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  1. I think we stayed at the Marriott along the waterfront about 10 years ago. My husband was there for a conference, so it didn't cost us anything, so this could be a factor for you. I don't remember worrying too much about the hotel location. But I did drive with the kids to the OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry). We loved that place, have been to it so many times! It's a very industrial area so looks a little sketchy, but it was fine. Check out their evening programs. One time we were there when there was a sky watch. So lots of people set up their telescopes in the evening and people got to go around to use them. We saw Saturn, complete with rings-it was very cool! I took the kids on the TriMet to the zoo also by myself. Just know where you are going. There are many 'interesting' people on it to say the least, but I didn't feel threatened. We didn't have cell phones which should make it easier to navigate now compared to then also. As stated earlier, China town seems sketchy. Powells for sure! Have fun!
  2. I've often thought how crazy it is that most of our crops are grown right next to a road or highway. Um....can you imagine the pollutants that come from our exhaust pointed directly to the ground? And then when it rains it goes directly into the nearby soil... I wonder if anyone has ever made a connection to soil pollutants near highways and ASD or other diseases? We really need to do better...
  3. We have been through some incontinence with our dog when he was 13 and put on PPV or whatever the meds are called. He is mostly off of it now. I believe it helped as I changed habits to feed him earlier in the evening and he gets 2 smaller meals rather than 1 large 1 and I take him out more. He was also diagnosed by 1 vet with beginning stage kidney disease and put on the kidney diet which we use through Hills. I put him on a probiotic by Petwellbeing as well as their Kidney support Gold. Since all of this, I do not use the PPV anymore (I send it with him when I have to board him. They have used it, but I think they put him to bed earlier, so he can't hold it all the way until morning.) But just yesterday I realized that the last few days on walks, he wouldn't pee as much. I also noticed he was licking his privates more, so I bathed him and made sure to put lots of warm water down there. Last night he was really licking a lot, and had noticed a few drips on the floor here and there. Through a google search, I found dogs get UTI's which I never thought of. I prefer alternative meds, so googled that, and found a few sights suggesting adding vinegar to his water. (I have used vinegar myself for colds and find it makes a difference, so I am a believer...). Anyway, I knew he would not drink vinegar in his water. I remembered I did have vinegar pills so I gave him 1. Lo and behold, he has not licked himself since. I know it has just been 1 day, but he was so settled tonight...the last few nights he has been restless and even started tearing his bedding. Hmmmm, ok, I think he was trying to tell me he was in pain. He would literally go into the next room to where I was and tear it up. Poor thing. I gave him another pill today and will continue for a while longer. I feel bad now, because he was tearing up his blanket last spring. I thought it was an old dog thing...I didn't think about pain of any sort. So, maybe your dog isn't anxious, but in pain? Anyway, vinegar pills are a cheap fix. I believe I got them at Super Supplements, but Walmart may even carry them? Also, we had used Victor pet food at 1 time. They have a formula to help dogs gain weight fast. Maybe that will help with the weight loss he is experiencing, or just know there are formulas out there that help for that. Hope this helps you or anyone...!
  4. Pen, oh, I never thought about the possibility that some might think my name might be spam! I just came up with that because I have trouble deciding and it seems that what people come up with is their identity, and I couldn't come up with a clever name when I signed up at WTM! Not that I think of myself as a 5 star, which someone jokingly said, which is a clever statement 😉, but it was just easy! You are right about these sights as selling things. This is the 3rd year I have watched this series. This one was done differently as it was held live, rather than taped interviews of the presenters. So to me it did have more of an infomercial feel to it. Ty and Charlene have created a great series, but I didn't care for the layout as much this year. I am actually surprised that not more forum people here at WTM know about the series or have seen it this year. The speakers did support everything you stated above. Arcadia, thanks for the link. I looked over my notes and actually it is a course she is giving later in October, not a book, but I will look in to the book. Yes, the slides are rather quick. She gave the number only one time in her speech, not on the slides, which would have been helpful. The TTAC copies of this webinar are for sale, as they have done for the past several years. So if anyone is interested, they could find copies online.
  5. Dr. Edward Group is speaking now in room 1. I hope you can watch, or check on youtube. these series can be purchased after the weekend. TTAC is the Truth about Cancer.
  6. Anyone watching the TTAC series (replay this weekend) online? I'm interested in the phone number to text for the free book that Dr. Veronique Desaulniers gave. Did anyone else write it down? TTAC is very informational if you haven't tuned in before...
  7. Yes, it is hard to know whether this is just infatuation or actual stalking. But she needs to make it very clear, when she has a friend with her that it is getting weird, she is not interested and he needs to leave her alone. I just finished reading: The Gift of Fear, survival signals that protect us from violence by Gavin De Becker. It talks about and cites real life situations such as this one. Mainly, he is reminding us to listen to our gut. If something feels off, listen to it, because most likely something really is off. If you read the first chapter, not to scare you, but for all women/children to be mindful of our gut, not our head or heart. It usually is correct. If she has been clear that she is not interested, then he continues to follow her and she feels creeped out, that would be a problem. Please try to read this book, it talks about restraining orders and when they can be avoided (they can cause escalation behaviors). I'm sorry this is happening. Have her be extra vigilant, perhaps he is just following, rather than using his electronics. Keep us posted!
  8. Thank you. No hurry. I just got in to my account as well and finally found the area you are talking about and how to delete messages. Once you see your list of past messages, there is a little box on the left of each title. Click on that and the delete icon will show. Yeah! I got rid of several already!
  9. I grew up in the 60's-70's. I remember going to musicals in our community where one year they did a tribute to minstrel shows in complete blackface. Being as I was little, I don't remember every scene, I think there were other cultures depicted. It wasn't poking fun, but showing history through the music (which was really great) which taught us what slaves did to make it through the difficulty of their days. If someone saw pictures of that now, they would think they were being offensive. But at the time, it wasn't meant to be. BTW, probably because of that show, I have always known of vaudeville and minstrel shows and I've known the name Al Jolson. It's part of American history, just like jazz, isn't it? (And I came from a very white community in the Midwest.) But knowing blackface now is offensive, no, in this era, wearing blackface is not acceptable. But it's true, that to get in to character to teach something of history without wearing some make-up, that is difficult to truly depict a race. If someone is wearing brown to show skin color without the white mouth, would that be acceptable? Just curious.
  10. I Lanny, this is totally unrelated, but I wanted to get your opinion regarding a problem I am having with a computer and wanted to privately message you on this site, but I received a message that you weren't taking messages or something to that effect? If you are willing to answer a few questions and can take a question, maybe you could private PM me and see if that works? Thanks!
  11. I would like to join, I have 2 in that age range. Thanks!
  12. *****


    Hugs. I just got over a week of sinus infection, so I feel your misery-this stuff is happening too soon! Sending warm thoughts: lavender mist, warm rice bag and fuzzy socks! Hope you feel better soon.
  13. This, yes, I thought of after I posted my question. I appreciate everyone's feedback. Tension in the home? My daughter has told me some details of manipulation, so this is where I get this idea...both understand boundaries, I am just not sure how strong future groom is to holding to these. I guess this can be a good test if the situation arises.
  14. Sorry to hear, as I have been there before at about the same age as you. I really wonder if it has to do with the peri-menopause timing, because it seemed like all of a sudden a lot of things were starting to change in my body and I just bent over one day to pick up a stick, and my back went out. Yes, very painful! I would say yes to all of the above. I tried a chiro. He told me to do stretches before getting out of bed, especially with the legs. All I can say is that this did not help one bit. Finally one morning I told myself that I was not going to do the stretches any more. Good move because from then on...I felt so much better. I just honestly think the stretching was too soon after the injury. Another time, my back was out and I had to drive with 2 children across the state by myself. It wasn't going to happen, that would have been too painful. I went to my first acupuncture appointment and walked out of there pain free. That taught me to believe in acupuncture for sure! If you go this route, discuss it first with the acupuncturist to see if he feels it can be treated. I did have back problems on and off for a few years, so I always learned to take a cushion to sit on bleachers, etc. I don't know exactly how long that lasted, but I can tell you now that I am in menopause, I have not had any issues. (Knocking on wood!)
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