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  1. That has me anxious too. There is a big difference between a 12 yo and a 15 yo. I feel like they should have done 9-13 and 14-18 or something so that the division would be closer to average puberty.
  2. I had two doctor appointments last week and both did all the typical screening checks. The Hematology office asked if I had been vaccinated in the last week, which I found odd, but many of their patients receive chemo so it might be related to that. The other asked if I'd been vaccinated in the last two weeks. That one was a gyn so they may have it on their standard intake to inform mammogram decisions. Non-healthcare settings are all over the board. DD's dance studio is super strict, which I like. Otoh, my homeschool group went to a local place similar to Chuck e Disease's for a pri
  3. The idea of the adults not being sick and therefore it's unlikely the kid has covid crossed my mind. Now that most adults who want to be vaccinated have at least one shot down, I don't really have confidence in this anymore.
  4. @frogger I think it's really inconsiderate of people to douse themselves in perfume when going into public spaces like that, especially spaces where you are sitting in one place the whole time like church, movies, plays, etc. I don't have an allergic reaction to them but they give me migraines. I always avoid the early Sunday service (pre-covid) because of that.
  5. Re cultural shift: I was hoping so too. I was so mad this past week though. It was the first week back at full capacity where dh works. He was supposed to watch a co-worker from a different facility do a power point presentation in this conference room with a few other people. He had to skip lunch to be there in time, so he was understandably irritated when the presenter arrived an hour late. Her reason? Her kid was sick and she had to stay with him until her husband got there! Dh threw a fit and was basically told to deal with it because she already had covid. Like yeah, I'd love some
  6. My uncle thought his covid was allergies too. He even popped an allergy pill and went for a run. It probably was a cold or allergies that the kid had but with the prolific spreading of it, I didn't feel like I could take the chance.
  7. The masks are to keep our potential germs from infecting others. They are probably not super effective at protecting the wearer. The boy had his mask off. For masking to protect me, the other people need masks on them. And this is all to reduce chances, particularly in asymptomatic people. It's not like an on/off thing. Blowing your nose is a violent exhalation that's going to spew particles way beyond normal distance.
  8. I like to give to clean water initiatives for third world countries. Also to organizations that provide vaccinations and food for pregnant/nursing moms. The clean water thing is a big deal because it often falls on the shoulders of girls to find it and it's so time consuming that it interferes with education. The way those girls go, so the country goes. This is the charity I use. https://www.osfdbq.org/sister-water-project-main/
  9. I sure hope it will be addressed in a generic to everyone kind of way. Idk if he noticed because we were near the back. Someone might have told him afterward though, I hope.
  10. So we are lucky enough to have a church that follows all the spacing and masking protocols. Unfortunately, a family in the nearest "distanced" space from us had a kid who was clearly very sick. They came in late so I couldn't move before we started. He took his mask off to blow his nose, ran out of tissues, at which point I could literally see the shot dripping. He got up and left, then returned with a huge handful of more tissues and sat down to continue blowing his nose in church. I guess the parents thought this was okedokee. I got up and left. DH was embarrassed but could offer no be
  11. For people looking for bikes, I've had good luck with bikesdirect. I bought a high end tri bike from them years ago (before kids,lol) and went back to them again for a hybrid last summer because of the shortage. You need to put it together yourself and could possibly need to have the wheels trued, but overall still cheaper and a much shorter wait compared to going to the trek or schwinn store.
  12. They call it phase iv and monitor it for years after approval. It's also being sold during that time. I remember when they rolled out the hpv vaccine. They made it covered and recommended for the target group at highest risk first, then a few years later expanded the age range. After that data they expanded to males. That was essentially a decade from start to end.
  13. Yeah, honestly, I'm not going to feel good about vaccinating my 12 yo until we get to around a million doses given without any major issues. My 12 yo has such low exposure to contracting covid and low chance of passing it on due to extremely limited contact with unvaccinated adults and only outdoor exposure to other kids from relatively careful families. Combined with an extremely low rate of complications if he were to get covid, there's no way I'm charging ahead after the trials that only included a couple thousand. Even if the vaccine induces MIS-C at the same rate infection did, I don't
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