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  1. Syllieann

    Math Express out of print?

    Looks like exodus books has level 1. I am disappointed that they are discontinuing even though we are done with the speed math stuff. I still plan to use more of the problem solving books. I feel like all the books from Singapore math are in constant danger of being discontinued with no notice at all. It's kind of their MO.
  2. Syllieann

    What feedback would you give this essay?

    I think it's a great first try. The concluding sentences of the body paragraphs seem to have the most room for improvement. Have her forget the idea of a concluding sentence on these paragraphs. Just get rid of it. It's not adding anything. Instead, focus on the transitions. I like the way lively art of writing does paragraph hooks. In the opening sentence of the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs she can echo one of two words or ideas from the of the preceding paragraph. For example, the paragraph 3 first sentence might read: The beasts aren't the only elements of Greek mythology to appear in Harry Potter. The teacher, Alecto.... That's just an idea from improvement, but she is probably already meeting the 5th grade standard with this essay as it is.
  3. Syllieann

    Do I NEED AAR 3 & 4?

    I would skip it if you're doing a phonics based spelling.
  4. Syllieann

    Your opinion on teacher’s policy re: bathroom

    It's super disruptive to have the kids using class time for potty breaks right after lunch. Most kids should have no problem waiting the duration of the class if they went beforehand. If my child couldn't go an hour without pooping his pants after eating I would be teaching him ways to deal with that...maybe changing what he eats and when he eats it. If it is not possible to address it that way it would constitute a medical issue. A simple note should take care of it. I don't see any reason to divulge the nature of the medical issue. Just a note from a doctor saying that the child has medical reason to use the bathroom during that time. Furthermore, if it is an emergency I would instruct my child to go to the bathroom and accept the detention (or whatever) rather than actually crap his pants. I don't believe the teacher would attempt to physically restrain him. He may not go, but he CAN go.
  5. I think horizons would be a good choice between those two. However, I think CLE would be even better than horizons. The spiral is wider (which means more variety of problems per day and a longer time for something new to sink in) and the pages are less cluttered. My artsy/creative yet easily distracted dd has been doing very well with it. She doesn't love it, but she is learning the material without frustration, tears, or hours of coaxing with me at her side. She can complete the review section without me at her elbow. I just need to be in sight so that I can remind her to keep working if she slips off into a daydream. I also put cardboard in front of her work area to reduce visual distraction if she should look up.
  6. You’ve gotten some great ideas on how to get older kids to do more, which would allow you to do both. To me those subjects are both must-haves. My state requires both. Maybe yours doesn’t, but it might help to imagine how you would feel if you sent your kids to school and you were told that they could either provide reading instruction to the K or writing instruction to the 4th grader, but not both. Most parents would be aghast at that choice. Hopefully you are able to find a way to carve out the time to do both or recruit additional help that allows the kids to both receive instruction. If not, it might be time to consider school for a season-not necessarily forever and not necessarily for everyone. I hope you are able to work it all out in a way that meets everyone’s needs.
  7. Amazon has $5 off a $20 book purchase with code NOVBOOK18
  8. Tan homeschool has 40% off with code black18 We choos virtues has 25% off entire store with BFCM25 and 30% off homeschool kits with code BFCM30 Shiller has 20% off everything and free shipping on orders over $60 with code CYBER18
  9. Syllieann

    Phonics help

    You could try using the cursor technique as done in AAR and dancing bears. You only reveal one phonogram at a time, which forces him to sound it out instead of guess. Building the words with tiles may also help. He can slide each individual tile up as he says its sound. You could also have him spell the troublesome word aloud before attempting to read it again. That forces him to look at each letter. I do like the reading sheets with AAR though because they are prepared for me and we can color them, fold them, or chop them to bits as necessary. I always have my ds color the new phonogram when he begins a sheet. It seems to drastically reduce guessing. I do think you’re going to put in the time with either program, so aar may be worth it for you. All 3 of my kids have liked the activities with it, but in different ways: my oldest wanted to glue all the pieces together, my middle wanted to color them all in, and my youngest likes to “compete” against me (he gets a point for correct answers, and I get a point for incorrect answers.)
  10. They have a secular/charter version.
  11. I’m thinking it was 150 during the Kickstarter.
  12. If AAR has more practice and smaller bites than you need, then you may want to go with something else to save money. I don’t think it will change the amount of time spent learning to read though. If you do a lesson per day in AAR then you are done in about 1.5 school years. A kid who can do one lesson per day in aar will probably be fine doing one of the other programs over the same course of time. If your daughter takes a week for each lesson in aar, don’t think that switching to something else will make it go faster. That is just the amount of time she needs. There are four levels in the whole program, but she will be able to read beginning readers after level 2 and most children’s books after level 3. Level 4 includes things that are often not covered at all in other programs. Things like Latin and Greek roots or influences from other languages (aar4) would just be treated on an individual basis as they come up in reading if you were “done” with a simpler reading program. My dd, for example, could read Boxcar Children and Ramona books before finishing level 3. Most people would consider that to be a fluent reader despite having more to learn. I think you just need to adjust your outlook a bit. Learning to read isn’t so black and white. I would personally be inclined to simply continue with something that is working and she likes unless the cost is burdensome.
  13. Syllieann

    Jewelry from failed marriage

    My mom reset her ring from my bio dad into a necklace for me. I wear it frequently. It is really the only thing I have from him. He died just a few weeks after my daughter was born, and the necklace will be hers when she turns 18. I do think putting it in an engagement ring is a bit iffy for your son; save it for something else or a granddaughter.
  14. Syllieann

    Do you answer your door to strangers?

    I go to the door and look out. I want it known that someone is home because, as someone else said, thieves will often knock to see if anyone is home before breaking in. If I don’t know the person I just yell that I’m not interested without opening the door. I figure if it is an emergency they can shout through a locked door for me to call help for them. I usually will open it for a kid who looks to be selling something, but I have good visibility and can see that there is no adult waiting to force the door open when I unlock it.
  15. I was thinking of doing Lively art of Writing as a big picture overview of essays. Where would you put this in the wws sequence? Some ideas I had: 1. Do it concurrently with WWS1, alternating days, and then continue with WWS2 2. Between WWS1 and WWS2 3. Concurrently with WWS2, alternating days 4. Match up the sections and do them as the topics appear in WWS Is one of these better than the others? Other ideas?
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