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  1. So sorry to hear this, Hornblower. But man, you are strong! To be struggling with this and going on with your schooling? Good for you! Take the time now to cry and breath. Then get out and walk with that sweet dog of yours and love on her. You got this, praying for you!
  2. WendyandMilo, I wish I knew how to plan like you do! I have a friend who has done something similar that you are doing, in another country. I would be too stressed out trying to make everything work like you are doing, good for you, it sounds like a great trip! I agree, there will be so much to see, don't try to do too much. I think amusement parks and zoos can be seen anywhere, enjoy the historical aspects of the area!
  3. I'm all ears here as my daughter is getting married in June. I tried to pursued her to do a small inexpensive/ less stressful wedding, but unfortunately, she has the social media bug and everything has to be facebook pretty. Ugh! She works for a church, but I couldn't talk her in to doing a small wedding there, where they could have made a nice donation. She is going for the venue. Cutting corners where she can, and I can say she found a new, inexpensive dress, but I never would have paid as much as she did for the setting. It could have been the cost of a nice honeymoon! Luckily, your daughter would like a small wedding. Maybe she won't go for a venue type place either. Right there, you can save a bundle! My daughter does not have a wedding planner as of yet (or if she will do that at all?) but finding how to do everything herself online. We do not live close, and she is not looking for me for help. Luckily, because I just don't have it in me. (Financially, they will struggle in their marriage, I feel. We wanted them to wait a year or 2.) So with choices she is making, it makes me sad. We gave her money, but were conservative, but she thought it was great. I guess there are places out there where you can rent decorations to keep costs down. I've found some nice decorations on craigslist recently. Try that or facebook sales. And so many ideas can be very simple. Donuts as suggested above sounds like a great idea! Or mini pies, cupcakes...Some friends of ours got married at the beach, even though they could have afforded a huge venue. They had a beautiful wedding that probably cost less than $5000. Best wishes, I will stay tuned...
  4. I feel for your daughter, grrr, I would be mad, too! I mean, isn't that why they came up with Common Core, to get away from the 'busy work'?! Yes, go to the teacher and discuss the problem with spelling. Can she do talk to text? I mean, not into the crossword itself, but just do all the 'down' questions, numbered and answered. Then do all the 'across' questions, numbered and answered. Who cares if it is in the correct format on the puzzle itself, just so she is doing the work and showing she knows it. Also, then her spelling would be better, right? Then print it out. (kind of a variation of what maize said above). Or as you said, she dictates, and you fill it in, teaching her as you go along how the puzzle works. Then sign it if needed that she dictated it to you. Better yet, use your cell phone to take a video of you 2 working together to prove she knows the material, she just can't spell it. (Hmmm, there must be a good biography out there to lend to the teacher to read that shows she isn't the only bright one in the world who can't spell, but uses accommodations?!) If the teacher would not accept an accommodation, then discuss it with the principal. Why not a 504 for spelling? Yes, time to revisit the IEP if a 504 is not given, after all, as you know, the parent does have a say.
  5. I appreciate this question because as I approach 60, I am noticing sagging, ugh! I am not overweight and have stayed in shape from lap swimming all these years (1.5 miles at a time is not difficult for me). I would like to be more toned in the mid section, so I appreciate the ideas on this thread. But something that came at quite a shock to me just recently is noticing that when I bend over, let's say to put socks on, that the skin on my arms are beginning to sag/move when I bend forward. My arms are rather thin otherwise, so I was not expecting this! Is this normal? ( I wish my jawline could be more toned, but it may be genetics. ) I have recently gotten back into a yoga routine and I wonder if lifting weights or other type of resistant exercises can help my arms? I have noticed other athletic women around my age who tend to be runners and very toned, but running is not for me, but I do wonder what their secret is?
  6. I used to live north of Seattle. My first winter there, the playground aides used umbrellas-when it snowed! I thought that was hilarious! Being from Michigan, I had never thought about using an umbrella for snow! My daughter went to college in Oregon. She would never be caught using an umbrella.😉 We live in eastern Washington now. It's so different, very dry. I am always using hand lotion and chapstick. I can feel the change as soon as we cross over the pass. And we get snow, sometimes lots of it-but I don't use an umbrella! Most of that list is so true! Thanks for sharing.
  7. Years ago I took an ASL from the community college, but I never had to set foot on campus. This was just before the internet age. I had to watch VHS lessons that taught the signs. Then I had to use a camcorder to video myself sentences that were written down. These were sent in the mail to the instructor who critiqued them and gave feedback. Now with the internet, I can imagine this would be so much more efficient. Perhaps you could check out online community colleges. I actually got 10 credits from 2 classes this way and learned a lot. I never had a group of people to help me keep in practice though. Maybe check out library programs, meetups, parks and rec classes if you haven't tried these already.
  8. I remember in my early 50's being noticed, which felt nice. Now that I am in my late 50's, I feel the same as Ordinary Shoes...I feel invisible and wonder what happened, or when did this happen exactly?! I am in a dilemma, I probably should update my looks, clothing style, etc. But I am not into fashion (I like casual, more outdoor styles), no leggings. I am not a make-up type person, but wear just enough. I swim in a pool, so to dye my hair may not work well due to the chlorine (I have some gray)... Recently, I got a compliment from a student that I looked nice that day. I should have been so grateful, but then I wondered, well, what do I usually look like, what doesn't make the grade?! Such a dilemma at this age! I have been told to smile more often as well when I was in my 20's. I tend to be a more reflective person, always checking the boxes in my mind about what needs to be done that day. Always thinking. Especially as a mother and always have to think about what is next to do...meals, materials needed, housework...! But I am trying now to remind myself to smile more. At this age, I am sure I will look nicer, even if I am in deep thought. Guess it makes others feel more comfortable...
  9. You might like to stay at an Airbnb (condo) in Kihea, Maui. The beaches are wonderful and there is plenty to do within walking distance if you want. Plenty of time to relax, read, snorkel, shop...then if you tire of the area, there are plenty of other nice places to drive to on the island (bus...) and each with it's own distinct micro-climate, so you get a feels safe to me (leave valuables at home when at the know, common sense type things). There are plenty of tourists if you want to strike up a conversation, if not, everyone seems to be doing their own thing to relax and enjoying the outdoors. And you do feel relaxed upon leaving island!
  10. The above would be an example of how someone who has been depressed would typically act. You were in a fog! If you didn't communicate thoughts and feelings well, do not blame yourself! Being depressed, ruminating and doing the 'woulda, shoulda, coulda' thing makes communicating your thoughts very difficult! To me, that means you may be feeling guilty for having those feelings over the years, when you should not have been feeling guilty. By some of your responses above to some of the hive who agree with him, you are going pretty easy on him, IMO. He is being imposed upon at this moment when he is purchasing the presents, but it should be a wake-up call to everything else that you have to do still. I hope he is asking you if there is anything else you need help with...that would tell you where his heart is! I am not trying to start a debate here with the hive, just stating another side to why you are crying. So many years of taking this should let it out! I am really curious as to what will happen next year, or will he 'forget' the hard part and just let it all fall back on you...for your sake, I hope you will be able to plan a trip for next year, soon. Please keep us posted! Hugs....
  11. How about self-defense type classes? I would think these would be good for crossing the midline and wondered if this is recommended? I was thinking of this for a student I tutor. We did midline exercises when I worked with him this summer and I think it did help. We are in a small room now, so not as much room to move. We have a good self-defense class in the area that i would like to suggest if this would be a good idea.
  12. Here we go, I was getting my Christmas decorations out and I actually kept the box of 'Almond Snowman' Cookies to store decorations in! Here is a link: My store is not carrying these this year, but we sure enjoyed them!
  13. Thanks Matryoshka, I will try Stonyfield Banilla! Yum!
  14. When did the German company buy TJ? I wonder if they could bring back some fav's then, like the Banana-Vanilla yogurt. I think it was called Vanana?!
  15. Nice, great concept! I hadn't heard of this before, but will check and see in our area!
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