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    Hugs. I just got over a week of sinus infection, so I feel your misery-this stuff is happening too soon! Sending warm thoughts: lavender mist, warm rice bag and fuzzy socks! Hope you feel better soon.
  2. This, yes, I thought of after I posted my question. I appreciate everyone's feedback. Tension in the home? My daughter has told me some details of manipulation, so this is where I get this idea...both understand boundaries, I am just not sure how strong future groom is to holding to these. I guess this can be a good test if the situation arises.
  3. Sorry to hear, as I have been there before at about the same age as you. I really wonder if it has to do with the peri-menopause timing, because it seemed like all of a sudden a lot of things were starting to change in my body and I just bent over one day to pick up a stick, and my back went out. Yes, very painful! I would say yes to all of the above. I tried a chiro. He told me to do stretches before getting out of bed, especially with the legs. All I can say is that this did not help one bit. Finally one morning I told myself that I was not going to do the stretches any more. Good move because from then on...I felt so much better. I just honestly think the stretching was too soon after the injury. Another time, my back was out and I had to drive with 2 children across the state by myself. It wasn't going to happen, that would have been too painful. I went to my first acupuncture appointment and walked out of there pain free. That taught me to believe in acupuncture for sure! If you go this route, discuss it first with the acupuncturist to see if he feels it can be treated. I did have back problems on and off for a few years, so I always learned to take a cushion to sit on bleachers, etc. I don't know exactly how long that lasted, but I can tell you now that I am in menopause, I have not had any issues. (Knocking on wood!)
  4. Sometimes I enlarge the screen so I can see the writing more easily. I use the touchpad for this with 2 fingers. I have found that when I go to other screens, then come back to this one, the type is still enlarged. Are you sure that it didn't get 'shrunk' by accident (and it stays this way like mine did)? So all you need to do is to resize the type. That happens to me once in awhile when I am working fast and 2 fingers slide across the touchpad at the same time...just a thought.
  5. How about Jafra? They use the morning/evening routines...
  6. So you are in a transition stage, as I like to think of it as. It's very normal to wonder what you should be doing, if anything (even though you still have 2 kiddos to look after. After staying home for 20 years raising my family and homeschooling, I was suddenly finished with the homeschooling. Although I still had 1 in high school, I thought I would have time to do special things with my mom, but then she had a stroke and passed away. So, for me it was grieving several losses (but not really realizing it), and wondering what I was to do with my life at that point. Within 7 months, I started tutoring 2 students. I probably should have taken more time for myself first, but I do think this helped with the healing process. (I am good at procrastinating and should have been purging homeschool things, but didn't.) Within a year after that, I got the opportunity to go back to teaching part time and took it (was in my early 50's). However, I was scared to death! 20 years out of the public school system and things had changed! Kids had changed! I didn't know if I would be able to connect with them again, discipline, or if I still even 'had it'! I just took 1 day at a time and it worked for me. Prayers helped😉! Anyway, you could always volunteer. That is easy, because you can set your own hours. Or you could help with a co-op if your kids are involved, or offer tutoring or classes in your home...(then you wouldn't feel like you were missing out...)That way you would give yourself time to see if you want to be committed to something at this point, and it wouldn't have to be a long commitment. I think it is normal to feel restless. After all, when the kids were younger, we were always on the go because there was so much to do. Or take time to do things you used to like doing but couldn't while raising your youngsters. Maybe take a class for yourself. It can be a fun class, exercise, book club...Just remember this is a transition and it's ok to take time for yourself. Just breathe...
  7. If you go dry, see if he will eat it with the chicken broth or water mixed in. That gets more liquid in to him. I know the issue about water bowls. When I brought home an old fashioned crock, both the cat and dog loved to drink out of that. They wouldn't touch 1 of the water bowls we had. It was plastic, and something about it they wouldn't touch (even though we had another type of plastic that was just fine for them...) Animals know!
  8. I wonder if you try this to add to the flavor of any food the cat should be eating: I bought it for my cat, but he was too far gone by the time we found it and ordered it. I think he had other issues as well and was elderly. So now I am using it for my dog and he is doing well. Don't know if it is directly related to the product or his kidney diet, but thought I would suggest it anyway. I buy it directly from the company, I didn't know Amazon sold it as well. They say for kidneys, it is important to get fluids into them to keep flushing the system, so this medicine makes them thirsty, I believe. Maybe add a little cat food to water so he can drink flavored water? Just an idea for now anyway. That's a tough one for cats, they need to be on low protein, low potassium diet and cats love fish, chicken... Perhaps google natural alternatives for food, some you can make yourself. How is his thyroid? One day my cat loved eating my seaweed snacks. I wondered if there was something in it he needed...iodine? Also, any abscess in his teeth? I know it isn't easy to check a cat...I think I read where bad teeth can effect dogs and we see it as kidney disease. Hope you find something, sorry to hear as this is not easy, especially with cats!
  9. I'm glad to see some good updates! I had wanted to volunteer at VBS, but got busy that week cleaning out homeschool stuff. Darn, now I remember why I wanted to volunteer, to meet other people, so will have to do it next year! Well, I did get my old homeschool stuff together for a curriculum sale and went to that 1 day. I did sit next to a lady and we struck up friendly , genuine conversation. And it did feel good to bless others with my things, even when I gave some away because I really had to let go. I even had extra grocery sacks for people who looked like they were struggling because they forgot their bags. You would have thought I gave them the moon, they were so thankful! All good ways to meet people... And, I was able to catch up with people I had known in my circle from years ago, so that was good to see them at the sale as well!
  10. When I was 55 (just a few years ago), what caught me by surprise was when a 12 yr. old student was talking about his grandmother, and then he asked, "You're a grandma, right?" ....caught me off, no! I still had a one kid in high school and one in college. I know those I graduated with had grandkids, and I could have by then, but no...I wasn't ready for that! Then in the same week, I grabbed a quick easy to peel tangelo during break. I quickly wiped my hands before my students came back in and when I was working with one of them, the little sweetie said, "You smell just like my grandma!" Oh, what a rotten week! I must have been looking especially old or something! No more oranges for me during break time! Ha!
  11. Hmmm, interesting on the for-profit co-ops...looks like that could be an opportunity for side jobs for those of us whose children are now grown! After all, we are from the generation who actually did the hard work of comparing, choosing and teaching curriculum/subjects to our kids! The thing that gets me about these new homeschoolers is that many (not all) expect to get their materials for free or low cost. Ahem, we looked for good deals, but you have to expect to shell out some money. Also, we would like to recover some of our expenses... Regarding the summer meal programs. I would cringe too, when it was offered at our summer reading program for 2 reasons: 1. The food served-processed cheese, white bread...was something we didn't eat in our house. But it was difficult to explain that one to a hungry 5 year old at the time! 2. I did not like to promote waste. If the government is so good as to feed the kids, then I felt the proportions should have matched the size/appetite of the child. My 5 year old couldn't eat a whole sandwich and a whole apple, etc. in 1 sitting. Therefore, throwing the food away and being wasteful was taught, as the food was not to be taken off the premises. Maybe changes have been made to cut the apples in 1/2? idk, but back then it wasn't.
  12. Yes, my daughter got that call last week, scam I told her.
  13. Yes, this can be a challenging time. It's good that you will be making a visit. Even better knowing they are not currently on any meds yet. My mom had started out by forgetting to pay bills. I too, had lived out of town, and when I went to visit, found out about the stack of bills. So look for odd behaviors when you are with them, things that they normally would not have done in the past. My mom got a phone call from a solicitor while I was there and she talked on and on like it was a friend, and couldn't say no. When I got on the phone and told the person never to call back, my mom gave the weirdest answer to me..."Gee, you are so smart." So, in hindsight, it was things like that that struck me as odd, but I didn't know the extent until we got her to the Dr. and had her diagnosed with mild dementia. (put their phone number on the do not call list and check their mail for charity solicitors, grrr...don't get me started on that one for the elderly!) Anyway, eventually we had her put on memory meds, I think it was this one: Rivastigmine (exelon). It was expensive, but worth it in my view. Also, when we moved her out of Florida and had another dr., right away, he gave her a megadose of vitamin D, one that lasted 3 months I believe it was. Who would have thought she needed that with living in Florida. We worried about her having to get along without my dad by that time, in assisted living, as he was a devoted caretaker. But I believe the vita D helped. She was more cognizant, her writing was no longer shaky and she was very capable of being on her own there. The handwriting was what floored me and was good proof that something helped. (She had always had beautiful handwriting). She was on thyroid meds and a statin, but I didn't know at the time those other meds could interfere. So not to say your parents need memory meds, but good info to have if needed. Do you facetime/skype with them? That could give you peace of mind once you are back home, to be able to check on them more that way...
  14. I've learned the hard way as well to be suspicious of those that answer an ad within minutes or soon thereafter. It's like they are just out to be obnoxious with sellers, without any intention of really buying. Sorry it went so poorly for you. Yes, you have to watch yourself with almost anyone who responds and always know the sale may not go through, even though it sounds like it might. I once had a guy answer an ad quickly for homeschool materials I was selling. It just sounded fishy. Sometimes I get a conversation going, just to check if the person really knows what he is looking for. I could just tell he wasn't a parent teacher...that was the end of the conversation. Not enough to do in their lives I guess. Give it time, it'll sell.
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