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  1. Or hidden mold. Our sleep problem started after we moved into a new house. We have white noise, black out blinds, a million extra cozy blankets, new mattress, new bed, nightlight, I sit with him until he falls asleep every night (6 long years and still going), we use melatonin, no screens before bed, consistent routine...literally every bit of advice you can think of. I continued to sleuth and found some moms who linked their child’s insomnia to mold. We did an ERMI dust test and eventually found that ds bedroom window has never been properly sealed, thus creating opportunity for mold
  2. She is talking with friends who have adopted and doing her own research as well. I’m just the resident family reader, so she does ask for book recommendations on a regular basis on many different topics. Without sharing our entire life story, she does value my opinion in regards to the decision to adopt. While I don’t have personal experience with adoption, I’m in the midst of raising two boys with significant physical and mental challenges, so I have done lots of reading, specialists, therapies etc that very well may come into play in an adoption situation. She has had an up close view of
  3. I definitely get what you’re saying. I’m the same way with books, if I want one I buy it and I generally don’t like others’ book choices for me. She is more the type to ask me what to read and rarely picks for herself. Just different personality types around reading I guess. She has asked me for book recs in the past on pregnancy loss and infertility and asked for my copy of The Connected Child after I gave her a brief description, so I think I’m safe on that front. I’ll continue to share the resources I’m familiar with as she asks and stick with the cleaning service gift card for a gift.
  4. A gift card for a cleaning service will be perfect! Thanks so much for a great idea!
  5. My sister and BIL have just signed on with an adoption agency after struggling for years with infertility. I understand that placement can take several years, but I’d like to put together a little gift basket with good books/resources as they start the process. Any ideas of what would be appreciated? I’ve already given them a copy of The Connected Child by Karyn Purvis. Thanks!
  6. I’m in for 2021. I didn’t do 2020 because when COVID happened my capacity for attention went out the window for awhile. I was only able to read Outlander and detective novels for months. I’m hoping to get back into my normal reading habits this year. I’m still trying to get through Phantastes and catch up on the podcast now.
  7. I’m praying right now and will continue to do so. I don’t post often, but I’ve thought of you many times this month and I say a prayer each time. I’m so very sorry.
  8. Yes and no. Our church started meeting in person again over the summer, with limited numbers attending (1/4 our capacity), masking, and distancing. Being able to receive the Eucharist again is very fulfilling (no contact in how we’ve been doing communion, very different from our old way). I can’t really describe how awful things were when communion was impossible for months on end. Fellowship is still lacking at our church. We leave one row/family at a time from the sanctuary each week. I dropped off some gifts for the Angel tree last Saturday, they collected outside and I spoke to 2
  9. My Aunt gifted me the serving tray she brought goodies on when I hosted for the first time as a newly wed. I always thought it was a sweet gesture.
  10. Hand knit socks have gone over really well as gifts here. I now make my dad a pair every year.
  11. Our kids are getting a switch this year, and after that thread I’m thinking of a switch lite so I can have an island to myself. Definitely won’t happen, lol. I’ll actually get some hand dyed spinning fiber from Etsy, a blue tooth keyboard for my iPad/phone, and probably some books.
  12. I’ve had luck with Orly Bonder base coat + regular Essie + Seche Vite top coat https://www.amazon.com/Orly-Nail-Bonder-Treatment-0-6/dp/B0019TYZ66/ref=sr_1_1?crid=KJCDQFQMKGKK&dchild=1&keywords=orly+bonder&qid=1604102572&sprefix=Orly+%2Caps%2C219&sr=8-1 https://www.amazon.com/Seche-Vite-Fast-Nail-Clear/dp/B00150LT40/ref=sr_1_2?crid=3R8JFI41K668A&dchild=1&keywords=setch+vite+top+coat&qid=1604102794&sprefix=Setch%2Caps%2C172&sr=8-2
  13. I don’t have any other safe dishes to add, but thank you for sharing. I changed out my dishes to my mom’s 1990’s Willow Churchill England china back in January. I’ve been meaning to check them for lead and it kept slipping my mind. I did a google after seeing your post and found out they tested 40,000+/-1,000ppm for lead.😱 DS and I just ran to Walmart and bought 2 sets of white Corelle. We have had too many new neurological symptoms this year to play around with lead dishes. Hive mind for the win! ETA: What does one do with a full set of lead china? I’m not one to displa
  14. We’re no contact with my MIL by her choice. She wasn’t willing to respect our low contact boundaries concerning her living with a registered sexual predator and chose to cut out our family altogether, including telling us not to attend her funeral. We will step in and help financially for health and safety issues as she ages, but we won’t have an emotional relationship with her. We keep tabs through my BIL.
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