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  1. Oh, Congratulations!!! What a beautiful baby and I love her name. She is just gorgeous!!!! Enjoy all of the baby cuddles with your newest piece of perfection.
  2. Oh Congrats!!! Charlie is just gorgeous! What a perfect baby! I hope that your daughter is feeling much better quickly. Enjoy your baby holding time!!
  3. Congrats on a job well done and hugs. I'm a long time WTM reader (from many transformations of the Boards) and am preparing to start my 22 year tomorrow. I'm down to only two students (a Senior and a Sophomore) and my days homeschooling are coming to an end. It's exciting and..bittersweet. I'm hoping that you have something lovely planned for today.
  4. Another World's Best family here. It makes cleanup a breeze.
  5. I'm so very sorry for your loss. Our dogs are family members and their loss is always heartbreaking. This sounds typical but it doesn't make it easier. Sending hugs for all of you. May your grief be replaced by gentle memories.
  6. Sending hugs and prayers your way as you navigate through this.
  7. Welcome to the world Hudson!!! You're adorable!!! WAR EAGLE!!! (You're already showing fabulous taste).
  8. Sending hugs and prayers . My mother is a 23 year survivor.
  9. Oh Kathy, she is just lovely. Welcome to the world sweet Emma Claire.
  10. LOL! My first thought was "What!! This isn't a thing anymore?" I feel old... I'm a winter but I always wished to be a spring. LOL.
  11. Sending prayers for safety to all impacted by the storm.
  12. My second daughter was born with a very impressive VSD. She joined our family at 8 months old (and weighed almost 10 pounds). The cardiologist said that she had the largest size Medium VSD for classification. As she grew and gained weight, it slowly began to close. My daughter never needed surgery and is now a healthy and active D1 Athlete.
  13. I just had to make the life changing decision to replace my travel mug of over 20 years. It was heart wrenching (my husband might choose other words. I have agonized for over three years trying to find a suitable replacement). Alas, my mug is no longer imported and I had to choose. What started out as small leaks became...well..I won't speak poorly of the recently deceased. I've had my new best friend for almost a full week. It's a Yeti Rambler, 20 ounces and she's very pretty. It feels weird having my hand around something different (it's a little wider) but I think that it was a sound choice.
  14. You have already received so much sage advice. I just wanted to add that I think that you're very brave and I pray that easier days are ahead for you and your children. One million hugs sent.
  15. OH! I hope that you post about your visit if you go! How fun!!!!!
  16. OMGOSH!!! What a cutie pie and the nursery is perfect!!!!! It might be kinda late to send my congrats but wow...I'd love to be planning my high schoolers curriculum and changing diapers again. Thanks for sharing pics. Your little guy is scrumptious!
  17. We loved our bunny but cats and dogs are much easier.
  18. We're an SEC family living in the Northeast. I THINK that he's the head coach at U of Nebraska and I THINK that his house was broken into but that's all that I know. We are SO EXCITED for SEC football to begin...WAA HOO!!!!
  19. I'm so very sorry. Sending prayers (and hugs) your way.
  20. Thank you for the suggestion!! Was it a full year course?
  21. We were thinking World Lit. I think that we may have found an area where I can be more..angst filled (note my post on Science). I'm exhausted and we haven't even started the new school year yet!!!
  22. I'm kind of in a quandary and my head is starting to spin. I have a high school Senior who has taken 3 lab sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). She had a very difficult year last year (GRRR...Calculus and Physics was NOT a good combination for her. She did not find Physics difficult but Calculus caused her to..shut down and become very resistant to being pleasant). Technically, she doesn't need another lab science. However...I don't really know what she should do next and neither does she. I've offered options of Oceanography, Forensics, Astronomy, Meteorology, AP Bio, ...She's somewhat open to AP Bio but last year her sister used an Online provider and were NOT happy with the class (student basically had to research and teach herself the material). Does anyone have any insight, suggestions? I'd love to piece together two semester classes if I could find something that she would enjoy. Last year was a very long year for her...Thanks in advance.
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