on Tuesday. She doesn't want to spend it in the hospital. 😔
  9. I talked to a genetic counselor friend last night. She said that over the past ten years she's seen a number of cases of "mild" disease in a patient with a genotype typically associated with a more severe form. Because newborn screenings are catching more cases, this is more common than previously thought. I didn't think anything of dd's failed screenings once we got the message that she was "fine." But now she's not fine and she hasn't been for a year and no one has any explanation or effective treatment to offer.
  10. If we get a metabolic disease diagnosis (or a related disorder), I want to write letters to the people who gave us our worst experiences (like the children's hospital she stayed in last year). I'm still angry a year later about how dismissive they were and how ridiculous they were in their treatment plan. I wanted her to see GI given that she was suffering from GI symptoms, but they sent behavioral health instead. Ugh. She gets so ill during these episodes that she is unable to do anything. She missed half of fourth grade. So far she has missed all of fifth grade. I just need someone to ta
  11. Recap: Dd age 10 started throwing up last October. At first I thought it was a stomach bug, but it just didn't stop. Multiple visits to her primary doctor, multiple visits to the ER, a hospital stay, referrals to neurology and GI, a bunch of tests, a variety of medications (nothing works to prevent or abort an episode) and a year later, she continues to get these episodes every three months. Pattern is sick for a month, fine for three, sick again. We've moved to a new state. She started another episode at the end of August that is still ongoing. We met her new GI last week, who put her on
  12. Lately: Jane the Virgin My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Star Trek Voyager Veronica Mars Firefly Friends Parks and Rec I like to have something entertaining in the background while I work on chores.
  13. We have a bunch of those IKEA Expedit/Kallax-sized boxes. I've told the kids that they each get four of those for any non-clothing, non-book item they would like to move. I reserve the right to reduce the number of boxes if needed. We are going to be majorly downsizing when we move (current house is ridiculously large and we'll be cutting our living space more than in half). What will fit comfortably will really depend on the size and layout of the new house, which we won't know until a month or so before we move. I think it definitely helps to have a defined limit.
  14. Great work! Wow! We are going to move this summer. I've made weekly goals (area to focus) between now and then. This week I'm working on listing homeschool stuff to sell and creating a To Donate box. There's so much that this project will probably run multiple weeks. This week I also want to empty a big closet as the future holding area for moving boxes. I've already made a pass through the kitchen to get rid of stuff we aren't using or things that don't belong in there. I organized what remains.
  15. :grouphug: That's awful. I'm glad you and the kids are getting support.
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