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  1. My son with an ASD diagnosis fits the profile, but it's not recognized in the US and finding providers who are familiar with it is difficult. The book Exposure Anxiety- The Invisible Cage: An Exploration of Self-Protection Responses in the Autism Spectrum and Beyond by Donna Williams was helpful to me in understanding. We're not currently receiving any treatment/therapy but we're on the wait list for play therapy that will be approaching him from an anxiety/trauma angle because it seems more appropriate than the usual ABA approach with the PDA facet at play. I think some of the anxiety/avoidant behaviors stem from sensory processing issues so we try to stay on top of that with a sensory diet. Backing off on certain demands has allowed him to grow into those skills in his own time. In other areas we're still totally stuck.
  2. Great thread! I'm looking forward to seeing more. Flannery O' Connor's short stories, especially Parker's Back and The Lame Shall Enter First were literally life changing for me. The former was the seed that took me from a Baptist background to a sacramental Lutheran with strong Catholic & Orthodox leanings. The latter made me see the children I had in front of me and adjust my parenting to their needs instead of my plans. Anna Karenina, Brideshead Revisited and Les Mis have also shaped who I am in significant ways.
  3. This is so interesting. We've been asked where we have moved from as well by Sunday School teachers and such that have heard my boys talk. Oldest has a ASD diagnosis. My youngest doesn't have a diagnosis and I don't *think* he's autistic but he is definitely dealing with sensory, regulation and anxiety issues. They both have the autistic accent. Makes me wonder...
  4. My oldest will be a 4th grader this year. Bible: MP Christian Studies & Luther's Small Catechism Math: R&S 4 Language Arts: R&S English 4 for grammar orally, Classical Comp Fable Spelling: Apples and Pears Literature: MP 3rd grade literature list and guides, D'Aulaire's Greek Myths History: Early American biographies Geography: MP States and Capitals Science: MP Astronomy Latin: Latina Christiana Enrichment Fridays: Rotate poetry, music appreciation and art
  5. Bible: Golden Children's Bible, Luther's Small Catechism Math: Strayer Upton/ Math Mammoth 4 we're using a bit of both now but don't know which we'll stick with yet Language Arts: R&S English 3 orally for grammar, MP Intro to Comp Spelling: Apples and Pears 2 Literature: MP 3rd grade list and guides, D'Aulaire's Greek Myths History: Early American biographies Science: MP Astronomy Geography: 50 States and Capitals Latin: Latina Christiana I Enrichment Fridays: Rotate poetry, music appreciation and art Attempting a MP/Latin Centered Curriculum approach but I'm a hopeless tweaker!
  6. My second grader has recently read several Ronald Dahl books, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, The Wizard of Oz and The Jungle Book independently. My third grader, on the other hand, rarely reads outside of required school reading at all, and when he does it's Magic Treehouse or Lego books. Just throwing that out there for all of the moms reading and comparing with their kids. Each kid is so different and has their own pace!
  7. Hits: Strayer Upton Math Mammoth Apples and Pears spelling IEW ATFF MP Simply Classical 4 recitation, science, geography, and literature Treasure of Daily Prayer for Bible & Catechism Misses: R&S Math and MP's Traditinal Spelling- I wanted these to work so badly so I could simply follow MP's lesson plans across the board but they're just not a good fit for us.
  8. FYI: Aldi has a selection of enameled cast iron in stores right now. Obviously, it's not LC but they are heavy, good quality pieces under $25.00. I got an enameled skillet and Dutch oven last year that has held up perfectly and I picked up an enameled saucepan this year. Metal knobs too!
  9. Unfortunately, you are right about the PTB and their projections for the storm. I'm in the RDU area, my dad works for the power company here and my husband works for the government. The projected impact is like nothing we've seen since Hugo. It would be best to be prepared for weeks without power and for flooding. My area is already out of gas, bread and water and police have been called to our local Walmart because of fights breaking out over groceries. I'm trying to keep up with all cleaning before we lose power and I'm baking bread, muffins, etc. We're filling every container we have with water, charging batteries and praying for the best for everyone. Edited to add a link to the national weather service official briefing for central NC with potential impact.
  10. I've been hesitant to wade into this discussion because it's so far outside of my element. The above quote is what is so concerning to me. The fact that any group cannot speak in the public sphere about how the language of others affects them without harassment, violence and shouts of bigotry to silence them is down right terrifying, full stop. The refusal to tolerate dissident opinions is a sign of our disturbing times; I don't see how anyone justifies it, regardless of which side of the issue they fall. Accusing others of bigotry to silence them instead of engaging with the actual content being presented only proves the point. Count me with those that say words matter, material reality matters, and when we cannot talk about those because of individual feelings, well, we've descended to an absurd level. Thank you Stella, LMD and others for bringing an issue to my attention that I wouldn't have known about otherwise.
  11. I don't think anyone is saying a $400 repair is nothing; rather everyone is saying they wouldn't pay (or ask someone else to pay) $400 for a small, cosmetic repair. Most would either diy or chalk it up to normal wear and tear on a car. I think the consensus here shows that your ds' concerns about asking the friend to pay are valid and he should be prepared for the the relationship to be strained.
  12. Leather flip flops while salt water fishing are very common in NC as well. My dad and dh wear their flip flops (olukai, rainbows, etc) on the boat or just go barefoot if they're fishing from the surf. It's pretty standard to wear bathing suits and rainbows for fishing at the beach or intercostal waterway around here. Totally different picture than the fishing vest and hat on a lake or river. My dad does both ?
  13. I think what BlueGoat is referring to is the early church practice of sexual abstinence during Great Lent and other fast days throughout the year, not Catholic abstinence from meat. It is is still observed in some Eastern Orthodox parishes and possibly other traditions that I'm not aware of.
  14. I'm more hopeful about honest conversations and even a cure for this because of my college experience, which was admittedly, an anomaly. I went to a big state university with a large Campus Crusade for Christ presence, this was 2004-2007. They held a large anti-porn campaign and had male speakers who warned of the dangers of porn, how it had destroyed their marriages, the addiction, and violent cycles it caused, etc.. I also attended a summer missions trip through Crusade where I met dh and he told me that the guys that summer did a program on breaking porn addiction. We attended different universities but dh and and his roommates had weekly accountability meetings to deal with porn and other issues. So, yes, we had lots of honest conversations about porn, because the culture that we met in made it less of a taboo subject. My sister even had a guy that she was dating tell her without prompting that he was struggling with porn addiction and needed to deal with that before entering a serious relationship. This really wasn't the typical True Love Waits culture that I experienced growing up in church. It was more of relationship based, struggling together, being vulnerable, encouraging one another and refusing to hide the ugly truth about porn. I don't know how to extend this kind of environment and attitude to the culture at large; but I did want to share a glimmer of hope.
  15. We don't turn on the TV before 4 pm, it is turned off at dinner time and doesn't come back on until after the kids are in bed. Sometimes my kids will get into a cartoon and watch several days in a row and other times they are too busy outside or with legos to watch any TV at all for weeks at a time. We do occasional family movie nights with pizza and popcorn. They watch Wild Kratts, BBC earth and other nature shows, Octonauts, Liberty Kids and Lego shows. They used to watch more TV in the preschool years but it had a negative effect on their attitudes and behavior. We went cold turkey, no TV for a few months to re-set and then slowly brought TV back in with clear limits. It was rough for the first couple of days, but my kids are so much easier with less TV.
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