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  1. Meijer Gardens were awesome. We went when the kids were younger, and we had just finished a unit on Da Vinci, and had read Leonardo's Horse by Jean Fritz. Then we saw the sculpture, The American Horse, inspired by Da Vinci, at the gardens. That was great timing and seemed magical to the kids. Good book if you haven't read it. And yes, if you haven't done sand dunes, you have to do that! So much to see along the coast, you will wish you had more time! If you like shopping in small shops, Saugatuck is a great little kind of artsy town. We went there a few years ago. Holland was not l
  2. Timely topic. I have been swimming at a small local college (open for community) for the past 2 months and noticed that I am in the minority when it comes to swim caps. Most students and adults wear caps most times, and I concluded it must be because of hair coloring being so popular. So I tried the swim cap (hair not colored, but protecting it) and I must not be doing something right because my hair was wet afterwards. So, I take it a cap doesn't fully protect? That is why we need to hydrate hair first? Still not sure how this protects hair coloring...
  3. That is unheard of. What kind of organization is this, just a community pool or? Like if it were community education, you would have people to complain to. I would definitely be looking for the next step of who to complain to. I probably would have been too distressed too, watching this to even think of recording it on my phone. I wonder if anyone else did? The only reason I would take my child back to that class was to have my phone ready to gain further evidence of wrongdoing, otherwise, it would be wise to stay away. The first step in teaching children how to swim is to gain the
  4. Especially not during lessons! Never heard of that. As an instructor, that would have driven me crazy, especially the loud music. Some kids have a real hesitancy with water and loud music really wouldn't help!
  5. As a former lifeguard, I would think the loud music would be a safety hazard. If someone in the pool were calling for help, they would not be heard maybe even by someone who was close. I have never been to a pool with loud music. When you talk to the manager, mention this. In the future, if someone drowns, this could add to the paper trail of inadequate safety measures. The young workers probably keep it loud to deter parents from bringing their kids, so they have less to watch.😉 If the manager doesn't do anything, maybe time to visit social media with a candid review...
  6. I am looking for recommendations on OTC teeth whitening products. I found older posts, but wonder if formulas have changed over the years, what others are finding to be successful. I have never used any, but with special events coming up, feel maybe I should take the plunge. Sometimes I have seen some teeth that are stark white. I do not want that, just a gradual. I see some directions say to leave on for 30 minutes. Will this make a drastic change, or it happens over several days with reapplication? Anything else to know when using the products?
  7. Yes, Crewton's Facebook has gotten too heavily involved in politics since the pandemic, unfortunately. He is very good with conceptual math and has a ton of videos on youtube. Mortensen Math is based on Montessori, or at least the idea is (then Math-U-See was developed out of Mortensen). Take a look at: https://www.facebook.com/annasmathpage/ Anna does Mortensen and is very good with her explanations (and stays out of politics!)
  8. We had a guy from our church, married with a beautiful family. Now when I look back, he was rather flamboyant. I used to babysit his kids and he was the one who decorated the house for Christmas in full detail and loved to show it off. He was also great in our parish plays, total goof, great voice, full of energy. I knew of him when I was a teen, but it wasn't until I was in college that I found out he divorced and came out as gay. Before then, no one really knew because that sort of thing no one talked about. We ran into him once at an art fair. He was with 2 women. I felt sad for his famil
  9. I will have to look it up, I never heard of it before... Tinnitus and stress...hmmm, interesting. Actually, I started back to my swimming workouts just before I even got my first vax (going to a small college pool without a lot of people from the public and watching the college covid numbers.) Swimming helps with stress for me and it felt so good to get back to it, so I am thinking I was not that stressed, especially by the time I got my 2nd shot. It was just noticeably louder. I have been outdoors more because the weather has been warm and I have worked in the garden a lot, so stress
  10. I have had tinnitus for years. It has been there, and I mostly hear it when I am alone and it is quiet. Sometime after my 2nd Moderna, it was much louder, to the point I was hearing it even when the TV was on. I had not initially made the connection to the vax, but seeing the conversation here has helped me connect the dots. Anyway, my sinuses were acting up this week, possibly on the way to an infection. I had been slacking off my supplements, like only taking vita D every other day and not much else. So I did a hot soak in the tub with Epsom salts, and took a NAC capsule (which I have
  11. Interesting about the white spots. Yes, I wish my kids would have worn them when very young, but couldn't keep them on them. Blue eyes... The sunglasses you wear indoors, are they dark like regular ones, or the lighter shade?
  12. Yes, I have seen that, especially when some are super bright. Or when it is dark outside, then inside seems super bright. Today, the room has walls that are partially a pea-green/yellowish color. And I just sit there and ask myself, why?! I was so glad when the meeting ended, but it was nearing a migraine by the time I got home. Aleve and rest have helped, but there went my day. Good to know, I have known a few who have tried the Irlen lenses. I have noticed that at times, will keep an eye on how often that happens. And how do you know which ones, do you call
  13. I attended a meeting that was held at a church, the first meeting in a year since covid. It was only an hour, but as it went on, I remembered how some places with fluorescent lights just kill my eyes. I am home with a headache now and feel crappy (I was tired today, maybe the lights exasperated my tiredness?) I have been wanting to go back to church (this was not one that we attend), but the idea of dealing with these kinds of lights make me hesitant. Not during the sermons, but for the social gatherings. I feel like a ninny if I have to explain myself for needing to duck out of social ga
  14. What does it mean when an older, say 85 year old suddenly starts hearing music? My mom was like that and it drove her nuts. She kept asking where the music was coming from and could it be turned off. Christmas music I think it was. I don't hear music, but have constant thoughts /ideas in my head.
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