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MLK Day Federal Holiday (U.S.)

MLK DAY - Monday Jan 17, 2011: Federal U.S. Holiday  

  1. 1. MLK DAY - Monday Jan 17, 2011: Federal U.S. Holiday

    • Normal homeschool day
    • It's a holiday. We're off
    • School, but special day (define if you like)
    • Other

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My dh will be off work, so we will listen to excerpts of MLK speeches, learn about his life, and look at some of the heroes of the American Civil Rights movement.


Then we go to a local museum that has free admission for that day, the American Visionary Arts Museum. It's devoted to the work of untrained artists and is one of my kids' favorites. The scale model of the Lusitania, made from matchsticks and Elmer's glue, never fails to please.

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Well Barry, here is the deal. Dh has that day officially off. It won't stop his collegues oversees from calling, but he has decided NOT to answer the phone.


I'm very glad for him....truly. But, here is the caveat. He just loves to get in the middle of math and science lessons (avoids grammar like the bubonic plague) and his enthusiasm for tangents bubbles out all over the lesson thereby obliterating the whole point of the lesson, thereby causing the child that was trying to digest the concept, to get a look of being "LDS STONED"! I love him dearly, but this penchant for say taking a simple algebraic problem and trying to tell the children what they could do with it in VECTOR CALCULUS by reenacting a space shuttle trajectory three minutes after launch, has it's down sides and it always, some how always, relates to something incindiary.


To help you best understand this man, his children bought him a shirt for Christmas that says, "There is no problem that cannot be solved by the proper application of explosives!"


So, no book work...we are going to play with the chem set and build with the physics set and work on some 4-H reports for their projects to be entered this summer in the county fair. That way I get some math, science, logic, and writing out of them that counts as an educational experience, and dh gets to play with things.



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I put a normal day. We take enough days off through out the year and 4 day weeks mess with my schedule. I'd rather take a whole week off every once in a while that plan a four day week. Having a short week because we finshed all our work for the week early is a totally different thing :D.

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We have school unless there is something else special that we will be doing. Dd10 was invited to go to a movie on behalf of her PS friend's birthday, but she will still do schoolwork before and/or after the show.


I like the idea of reading or listening to "I Have a Dream" and it wouldn't hurt to teach them "We Shall Overcome". :)

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