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  1. Yes, this is true. But when you have to be one step ahead of the ball game gets exasperating and exhausting. So, we vent, and I am glad we have WTM here to find others that share the same circumstances. (And I am not even talking about when we have children to tend to, oy!)😉
  2. Oh yes, you get this! Same conversations here, it is very annoying! And the eating...! Eating with his family eat. My family likes the social aspect of it, as well as presentation. That is so difficult! This is so true. When I call him out on something, he says, 'Sure, no big deal'. Yes, it is a big deal, especially after decades of this! Ugh! You mentioned the passive aggressive, yep, that and other things I have noticed. The sad thing is, mine won't take any responsibility for any of it. I am glad you are and you are trying to do something about yourself. (Mine does the self blame thing, poor me, being blamed again. Well, I don't blame anymore, he does it and I just ignore!) Too bad he won't get help, it must be difficult living with past baggage. But please share how we can deal with this, or make suggestions in a loving way to our spouse...books to read or links you may find helpful? BTW, what does OP mean again? It's just not coming to me! This thread has been very helpful, who knew that others were seeing the same things! 🤗
  3. Garga, so many similarities, they could be twins! Racing to get to church...check. (It seems he goes faster when these places might make him nervous, especially new places that were my idea.) Talking about other things besides the service...check. Doing the dishes (and quickly)...check. His help in the kitchen has always been helpful, but when we had relatives over recently, and us women were in the kitchen as well, I definitely sensed their frustration. That's too bad for us, because it pushes people away and he doesn't understand that. I've been mad about our walks in the past, especially because the kids can see that we don't walk together like other couples and they have called him out on it to walk slower. It doesn't help. Now I've realized that I've always had a friend to walk with me, God. So I've changed my attitude and am thankful to be spending time with Him 😉.
  4. Thank you Garga and lulalu for validating my situation and feelings as well! Although my dh would never believe he would need a diagnosis in anything he does/doesn't do, this sounds so like my situation as well. I like to do things in my own time...he has to get it done NOW! Maybe this could be the reason. (But I do hate it when we go on walks or hikes and he can't walk with me...yep, he is always the first one there!) One time he actually told me he couldn't drive any slower...ummm, that's what the brakes are for or remove your foot from the gas pedal! It's so frustrating! Yes, you have a right to be angry. And yes, if there is a lot going on in your life right now, you have a right to be emotional! I am learning too (often too late) to check over things my dh has done. Maybe this will help me to remember to do that...!
  5. Thanks, I will have to try it. Looks like a fun class project!
  6. That is how her thinking is, one day it's there, the next day it isn't. We have done multiplication and have worked to memorize very basic facts and she can do several 'count by's' to help her. But we went back to addition facts to work at the conceptual level since she was still adding on her fingers. Yes, I will definitely review what X also means!
  7. That's why I like Math-U-See, when the child understands because of using the manipulatives, he can move on. He does not have to do every worksheet. Also see: The kids he works with love to play with the blocks and seem to understand so well what the algorithms mean. I've never taken his courses, but I enjoy some of his method. (sometimes he moves even too fast for me and seems a little impatient!) I tutor a student using one of the common core math books (not sure if I should say which one). It's a 3rd grade text, but I am surprised at looking at the beginning, midyear and end of year tests (which test the same material on each). They read like what we used to teach in first and 2nd grade-the skills are very low, egad! Really? They have to test addition by saying: There were 39 girls and 42 boys in school. How many boys and girls were in school? Just give them the equation will ya? Then test story problems separately in the test. This is such an unfair advantage to kids who struggle with reading and doesn't test their true ability to do the math, in my opinion. 20 problems should not take 4 pages to be printed on folks!
  8. I tutor a 10 year old who most likely has dyscalculia. Today I found out she thought + and = were the same thing...wait, what?! I drew them on the the board after discussing the meaning. I asked her how these 2 symbols are alike. "They have 2 lines..." was her reply. Yes, but... (good time to reinforce horizontal and vertical lines, which she just learned.) She can add, just can't memorize facts well. But ok, we will review this sure make up their own rules sometimes!
  9. How exciting! OK, what is this new way of sprouting seeds using a milk jug? Please share a link! I like how you use the blocks to keep them warm as well. We still have 2 feet of snow on the ground, but it did get up to 55 today and I am thinking that I should be sprouting something. Your jugs are complete? Or did you cut them someplace? Also thinking of killing some grass that doesn't grow well to clear an area for a raised garden bed. I wonder if this is too late, like maybe I should have done this last fall? Please share if you have any experience!
  10. Definitely check on the 504 plan. Also, check the college's homepage. They often have programs for high school and younger crowds, including summer courses and things of that nature. It always looks fun to me! I wonder if something like this could work for you, at least for a subject or 2: We did the 'at your own pace' class, but maybe she could join an online course? Or the program through your local school district, if you did decide to homeschool her, then it would be free. We used to use it on our own (so we only did a class or 2 and paid for it ourselves). It was challenging and especially worked for those who were self driven. Yes, and check out a youth symphony if possible, or maybe even something at the college. How lucky you are to have that so close! I also like the above suggestions to help with leadership opportunities, through volunteering, etc. Hugs!
  11. Thanks, PeterPan for letting me know. Frustrating for sure, especially if she has just made a move (so hard to find anything because things aren't in their usual places anymore!). And if co-morbid issues are involved, yikes! I'm glad she has gone through at least level 9, not everyone goes that far! I hope she can take some time out for herself, sounds like a stressful time! I'm going to delete my thread as it sounds like she has done all I suggested and is truly needing some time for herself! Hugs!
  12. Please see the plethora of information and videos by Susan Barton at: Especially see the tabs at the top for free videos and "What is Dyslexia" tab.
  13. I'm away for a few more days, otherwise, I would check my books for you. If it doesn't say at the beginning of the books, each lesson tells you what new ones you need for each lesson. I know this would take longer, but it is one way...! Or check the Barton site, maybe that tells you when purchasing, which tiles are included?
  14. Good to know, thanks! I have granite counter tops and although I would love to get rid of my heavy plates, this is the exact kind of info I need to know before buying Corelle, which was what I was thinking of doing! Sigh...
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