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  1. DH's stepdad has long covid but refuses to admit it. He can't be on his feet more than half an hour and has blood clots all over his lungs. He presents it as just getting older, doctors aren't sure, etc. Dh's aunt died of pneumonia that was secondary to covid. A certain segment of the family says she died of pneumonia. Full stop. I think everyone knows someone who has had problems from it, but they might not know that they know someone with problems from it.
  2. Keep the windows shut and tell them the a/c isn't working. No need to mention that the reason it's not working is because it's turned off. Then set up chairs in a shady outdoor spot. It really sounds like they shouldn't be going in your house at all. I'm angry for you that you've been made to feel that you don't get to lay down the law wrt safety in your own home.
  3. I'm looking at the honors geometry, but any math or science input would be helpful. If I don't get the printed worksheets or quizzes, can I print them off myself all at once in a big file or would I need to go through and print them from each individual lesson? Does anyone know what book the geometry is based on? Thanks.
  4. The Pfizer dose that made it to phase 2/3 for the 5-11 years is the 10 micrograms. The vaccine dosage for moderna is higher, but I'm not sure that corresponds to more mrna strands because they use different ingredients to, um, encapsulate it, I guess you could say. It might be that there is more non-mrna material per microliter of moderna. Or it could be that there really is more mrna; I just don't think we can say that is definitely the case based solely on volume.
  5. The article mentions that and actually links to this study as the starting point for the new info they've gotten since covid started. Then it goes on and includes this 2021 https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamaotolaryngology/fullarticle/2775984 as support for pvi over some of the other options. It does cause some issues with TSH if using frequently without an off time, which is probably why they are suggesting dilute pvi.
  6. I think I'm just going to ask our ped if the 0.5% is ok. I'm pretty confident my kids can spit it all out, but things might be iffy with a 5 or 6 year old. Otherwise, we will probably do the listerine. I'm not going to do the nasal spray because I think they will resist and kids have very small sinuses compared to adults.
  7. Pvi is povidone iodine. It's in brand name Betadine. https://ph.betadine.global/en/ph/upper-respiratory-tract-infection-care/povidone-iodine-betadine-gargle-and-mouthwash
  8. I saw this interesting article on "gargling science" yesterday. Some of you may be interested in trying it or recommending it to others if we are looking at another school year without vaccines for under 12s. I'm going to try it for my 8 and 10 yos. https://www.medpagetoday.com/opinion/second-opinions/93731
  9. Not only the different vaccination patterns, but also the different overall rates of vaccination and masking practices. I seriously doubt we're coming down any time soon.
  10. The moderna might be doing better simply because it is spaced at 4 weeks instead of 3 like Pfizer. All the older people in my family got moderna. DS12 got Pfizer with a 9.5 week interval, which I'm thinking might be the best possible thing.
  11. My oldest started wearing the soft multi focal contacts at age 11. We use biofinity multifocal, which is the same design as misight, but in a monthly design. He took a few days to get used to the multi focal aspect, but after the first week had totally adapted. His peripheral vision isn't compromised at all, especially when compared to glasses. They are working exactly as we expected in terms of slowing progression. I don't know if the benefit will remain when he is 30, but I'm willing to take the chance that I spent extra money on something that won't last. I'd really like to keep him below the threshold at which he's nonfunctional without glasses...things like being able to tell if the person who just walked through the door in the middle of the night is a family member or an intruder, and I don't want him to need lasik in order to be at that functional level. My lasik was done at 22 yo, and corrected me to 20/15, which stayed that way for 15 years. Then I developed an astigmatism that took me to 20/40 and now I am stuck with glasses because fitting contacts on post-lasik eyes is complicated. I don't get along well with glasses because the weight bothers me, I swim a lot and participate in other sports, I enjoy my peripheral vision, and I like being able to see even if it's raining or I just opened the oven, dishwasher, or dryer. Most kids have slowed down their progression by the time they are driving, but any child who is still progressing can benefit. Personally, the ortho-k would only be on my radar for a competitive swimmer because it carries higher risks than the soft multi focals. I think the atropine is a good choice for kids too young for contacts. My 12 yo has no problem caring for contacts, but he is far more responsible than average. The myosmart lenses aren't available in the United States last I looked, but they are available in Canada. ETA: there is a lot of evidence behind sunlight preventing the onset of myopia, but it is much weaker for slowing down the progression once it has started.
  12. They are about 90% double vaccinated for ages 70+. As the vaccination rate increases you would expect them to become a higher percentage of the hospitalized cases because 85% effective is not 100% effective. We would need to know the ages of the people hospitalized to suss out how effective the vaccine is from those numbers, but I think the takeaway is that vaccination is helping prevent hospitalization in a significant way. One would expect it to be even more effective against icu hospitalization and death.
  13. Sports glasses are good for sports, but they are much bigger and heavier than I would want my kid to wear all day. The wider lens size on the sports glasses means they use a larger blank to cut the lens, which makes it much thicker. We used miraflex from 5-7, and now at 8 use tomato glasses. Nano-vista is a great, durable option too. Please, please, please make sure you don't get glasses that are too big. If you can't find a shop that carries either of those you can order online and have them filled at Wal-Mart or Sam's Club. I've ordered backups and sunglasses for myself and multiple kids through zenni and only had a good experience, but they don't offer aspheric lenses so we don't use those for the everyday glasses for the 8 yo. He also has a dedicated pair of sports glasses from Wal-Mart to use for sports. Any lenses you get should be polycarbonate. I would personally just get cheap, wear-over safety glasses for woodworking.
  14. The headline is bizarre. O n the actual page with the Business Insider article it says "...didn't die," but the link says "...didn't get very sick." I wonder if they changed it. Where are you seeing the bit about covaxin being 10 days before travel? I can't find that.
  15. There were 92 people in an open air tent, but there were two patient 0s who had traveled from India, so I would think they were staying at a relative's house, thus increasing risk of transmission. I agree that more details would help.
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