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  1. You can check out a digital copy for one hour on internet archive. That is the only place I was able to find anything when I was deciding.
  2. Another thought is studies weekly for science and social studies. That might allay her fears about standards and keeping up. And although I think real books are ideal for elementary learning nobody knows it the library will be fully functioning in fall. Even if they are functioning, maybe it's not the greatest idea to be sharing books if they are trying to keep up a hard quarantine. I agree that math mammoth would be great for this situation. You might also want to take a look at Evan moor daily six trait writing in addition to those listed by Wendy.
  3. There is also moving beyond the page, which is secular and aligns to standards for many states. I really like the 7-9 age language arts. I haven't used the other subjects.
  4. We've been enjoying home art studio for a few years. The DVD makes it really easy on me and leaves my hands free to help.
  5. There's Kids Health.
  6. They do a spring fling sale every year. It is the last week of March or so and gives 10% off full year sets. It can be just curriculum and just for one subject, but it must be the full year.
  7. Don't throw them out! My kids love looking at the atlas I had as a child. The USSR is fascinating to them. Plus the funny clothes from "back then..."
  8. My dh adds: Grant Wood would be good for Iowa. There is a book on him in the Venezia series and you could tie in farm life there. Jesse James is from Missouri. I have no book recommendations, but it seems like there should be plenty available.
  9. Our historical society puts these out. They are aimed at grades 4-6 iirc.
  10. Oh gosh, you're scaring me. I was going to do the earth science after the physical science. It was the novare earth science with the huge disconnect? 1st or 2nd edition?
  11. As I supplement to mbtp I use it at half speed starting one grade up and finishing on grade. I think there's enough teaching within the book that you don't need easy grammar. So for us, dd did one day of daily grams 3 every other day of 2nd grade and 3rd grade. For 4th grade she's using the first half of daily grams 5, leaving the second half for 5th grade.
  12. I don't think the grammar needs supplementing IF you stay on top of the review page, go over any corrections in the daily work, and you reinforce oral usage in daily conversations. They have a new spelling format, which is online. I haven't used that, but the spelling that was included prior to that was just a list of words the kids were supposed to practice writing each day. It's not integrated into the rest of the work. I considered it a throw-away and never used it. I'm very doubtful that the new spelling is worth anything.
  13. Did you think Khan was enough practice for most kids to master the material? Just curious because it looks like my little cousins will be using it as primary instruction for another school year and my uncle is concerned.
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