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  1. I am so sorry. Praying here for you & your family.
  2. Hardcover not being being released until Aug 16th here :(
  3. Ellen - if you're in the Toronto area - try Cross Border Pickups. Fees are super reasonable - I have all of my US curricula shipped to their US address in Buffalo and then they look after getting it across the border. I pick it up near the airport. By reasonable, I ordered 3 books from Circe (including Mere Motherhood) and there were no taxes/duties....and their fee was just $10. Sometimes I pay a small amount in duties/taxes but definitely a lot cheaper than US supplier shipping rates.
  4. See a registered massage therapist. They can do some massage to help. It provides temporary relief. What helped is seeing a chiropractor (i am a huge skeptic and wouldn't have ever thought in a million years i would go to one...). He did intra-oral massage and although it was uncomfortable in process, it has made a huge difference. I could barely open my mouth wide enuff to brush my teeth a few weeks ago and now i can eat a burger.....well, almost. Hope you can find the right treatment.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Yes, we have good health insurance for when we travel - no issues. I'd be more worried about the kids though - who would look after them if I had to go to the hospital??? EEK. I suggested to DH that he go instead of me - but he can't really take the time off right now. He and DS13 are supposed to be doing a little trip of their own later this month (not Disney). All of the reservations are in my name. I'm sure I could change the Disney ressie to another name if I had to (yes, booked with them), but the car rental is 100% non-transferrable, same with the other hotel we are supposed to be staying at. I don't even think I could switch those to DH even if he wanted to go. The ER doc said all looked fine - that it was likely just part of the flu recovery but to follow up. Stupid googling though makes you wonder if its something more sinister that is starting......
  6. I don't know what to do. We booked a last minute trip to Disney for me, DD11, DS8 and DS4. We are supposed to leave in 4 more sleeps. Our entire house came down with the nasty flu bug on Christmas Day/Boxing Day. Everyone is on the mend - not 100% there yet but pretty close. Lingering coughs, no big deal. Yesterday I went to the ER. I was actually feeling fine when I first got up but started feeling this warm sensation in my chest. I had felt it before a couple of days earlier but thought nothing of it. But yesterday it kept happening, and of course we got a little worried when I googled it. Evidently, this warm sensation in the chest can be a sign of heart attack in women(!!), along with feeling weak (check), dizzy (check), lack of appetite (check)........hard to know what is from the flu though and what could be something else. Anyway, long story short - they ran an ECG which was fine, did a massive amount of bloodwork including cardiac enzymes, and all was ok. The ER doc said to follow up with my family doctor if it continues. So while I feel better knowing that the ECG and bloodwork were fine yesterday, I still have the warmth in my chest today. Still weak, etc. I will see one of the doctors in our family practice tomorrow to follow up. But do I still go away, on my own with 3 kids? At this point, everything is non-refundable which is a substantial amount of money but DH said it doesn't matter; if I want to cancel, it is what it is.
  7. I really wanted to do this but none of the kids can go on their own since any child under 14 needs an adult with them to be in the class :(. Makes it hard for us homeschoolers to take advantage of the program when they are age-segregted: for example, DS8 would have loved one class that was for kids 6-9 IIRC, but he had to have me there and neither DS4 or DD11 could join that class since they didn't fall into the age group.
  8. Late Jan/early Feb is good. We didn't find it overly crowded and the weather was much better than what was happening st home! I am heading to Disney with a few of the kids in just 10 days!! Wooohooo! We've never been this early in January - I just hope the weather is nice and warm. We aren't doing any parks while at Disney but we are heading to the Dark Side this trip!! Good luck with the planning! Make sure you sign up for Mousesavers newsletters and if you are really brave, hop on over to the Disboards. If you thought cupcake threads were fun, wait until you see the brawls over pool hopping and refillable mugs LOL
  9. Thanks for sharing everyone. @Tiramisu - I LOVE those 3 points you made about how you approached her 8th grade year. I am so torn between making sure he is super well prepared (which will probably translate into a lot of pressure for both of us but will help him in high school) and just enjoying him and letting him enjoy all of us. I need to figure out how to balance those. We will have to get all of us to check in once school routines are settled & see how we are all doing.
  10. Just wanted to add that we are also doing the HSII class on-line this upcoming year. DS13 has worked through WWE, followed by some IEW and then dabbling in Sadlier-Oxford last year. He enjoys writing. We were undecided about which level to do with MP - I looked through the Fable/Narrative (since my DD10 will be doing those this year) and it looked pretty easy so we agreed to go with HSII, and we've been working on a super crash course of Fable/Narrative this summer. Hoping we made the right decision LOL
  11. This is the final year of homeschooling for DS13. He will finish up 8th grade and then off to the local Catholic high school. It is good. It is fine. He will be totally fine. I have mixed feelings. Sigh. We started homeschooling him in 4th grade so he has been in B&M school before - he has always missed being around his friends & he knows the work at school is far easier than what he does at home. Homeschooling has been great for him - but the plan has always been for him to head to high school. Part of me is kinda hoping that once he gets there, he will change his mind and want to be back home LOL. Not likely with this kid. DH wants to make sure we get some travel in this coming school year since it is the last time he will have the flexibility to just take off during the school year. Hopefully we can do that. Anyone else have an 8th grade DS or DD who is doing their last year at home? Are you doing anything differently since it is their last year? Anything special? How are YOU feeling about it? What about your DD/DS - are they excited?
  12. Well hello and congratulations on #5! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly.
  13. Adding my prayers. It sounds so scary. I pray that the Drs can figure this out soon.
  14. I want to. I really do. But i am too invested in the NHL and some other shows that will remain un-named to actually pull the plug. It would save us a LOT of money every month but......... Not.sure.i.can.do.it
  15. We have the books and i was planning on starting Fable with DS7 (rising 4th) in the fall. DD10 was going to do Classical Composition Fable/Narrative through MP but my interest in CAP is piqued for her :). I was looking at the online class for CAP and wondering if that might be a good option for her. Writing is def not her favourite subject, nor is it mine to teach so I am outsourcing it for sure. Anyone else doing CAP online classes this fall?
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