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  1. I’d love to see them. That’s about the stage we’re at
  2. I came across that when I was searching, but it looks pretty pricey to buy new. 10-12 dollars a virtue
  3. What’s your favorite curriculum/program/resource for character training? We’ve got to work on this
  4. Does anyone here who follows WTM suggestions for logic stage literature discussion have some sample sixth grade essays they’d be willing to share?
  5. As far as I can tell, the anthologies are now integrated into the reading suggestions
  6. I was all decided on my second grader’s work, but the new History Quest book looks fun!
  7. The Dog Diaries series by Kate Klimo (different series than the one mentioned above)
  8. Thanks for the thoughts! I’m leaning towards sticking with the CLE so she doesn’t have to adjust to a change later
  9. Help me pick one for my second grader. I love CLE for upper elementary and middle school, but I’m neutral on the first 2 years. (Their phonics approach doesn’t really fit with mine.)
  10. This is a great list! What would you consider essential for kids’ faith formation and devotional reading, in addition to the Baltimore Catechism?
  11. Moving has made me realize my books have utterly taken over my household. I’m going to have to clean out, and to start being more careful to only purchase things that will really be valued. So for the Catholic homeschoolers, if you were going to limit your and your children’s religious books to just a couple shelves of a bookcase, what would your essentials be? (I lean towards more traditional devotions like the Latin Mass personally, and away from anything that mixes in too much contemporary politics)
  12. How do you grade written compositions in middle school? My 5th and 6th graders each wrote a page on the scientific method this week, and they’d like a more specific grade than pass/fail. I’m not sure what standards to use for A, B, etc though
  13. 5th grader finishes math and reads some each day over the summer 1st grader reads some from an easy reader each day over the summer. Everyone hugs the baby 🥰 done.
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