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  1. Whose the author of Humanistic Traditions? I can’t find it. Thanks!
  2. I’ve put The Gene and A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived on the list. Anyone like SPQR by Mary Beard?
  3. I read the Clan of the Cave Bear years ago. Not feeling the need for a repeat. ?
  4. I’m looking to dig into some mom reading this year while the girls are studying these topics. Any favorites? I was a science major in college, so I’m good with meatier suggestions there.
  5. That was terrible wording on my part wasn’t it? I’m trying to avoid anything tense or scary or otherwise inclined to get drowsy kids alert again.
  6. I need some ideas for bedtime listens after with finish the Paddington stories. We’ve already done Little House several times.
  7. Starting school tomorrow. And I am almost done with the lesson plans!
  8. I’m thinking of getting this for Brain Pop, but then I have to figure out what to do with my extra credits. Anyone find any of their other programs to be awesome?
  9. Had to go across town to a branch library and confess to spilling coffee on one of their books I got on a hold. ? I also have one from our library we seem to have totally lost.
  10. I’m seriously tempted. I like the older set slightly better, but it is too fragile for the girls to handle, and a couple of the stories are marked on.
  11. After a used book sale trip yesterday, I now have two sets of My Book House. I can’t decide which one to sell! The 40s version in fair condition or the 70s set that is beautiful. I kind of want both...
  12. The one from Cottage Press has a page for 5000-2500 BC and then starts typical pages at 2500 bc. The ones I printed off Guest Hollow for the little ones starts at 4000 BC.
  13. Science: Let the little two watch and ‘help’ when your older child does their experiment. Then get a video or book from the library on the topic. If your third grader loves science, use the younger sibling readings at the back of your Elemental Science teachers guide. Otherwise, let it go.
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