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  1. Syllieann

    using Anki with more than one child

    I use a separate deck for each child, but everything is under the same profile. I make a new deck with whatever the new material is. Then I suspend it and copy it to each child’s deck. As they come to the material, I unsuspend it. So far, so good.
  2. Syllieann

    How Long for Meet the Masters

    It is free for the summer on hsbc right now. All the tracks are available. It should give you a good idea of Howe it works. You can even do it over the summer to find the groove for your family.
  3. We used mp insects this year and my son learned a ton. He knows way more about insects than most adults. It is set up nicely to have a do-at-home section and an explore-together section. Each chapter has reading and questions. That would be the part they do at home. Then there is a section of sketching and activities. That is the part you would do together. The workbook directs them to sketch and label a particular insect. Then they practice their recitation and do one other activity. Sometimes it has them go over flashcards of insects and determine which order each insect belongs in. The drawing and labeling would be great with a real live specimen instead of from a picture. You could have a short show and classify at the beginning of each class. Every kid could bring an insect and as a group they could classify them. I can’t compare to Jack’s because I haven’t used it. It may very well be even better, idk. A short response about not doing enough nature study with a science fanatic kiddo: I kept failing in this regard. We have very short daylight hours during winter, the cold is intense, and the younger siblings (especially when I had a potty-training toddler) just can’t trudge through snow or refrain from melting down if I spend too long focusing on the older child’s interest. OTOH, when the weather is nice the kids want to direct the outdoor activity. Going to do nature study gets trumped by outdoor child-led play. Enter MP science. We started with astronomy and despite its boring facade, my son ate it up, learned and RETAINED a ton, and was able to apply it on those rare evenings when we could see the stars through all the smog and light pollution. Then we had a similarly wonderful experience with insects. I give it two thumbs up and no longer feel guilty in the least.
  4. Syllieann

    How do you pronounce Apologia?

    I am Christian and have heard it pronounced the second way in a homily and a video talk. That’s why I assumed the company pronounced it that way prior to watching their promo. Maybe that is a latinized pronounciation though. eta: miriam-Webster and oxford online dictionaries have it the second way as well. Obviously those are English. Now I’m curious how they say it in the Greek Orthodox Church.
  5. Syllieann

    How do you pronounce Apologia?

    In my mind I said it the second way (as in a defense of something) until I clicked on one of their promo videos and heard it pronounced the first way. Their brand, their pronunciation. Reminds me a little of when britax (bry tax) officially changed their pronunciation to britax (Brit tax). My phonics was rebelling, but it’s their brand. I guess they can say it how they want.
  6. Syllieann

    How do you add more review to Math Mammoth?

    There are a couple things you can do before jumping ship. First of all, work out of two chapters at a time. So maybe you are doing a page from a chapter on multi digit subtraction with regrouping and then you are doing a page from something like geometry, money, or measurement. Also, there are cumulative reviews in a separate folder from your download. You might do the cumulative review for chapters 1-3 when you are about midway through chapter 4. I actually print all the cumulative reviews out at the beginning of the year and stick them in with the other pages so that they show up a few weeks after the last chapter in the review. They are editable too, so it is kind of fun to put their names into story problems and get a little ridiculous just to keep things interesting. If the above changes are still insufficient for review/spiral, you can try the new spiral review workbooks. I haven’t used these, but it seems that it would be adding about 1/2 page per day to whatever they are normally doing in order to still finish a grade level in a school year. Don’t be afraid to switch though if you think it is best. I couldn’t get math mammoth spiral enough for my dd without an insane amount of effort. I switched her to CLE and added fan math for the problem solving and mental math aspect that was included with math mammoth. The problem solving in Fan math is even a bit more explicit than what is in math mammoth so I don’t think it was a step down at all. There may be some backing up, but CLE has only 170 lessons per grade if you do all the units. If you maintain light math through the summer you can skip the first light unit of subsequent grades since it is review of the previous grade. That drops you to 153 lessons. I also found that CLE had more review than we needed so we skip the quizzes and only do the light unit tests. That drops 18 more days. We are really much happier with our cle/fan math combo than we were when I was hacking math mammoth to bits and reassembling it to make it spiral.
  7. Syllieann

    Horizons or CLE

    We’ve been eally happy with cle math 2 this year. We bounced around with many different things prior to this, but my sweet dd finally has a math home that we can stick with for awhile. Aside from the other obvious differences, what stood out to me between the two programs is that cle has just one or two problems of many, many concepts in each lesson. Horizons has more problems from fewer concepts in each lesson. I know they are both spiral, but in my view cle is more spiral. I do add fan math problem solving and fan speed math. I will continue with the problem solving series, but in looking over level 3 of cle I am unsure if I will continue the FAN speed math (mental math supplement). I think the mental math in cle will probably provide enough explicit instruction for her. We use reflex math instead of the cle speed drills and flash cards. From reading other user reviews it sounds like horizons might be a little better on the problem solving and mental math than cle, but we didn’t end up going that way and the samples were insufficient for me to verify that.
  8. I just buy what I need when I need it, but I do try to be responsible with the funds. I figure on about $600 a year. If I felt I needed something that would put us way over that, DH and I would talk about it. We don’t keep a designated home school fund or car fund or college fund or anything else fund. We just keep savings accounts. We may use them for the next car purchase or we may use them for a new roof or whatever big ticket item that can’t be covered by regular income. Dh gets a large bonus in some years so the savings goes way up. Other years he might get no bonus.
  9. Syllieann

    CLE higher level math

    There was a thread on this recently. Scroll toward the end and there is an email copied from the company about future plans for algebra 2.
  10. Syllieann

    Math Facts

    I agree that it’s important that they become automatic. I think maybe the reason he likes the paper and pencil approach is because it provides some additional sensory input. The child actually has to form the shape of the number. Maybe that helps them remember, but it also slows down the number of facts that can be solved in one minute, especially if we’re talking about a young child who isn’t automatic in writing numerals. The number of times the child must recall information is really important in getting it into long term memory, so idk that I can agree or disagree with him on touchscreen vs. pencil. It will probably depend on the kid.
  11. Syllieann

    Looking for "around the world" year long study for my 4 year old

    Mater Amabilis k level has geography using children just like me and a bunch of picture books. There is a weekly plan available. This portion of the program uses only secular books.
  12. The grammar and composition builds gradually over the year. I don’t recommend a mix and match approach if you are using it as a full language arts program. The literary portion could probably be treated more as a buffet if you are using it with EIW. Things get revisited frequently and spiral across the grade levels. It seems like a lot of money to spend if you’re just using the literature portion. I’d say around 15% at 8-10 and 20% at the 9-11 is the literature portion that you want. The rest is comp, grammar, and vocabulary.
  13. Syllieann

    Quick Math Problem Help Needed :) :)

    You could try having her make a factor tree and using it to find triplets.
  14. Syllieann

    Phonics vs Whole Language vs ...

    I also believe firmly in phonics, though I acknowledge that there are a very small minority of children who might be better off with “balanced” literacy or whole language for some reason. I don’t ban books, but I do try to limit occasions in which a child who isn’t learning to read might be tempted to guess. This might mean I read the words that the child doesn’t yet have the skill for. It might mean I check out books that are within the child’s grasp without me. I would not have told my daughter in that situation that she was reading or let her believe she was. I agree with that mom that it is a mistake. I understand, though, why you didn’t want to dampen her enthusiasm. Maybe, “some people define reading as decoding the words on the page” and others like to think of it as telling a story while showing pictures. I like to think of it as decoding the words that are written on the page” would have been better. I think the reason the other mom came back so harshly at you is because she felt you basically called her kid a liar when she felt that he was absolutely telling the truth.
  15. I agree, but I never suggested that it was a good choice. I was specifically responding to the quote which stated that it was definitely groping. I feel like you purposefully took my statement out of context.
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