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  1. I won a hoverboard two years ago and my son, 10 at the time I got it, took to it right away. My ods, dd, and I all rode the heck out of that thing. We loved it. YDS, 6 at the time and 25% for weight, wasn't heavy enough for the sensor to trip it until he reached 45 pounds this past spring. Then he was also able to ride it pretty well. We had the side to side kind (like a skateboard riding position) that I feel is slightly safer, but I did make everyone wear a helmet when we were in the learning stage. Once the battery would no longer hold a charge we recycled it and replaced with used ri
  2. Dh, kids, and I always do. DH gets it at work, kids get it at pediatrician, and I usually go to cvs. This year dh has already gotten his at work. Kids usually see ped in summer but got pushed back until next week due to shutdown backlogs, so they will just get flu shot at their regular checkup next week. I haven't decided if I will get one this year. Kids and dh are the routes it would take to get to me and I'd have to make a special trip (with related exposure risks) to get one. DH wants me to get one mainly so i can rule it out if I get sick. I'll probably get one of I can get an appo
  3. We will have my parents and dh's mom and stepdad over. Everyone will quarantine beforehand, which is not far from what the parents are doing now anyway. DH is taking vacation time so he won't need to be exposed to anyone at work. I am worried about my uncle though. He normally spends Christmas with us and this past year has been brutal for him. He is divorced so was isolated alone with two young kids, his business was destroyed by lockdowns, and he and his children have been hugely impacted by riots. His mom has passed away, his dad is locked up in a nursing home, and his sibling relatio
  4. Where I am people can record in public spaces without explicit permission, but not on private property. I could also be held liable for what might happen to him. Our homeowners insurance considers knowledge of the person on your property without asking them to leave is permission for them to be there.
  5. In talking with my kids about the situation afterwards my daughter told me she asked what he was doing with the video when he first approached and he said he's betting on getting 40 likes. She told him that they weren't allowed to have any videos on Facebook or YouTube or "anything like that." This apparently wasn't enough to make him stop. It was also before I had come out that he had told them it was his birthday party but that when they asked how old he was he wouldn't say. To me, that is the sort of thing that could be easily followed up with " do you want to come and have some cake? "
  6. I was replying to the poster who said I was a wrong for asking him questions about who he was and why he was there. I called it trespassing to emphasize my legal rights to my own property. After he failed to give me any coherent answer I did ask him to leave. It's not like I saw him there and rushed in to call the cops to report a trespasser. We also have a large front yard and he was a good 20' into it. It's not like he stepped a foot off the sidewalk.
  7. It is not creepy or wrong to want to know how/why a stranger came to be on your property with your young children. I hope he does tell his parents so they can explain what trespassing is. I could never live with letting strangers on my property with my young children and having no idea who they were or why they were there. He is certainly within his rights to not disclose that info, but then he can get the heck off my property. I get that you disagree with me on that and fine, I'd advise you not to send your kids to my house unidentified.
  8. It is mostly runaways, but they are also sometimes lured by men posing as boyfriends online. There have been a handful of incidents in the past few months with children approached by strangers who attempt to lure the kids, usually middle school age, into a vehicle. I know it's not statistically likely, but it's on my radar.
  9. Well, I think you have all out my mind at ease that it was most likely innocent immaturity. Thanks!
  10. This was actually exactly what I was worried about. We live in a corridor that has seen a huge explosion in child trafficking.
  11. Well, I think if he's on my property recording my kids I can ask him whatever I want. No, I would not want my kids to answer those questions with specifics, but I also wouldn't want them walking into someone else's hard and recording their kids. I did want more info though because I was trying to determine whether a threat to my children existed.
  12. He told my kids he was having a birthday party at a relatives house, but wouldn't say how old he was. When I asked him he told me he lived in (The name of a nearby municipality) and was visiting his aunt. He couldn't name the street she lived on. There were no houses with a large number of cars in the subdivision. Plus, it seems unlikely he would leave his own birthday party and go off by himself.
  13. He did talk to them and actually told my son to go in this box they had been playing with. When I came outside my son told me the kid had been recording and then asked him if he was going to put it on youtube. The kid said "no, I think actually I should delete it," and then pushed some buttons on his phone, which may or may not have actually deleted it.
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