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  1. Syllieann

    Math panic attack!

    I would put the younger kids in sm or mm. It doesn’t sound like math is a subject that you need to be intensively involved in for them to learn and be relatively content. Save your time and energy for other things where it is needed. It will be ok, really. They will still get a great math education and you will be less stressed. It might even mean you are more available for other fun things like field trips, art, or music.
  2. Syllieann

    First grade math question

    Try mep year 1b for an in between. Free too! Then move to cle 2.
  3. I would go for option 2, at least for the piano kids. The logistics of option 1 would have me longing to quit by the second week-unless of course you happen to live in a warm climate and the teacher is near a park or library or has a playroom in his home or you want to lock your kids in the car with screens for an extended period of time. I really don't think the one week between the video lesson and the in person lesson is going to cause technique damage, particularly since it sounds like you have some piano basics down yourself.
  4. Syllieann

    BFSU 2 supply question

    I’m pretty sure we used a glass jar with a metal lid. You just need to get a good seal. I want to say we used a glass jelly jar.
  5. Syllieann

    AAR users

    From AAL site: Q. Can I mix and match editions of the Level 1 Teacher's Manual, Student Packet, activity book, and readers? A. The two editions of Level 1 cannot be mixed and matched. Since so much new content was added to the Second Edition of Level 1, it would be very difficult to use part of it in conjunction with the First Edition of Level 1. For example, you can't use the First Edition of the Teacher's Manual with the Second Edition readers. Not offering the old version kind of bugs me, but they do allow you to copy for use within the same family. I generally use that option for things that have consumables that have to match the non consumables. I would look for a used copy.
  6. Syllieann

    Get it done, faster moving phonics curriculum?

    I think you should reconsider switching. AAR has small steps. For kids that fly through, the cards will be mastered quickly and the fluency sheets will be mastered on the first try. Stories will be read fluently after the first go-round. That results in doing one or more lessons per day. So it is not how fast the curriculum moves, but how fast the child moves that determines the pace of the curriculum. It sounds like this is not how reading is going for you’re daughter. Moving to a faster-paced option that doesn’t have the little steps to build fluency might be a good way to shoot yourself in the foot. Maybe I am misunderstanding though. Are you looking for a faster phonics program or a reading program that’s is based on sight words so that she can read grade level books sooner?
  7. Syllieann

    Switching from Singapore to ???

    I think it would be rash to switch. If this is her first standardized test, it probably doesn’t reflect her true ability on the computation. Rather, it is probably showing a combo of not being automatic in computation and not having well-developed test-taking skills. That section is designed to be all about speed. Iirc, it is not even included in the math total. It looks like she understands what is happening with the numbers, and imo that is more important than the comp speed. Anybody can use a calculator, but they have to know which numbers to put into the calculator. If she was more than one standard deviation below average, it might make sense to supplement or retest/investigate issues, but I don’t think that is warranted at this point.
  8. Syllieann

    Summer LA 2/3 Grade Behind

    You could have him do it in smaller pieces if it is a memory issue. If it is an issue of having the will/ability to focus on something that doesn’t fascinate him you could have him choose a short story he is interested in and narrate one paragraph at a time.
  9. Syllieann

    How do you add more review to Math Mammoth?

    You might also want to peek at the Evan moor daily math practice books. They seem to be more varied than the mm spiral, but are cheaper, easier to obtain, and perhaps less onerous-looking to a child than the simple solutions lessons.
  10. Syllieann

    Math for struggling dd

    Whether a child “likes” manipulatives is not necessarily indicative of whether the child would benefit from them. They slow things down if the objective is to write correct answers on all the blank lines in the workbook. Sometimes the objective must be explicitly changed for the child to accept them. Illustrating understanding by using physical demonstration becomes the objective. You should try some of the Ronit Bird or c-rod materials for building number sense. This could be at a separate time from the regular math lessons. She could use a reference chart for math facts in her daily work.
  11. Syllieann

    using Anki with more than one child

    I use a separate deck for each child, but everything is under the same profile. I make a new deck with whatever the new material is. Then I suspend it and copy it to each child’s deck. As they come to the material, I unsuspend it. So far, so good.
  12. Syllieann

    How Long for Meet the Masters

    It is free for the summer on hsbc right now. All the tracks are available. It should give you a good idea of Howe it works. You can even do it over the summer to find the groove for your family.
  13. We used mp insects this year and my son learned a ton. He knows way more about insects than most adults. It is set up nicely to have a do-at-home section and an explore-together section. Each chapter has reading and questions. That would be the part they do at home. Then there is a section of sketching and activities. That is the part you would do together. The workbook directs them to sketch and label a particular insect. Then they practice their recitation and do one other activity. Sometimes it has them go over flashcards of insects and determine which order each insect belongs in. The drawing and labeling would be great with a real live specimen instead of from a picture. You could have a short show and classify at the beginning of each class. Every kid could bring an insect and as a group they could classify them. I can’t compare to Jack’s because I haven’t used it. It may very well be even better, idk. A short response about not doing enough nature study with a science fanatic kiddo: I kept failing in this regard. We have very short daylight hours during winter, the cold is intense, and the younger siblings (especially when I had a potty-training toddler) just can’t trudge through snow or refrain from melting down if I spend too long focusing on the older child’s interest. OTOH, when the weather is nice the kids want to direct the outdoor activity. Going to do nature study gets trumped by outdoor child-led play. Enter MP science. We started with astronomy and despite its boring facade, my son ate it up, learned and RETAINED a ton, and was able to apply it on those rare evenings when we could see the stars through all the smog and light pollution. Then we had a similarly wonderful experience with insects. I give it two thumbs up and no longer feel guilty in the least.
  14. Syllieann

    How do you pronounce Apologia?

    I am Christian and have heard it pronounced the second way in a homily and a video talk. That’s why I assumed the company pronounced it that way prior to watching their promo. Maybe that is a latinized pronounciation though. eta: miriam-Webster and oxford online dictionaries have it the second way as well. Obviously those are English. Now I’m curious how they say it in the Greek Orthodox Church.
  15. Syllieann

    How do you pronounce Apologia?

    In my mind I said it the second way (as in a defense of something) until I clicked on one of their promo videos and heard it pronounced the first way. Their brand, their pronunciation. Reminds me a little of when britax (bry tax) officially changed their pronunciation to britax (Brit tax). My phonics was rebelling, but it’s their brand. I guess they can say it how they want.
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