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  1. No trouble with articulation. I believe his ability to remember sight words is better now than over a year ago. And we have done some crossing the midline exercises as well as eye tracking/perception exercises. I am seeing him online for tutoring now, and there is some background noise occasionally because of space issues at school, so maybe this will give him some practice with auditory (he uses headphones) until I can order some of the above materials.
  2. I totally hear you on this one. I would have chosen a walk with the dog in the dark!😉
  3. All great ideas, thank you! And we have added David Kilpatrick's 1 minute exercises to our sessions as well...student is having difficulty with the 'quick' consonant blends, the 2nd sound. Having a hard time hearing the r or l in words like: brick, Clint (and the n near the end, which is understandable because it is a nose sound).
  4. Peter Pan, thanks for the Math info. I looked up this, and this seemed pretty helpful from Teacher Created Resources: https://cdn.teachercreated.com/samples/2483s.pdf Also, I see some things on TPT for shopping that could be useful for functional math: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Grocery-Store-Flyer-Task-Card-Activity-Functional-Math-for-SpEd-and-Life-Skills-2781064?rt=ChMxMzQxNjczMjY0NDI4ODYwMzQzEA0aI2hvbWUtcGFnZS1fcmVjb21tZW5kZV8xNTk0NTYzMTE5NTU4Ihdob21lLXBhZ2UtcnltbC11c2VyLXJlYygA https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Hardware-Shopping-Functional-Li
  5. I have no idea what exactly happened in that conversation, but I know that if I said something like that, there's no way I'd want someone to say "You don't feel safe? Then LEAVE!" Everyone needs to realize that OP has edited this post, maybe more than 1 time. When I reacted to the post earlier, the part about: Her daughter came up with "I don't feel safe" in response to her refusal to agree to vote the way the daughter wanted her to, or abstain from voting... I am just now reading more responses about the 'voting' part and thinking, "What are they talking about? That wasn't par
  6. Hey Peter Pan, do you recall yet the names of the workbooks that do even more to teach solving word problems? I looked at Evan-Moor books you suggested, and they look pretty good. I would just like to compare them. I have a student with severe dyslexia that recently went to the ear doctor for occasional problems. He has told me in the past that his ears hurt if something is dropped, it is so loud. I am not sure what other problems he was experiencing that prompted them to finally go to the doctor. When I asked what the result was, he told me the doctor wants him to stay
  7. Lecka is right, a week isn't really that long. Have you tried just giving him 2 sounds like, "/p/ /p/" and ask if those are same or different? Then say, "/s/, /m/, same or different?" Make a game out of it, creating success. This will give you let you know if he understands same/different. I believe Barton's videos demonstrate how to correct this. See Barton correction tips at the end of the disk. Then work on comparing only 2 sounds in a word. /u/ /p/
  8. After all the school shootings and bullying, I totally get the need to talk about safety. Just a thought about maybe why OP's DD or other kids are getting the idea about 'feeling safe'.
  9. prariewindmomma: it's just an expression, please don't take my comment too far. I can't think of exact examples, but the thought occurred to me before when they disagreed with me. Don't get riled up about what I said, everyone. Or if I do give an example that was about a topic about a person of color, or was gay, etc., then I would be opening up a can of worms, which I am not trying to do here. I am so careful to watch my words, and it took me so long to write the above comment...I just wanted to give an example, of 'yeah, I hear you on this topic'.
  10. I know I am a little late at reading this thread, but back to the original post: I am glad to learn that this 'Woke' idea must be a thing. I was beginning to think it was just my daughters. Both my 20 something daughters recently have strong opinions as well, and I was beginning to wonder if it had been a good idea to send them to university. Yes, it is fine that they have opinions, but so do I, and it is ok to disagree with one another. Let's agree to disagree, but don't make me feel like I am not allowed to have a different opinion, or that mine is wrong. As far as the 'feeling saf
  11. Congratulations! They look so healthy, happy and beautiful! Just precious!
  12. With epsom salts of course to help draw it out of your system and maybe some essential oil as well! Feel better soon, and yes, it is more than ok to take care of yourself!
  13. Mine like these, and I found I use them as much as they do because of the triangle shape. But I wonder if I can use a thinner lead? They tend to get flat and I have to turn the pencil to get some kind of point or edge. Papermate's ClearPoint were used much by both my lefty and righty.
  14. I hear you on that. I mean, I (all of us) had how many months of 'freedom' with the quarantine...didn't have to go anywhere because we couldn't, couldn't plan social events because we had to stay home, etc. But did I get started on purging, projects and finishing things I said I would when 'I had time'? No! When I heard the donation places wouldn't accept our stuff because they didn't want to spread covid, well, I didn't want it all laying around in a huge pile, so I didn't bother to thin stuff out (and I need to do that more)! So now I'm thinking, I just wish we had a few days, or a we
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