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  1. I have the Cuisinart Double Belgian Waffle Maker and I love it!
  2. My dd flew Delta airlines in August from Montana to Missouri and she said she had never seen the plane so clean. They are (or at least were then) keeping the middle seats open except for family groups. She took clorex wipes to wipe down the seat and seat belt. She said absolutely no dirt came off!
  3. It is very disheartening to see the meanness lately of this board and how much people attack others that have different views than their own.
  4. I've had three granddaughters born since March. For all 3 I was the caregiver to my other grandchildren. My dd had a c-section in June and I watched my 20 mo grandson. He has Arthrogryposis and is unable to walk. It was impossible for her to lift him, so I went over each morning for 3 weeks until her dh got home from work. When my other dd had her baby in July she asked her pediatrician how to handle visitors to the baby. The pediatrician told her to let people see the baby outdoors and they could hold the baby provided they had masks on, a clean baby blanket over their clothes, and just
  5. I have had three granddaughters born during the pandemic. One in March, one in June, and one in July. They have been my joy during all this!
  6. Four We moved when I was three and lived there until moved into an apartment after getting married at 18. We lived there for 6 months before buying our first house. Lived there for 7 years and moved to my current home, where I have lived for 35 years.
  7. Growing up, from the time I was 4, there were 4 of us girls the same age living on the same street. We were very close, more like sisters. We drifted apart after we each married. A couple of years ago I reached out to one of the girls on Facebook and we got together and had a wonderful time. Last year, I attended one of the other girl's surprise 60th birthday party. Three of us got together for dinner shortly after that and it was like old times. We planned on doing more things together when Covid hit. I felt like I was finally moving forward with my grief from my dh passing away in 2016.
  8. My ds is a manager with a national chain of grocery stores. He had an employee who lived with her mom and the mom tested positive. She was tested and was negative, but she still could not return to work for 10 days. My SIL works for a local chain of grocery stores. His store had an employee whose wife worked closely with someone who tested positive. He had to stay out of work for 10 days.
  9. My youngest son and I could quarantine for 14 days. But my other son and daughter that lives at home could not. If they had definite exposure they would have to and their employers would insist that they not come back to work for 14 days. But to do it as a precaution before getting together with someone, they couldn't. My ds works at a grocery store. His college classes are all online, so that is no problem. My dd works at a hardware store and goes to school at night. She is in an esthetician program. Only six students and an instructor. Wear masks and can definitely social distance.
  10. Today is the 4th anniversary of my dh's sudden death. I am struggling so much more this year than last year. Last year I had finally come to the point of remembering the good instead of focusing on his death. I had reconnected with childhood friends and our plans were to get together on a regular basis and I was really looking forward to that. Once the pandemic and lockdowns started, all that came to a screeching halt. I have struggled mentally these past few months. I feel like I've been taken back to the first stages of grief. To some extent its been that way for my kids too, especial
  11. His understanding from the staff is that they are to detect fevers.
  12. Last week my son and DIL had to take my grandson to the ER. I met them in the parking lot and stayed with my 5 mo granddaughter while they went in with him. They weren't sure if both would be allowed in, but they were. Masks were required. The hospital had set up tables and chairs spaced apart outside the entrance of the ER for those who had family in the ER. My DIL had to take my grandson this week for an appointment with the surgeon. They have scheduled a hernia operation for him next week. Again, masks were required and temps screened. He had to have an x-ray and Covid test
  13. My son bought a rehab house last August, finished it in May, and put it on the market beginning of June. Had 17 showings the first day. By the next day he had two all cash offers on it. Sold for $12,000 over asking price, and they were willing to go another $20,000 to beat any other offer. It was insane what he got for a 775 square foot house, but it was in a very up and coming neighborhood. I have heard houses around me only stay on the market for a day or two with multiple offers. Definitely a sellers market.
  14. It lists a teacher who died in our county. I think what is a little misleading is this was back when schools were shutdown late spring. School was not where she contracted COVID and it did not lead to any spread within the school as they were not open at that time.
  15. I am coming up on the 4th anniversary of my dh's sudden death. Five of my 10 children were still living at home, my youngest was 13. It's been a very difficult journey, still is at times. I was blessed in that I had a very close homeschooling friend that I could talk to and say anything and not be judged. She listened to me, cried with me, and most importantly just sat quietly with me. She was and is a lifesaver. We had been friends for almost 25 years. My dh's aunt also became a huge support. Once family leaves and everyone goes back to their normal lives is when she will need you the
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