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  1. Syllieann

    Writing "Crash Course"

    I think I would just stay the course for now. It sounds like everything is working fine. You can sign up for the one month free trial of Evan-Moor teacher file box for the last month of school if it still seeems she is headed to school. It will give you access to most of their books. You can work through any lessons you think she would benefit from. She will probably blaze through a lot of them, but it is good to be familiar with the public school terminology and try her hand at some graphic organizers for pre-writing. For that month you could drop math to once per week or maybe altogether and double up on writing. Some books to look at are: Text-based writing nonfiction writing Paragraph writing How to write a story Writing poetry with children
  2. Syllieann

    Can CLE Math be completely independent?

    The answers to the tests and quizzes are right in with the answers for all the other lessons. It could be very tempting to glance at the answers for a section that he’s shaky on before taking the quiz or test. It is literally going to be on the page that is already open if he is checking his lesson the day before. I would personally not feel secure that good grades on tests and quizzes meant understanding in this situation, nor would I want to repeatedly put a child into such a tempting situation. I would either completely skip grading the daily work so that he doesn’t need the TM, or do parent-graded daily work.
  3. Maybe reading bear. The site seems to be down for maintenance atm, but here is Cathy Duffy’s review. There's also reading eggs, which is a pay subscription.
  4. You might like moving beyond the page language arts. It is separate from the other subjects starting with the 7-9 level. It is all literature based. There’s a lot of variety and plenty of room for creativity. My oldest is in his fourth year with it and has only had one book he didn’t like so far. It goes up through early high school and teaches all the schoolish/modern forms. Lit and grammar are integrated. The spelling is kind of a lame add-on (we don’t use it), so you could just stick with SWO if you wanted. The reading level is a bit advanced compared to age, which sounds like it would work well for you. Most wtm-ers would probably find the volume of writing too much in the early years and the grammar drill too light; I think the writing volume is on par with public school. It is also pricey but can be purchased in individual units to dampen the blow.
  5. I haven’t had this issue with sickness, but we occasionally have one child on some sort of outing while the other is home. I have moved things around so that they double up on the together subject a different day and double up on an individual subject for the day they are apart. So if history is together and it’s monday they might do double science individually on Monday and then double history together on Tuesday.
  6. Syllieann

    Help me with this sentence...

    How does that translate to handwritten cursive? Maybe I should just inform him of how it is done when typed and be done with it.
  7. My son wrote the following sentence in a personal narrative about a canoe trip: The gentle “whoosh, whoosh” of the paddles sounded in the quiet air. Does he need the quotes? If so, should it be set off by commas?
  8. Syllieann

    Is gone?

    That’s weird. Are you in the US?
  9. Syllieann

    Is gone?

    It works for me still.
  10. Syllieann

    Reading skills after Ordinary Parent's Guide?

    I second wise owls polysyllables.
  11. The wwe workbooks ask specific questions and build up to narration. You could skip all the other stuff. Or just try the samples and see if that is enough to get things up and running.
  12. Syllieann

    Math panic attack!

    I would put the younger kids in sm or mm. It doesn’t sound like math is a subject that you need to be intensively involved in for them to learn and be relatively content. Save your time and energy for other things where it is needed. It will be ok, really. They will still get a great math education and you will be less stressed. It might even mean you are more available for other fun things like field trips, art, or music.
  13. Syllieann

    First grade math question

    Try mep year 1b for an in between. Free too! Then move to cle 2.
  14. I would go for option 2, at least for the piano kids. The logistics of option 1 would have me longing to quit by the second week-unless of course you happen to live in a warm climate and the teacher is near a park or library or has a playroom in his home or you want to lock your kids in the car with screens for an extended period of time. I really don't think the one week between the video lesson and the in person lesson is going to cause technique damage, particularly since it sounds like you have some piano basics down yourself.
  15. Syllieann

    BFSU 2 supply question

    I’m pretty sure we used a glass jar with a metal lid. You just need to get a good seal. I want to say we used a glass jelly jar.
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