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  1. Finally got this years plan mostly together. Math: AOPS Prealgebra Logic: The Art of Argument and Seton's Reading Thinking Skills 7 Science: Elemental Chemistry History: Selections from Human Odyssey and Landmark History of the American People. She's also going to help me do American History with American Girls with her littlest sister Spelling: Megawords 5 and 6 Grammar: CLE language arts 6 or maybe Grammar for the WTM? I'd love to have her do Warriner's, which I have fond memories of from junior high, but the lack of answer key is going to make it pretty mom intensive. Still thinking about this one Literature: Selections from Readers Digest Best Loved Books for Young Readers. Poetry for the Grammar Stage Government: Probably Steck-Vaughn American Government. Supplemented with Our Country's Founders and This is Our Constitution Writing: finish Writing with Skill Religion: some Bible reading. Some saints stories from the Vision Book series Latin: Clueless here. I want her to do Henle 1 and 2 in high school, but I'm not sure what to do this year and next to prepare She is requesting Art. Also, lots of ballet
  2. Megawords is great for middle school
  3. Finished the language arts grading (good news! no one gets summer grammar) Make the soup, and got bogged down in next years planning. Car tomorrow
  4. Logic: Seton Reading Thinking Skills 6 and The Basics of Critical Thinking Math: Saxon 7/6 Science: Elemental Chemistry History: Early Modern. Landmark History of the American People, maybe some Foster books? (looking at the A Mind in the Light guide for this era) Spelling: Megawords 3 and 4, Vocabulary from Classical Roots Grammar: CLE Language Arts 5 Lit: some Readers Digest Best Loved Books for Young Readers selections, some picks from the Good and Beautiful list, American Cardinal Reader Government: Steck-Vaughn American Government, Our Country's Founders, What is the Constitution? Writing: Sentence Composing for Middle School Latin: I have no idea. I'm terrible at actually doing Latin Religion: A Bible Reader and a couple of Vision Books lives of the saints
  5. This is Latin for me. I have no idea...
  6. Catch up on language arts grading clean out car plans for 2020-21 make lentil soup
  7. Math - Starting Strayer-Upton, supplementing with Beast Academy LA - continuing on to CLE grade 2 Science - Probably giving up on a formal curriculum and making a list of topics I want to cover with library books and NOVA History - SOTW 3, plus the first half of the American History for American Girls class I wrote for her sisters a few years ago. Latin - Song School (maybe, tbh) Reading - Seton Phonics and Usborne Reading Religion - Something to cover saints and Bible - our CCD uses the Baltimore Catechism Okay, this looks decent and not worthy of the panicking I did this morning
  8. Thanks Lori! You are the queen of book answers.
  9. Trying to decide if/when I will transition my sixth grader from CLE language arts to start the Grammar for the Well Trained Mind books. I want to make sure it isn't too ridiculous of a jump in difficulty. She's just finishing CLE's grade 5 workbooks Any thoughts?
  10. Finally getting back to the lesson planning I abandoned to read three different pandemic books. Anyone have a favorite book, textbook, program, etc. for teaching middle school American Government. I want to devote a class period or two each week to this alongside our Early Modern History for a sixth and seventh grader.
  11. We're playing a lot more games than usual around here (and I'm personally a bit prone to a Civilization addiction) but I would rather avoid violence, chatting with strangers, or any kind of real time element where people suddenly don't want to go to bed because they have a battle or mission that has to happen now, ykwim?
  12. My middle schoolers want this for their quarantine entertainment. Am I going to regret it? Laura
  13. Does anyone have a copy of this they’d be willing to share? I can’t find mine and the Knowledge Quest website isn’t working well
  14. Found my copy of SWB's The Well Prepared Student. Starting there...
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