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  1. The Story of the Bible-Old Testament from Tan Homeschool might work for you. I don't think there would be any issues with the Old Testament book for a Methodist. The New Testament book would present issues for you (sacraments and papacy), but you might be able to switch to something else at that point.
  2. There are frequently 25% off sales, probably every couple of months. The big 50% off complete set sale through hsbc is only once per year.
  3. I absolutely love the Novare course we are doing this year. It's the physical science book. We'll do earth science next year and then either life science or general biology for 8th. I love the mastery approach, the integrated math, the fact that it is mainstream science, and the deeper thinking that is required by the many short-answer questions.
  4. For my 4th and 6th grader it is goal oriented independent. My 2nd grader needs to be one-on-one.
  5. In your situation, yes, I would get one. (I would absolutely not get one if dh wasn't on board like someone else mentioned.). I agree with others about needing to get over apprehension, especially as a teen or adult is not at a big risk of very mauled in the face by a small to medium dog. I'm a little concerned about a rescue dog with unknown background going into a family lacking someone with lots of dog experience. I'm unclear about how close your sister is though. If she's over every day maybe that would be fine. Another thing you might want to look at is that smaller breeds tend t
  6. Dh is convinced he had it in February. He had fever, severe fatigue, mild cough, and achiness. Everyone in the house had gotten a flu shot. We separated him in the house and the rest of us didn't get sick. Whatever he was sick with came from work. It was brought in by a man who had gotten it from his parents, who had been on a cruise in January. While on the cruise the dad had a heart attack and was airlifted to a hospital in China. He developed symptoms shortly afterward, then his wife and son got it. The son brought it to dh's work where several got very sick. (Everyone who got
  7. That reminds me of lab/golden retriever we pet sitted for once. The cat startled the dog right next to the back door and the dog refused to go out the back door after that. We walked it out through the front and around to the back yard for the rest of the weekend. We didn't really try to fix the situation since it was only for the weekend.
  8. Like a few hours most likely, or until they have finished sniffing each other and lost at least temporary interest. Then keep an eye while they are together for the next few days. By then you will probably be good to go.
  9. I've pretty much always had a dog and a cat. My family has typically had large hunting dogs, and we pet sit for each other. There is a lot of animal mixing going on. We have really never had problems with hunting dogs that were introduced to cats while they were puppies. Sometimes an old dog doesn't want to play, or an old cat doesn't want its butt sniffed, but they generally don't try to kill each other. There was only one I was mildly concerned might try to kill the cat and it was a Wheaton terrier, the first terrier in the family. My cousin, who had a cat at the time, married a man
  10. We normally buy a years worth of meat at a time and we just did that a few weeks ago. We also do bulk oats and flour, but we recently added bread flour, which was difficult to find before. We bought extra berkey filters and air filters. We got two extra gas cans and a chain saw as well. (During summer riots the authorities shut down our gas stations so the rioters couldn't keep dousing things in it.) Picked up a rocket stove too so that we could cook without draining gas that we might need for the generator. Good idea on printer ink, adding that to my Amazon cart.
  11. I won a hoverboard two years ago and my son, 10 at the time I got it, took to it right away. My ods, dd, and I all rode the heck out of that thing. We loved it. YDS, 6 at the time and 25% for weight, wasn't heavy enough for the sensor to trip it until he reached 45 pounds this past spring. Then he was also able to ride it pretty well. We had the side to side kind (like a skateboard riding position) that I feel is slightly safer, but I did make everyone wear a helmet when we were in the learning stage. Once the battery would no longer hold a charge we recycled it and replaced with used ri
  12. Dh, kids, and I always do. DH gets it at work, kids get it at pediatrician, and I usually go to cvs. This year dh has already gotten his at work. Kids usually see ped in summer but got pushed back until next week due to shutdown backlogs, so they will just get flu shot at their regular checkup next week. I haven't decided if I will get one this year. Kids and dh are the routes it would take to get to me and I'd have to make a special trip (with related exposure risks) to get one. DH wants me to get one mainly so i can rule it out if I get sick. I'll probably get one of I can get an appo
  13. We will have my parents and dh's mom and stepdad over. Everyone will quarantine beforehand, which is not far from what the parents are doing now anyway. DH is taking vacation time so he won't need to be exposed to anyone at work. I am worried about my uncle though. He normally spends Christmas with us and this past year has been brutal for him. He is divorced so was isolated alone with two young kids, his business was destroyed by lockdowns, and he and his children have been hugely impacted by riots. His mom has passed away, his dad is locked up in a nursing home, and his sibling relatio
  14. Where I am people can record in public spaces without explicit permission, but not on private property. I could also be held liable for what might happen to him. Our homeowners insurance considers knowledge of the person on your property without asking them to leave is permission for them to be there.
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