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  1. I haven't been on College Confidential at all so didn't connect there. She is really excited about Kent and I am very happy that she has found some place that she loves so much. She loved the town as well. She initially only looked at smaller schools for walkability and small town feel but she got the same feeling from Kent.
  2. DD is going to Kent State University in the fall. She did receive a Trustee Scholarship which covers about 1/2 of her tuition. Accepted: Kent State, Ashland University and Wright State University Why Kent? She loved it there on visit last year. She attended a Discover Theatre Day where she attended classes etc and just fell in love. Not the most financially viable option she had but its where she really wants to be. Major: Theatre Studies (Performance concentration)
  3. Zombie Dogz on Brown Street just added a poutine with tater tots to their menu. I have not had it but I saw it on their new menu.
  4. My cousin's four year old has Dravet syndrome as mentioned above. It is a catastrophic epilepsy but CBD oil has helped tremendously with his seizures although has not eliminated. We have already lost his twin brother.
  5. For my dd: Kent State University (no word on merit aid yet) Ashland University (merit aid offered but don't remember name of scholarship)
  6. My oldest is my first going through this. She applied to two schools, Kent State University and Ashland University,and has been accepted to both through rolling admissions. Both schools are in our state. Now we wait for financial information as that will likely be the deciding factor. She says she would be happy going to either although her heart is really set on Kent State.
  7. My husband is my one and done. There is no one who will love me the way he does (and vice versa) and I can't even imagine trying. Honestly, I don't even want to try. I certainly would never do it as long as my daughters are still at home.
  8. This sucks. Praying for the best possible outcome.
  9. Happening here too. It works on my phone just not on TV. Must be a Hulu issue.
  10. We have a merit offer from one school although it could go up if she gets a better ACT score before March. This school will likely also offer her a theatre scholarship but we won't find out about that until after scholarship auditions. According to the department director, all of the theatre majors are on some amount of theatre scholarship so an offer of some sort is pretty much a sure thing. The other school has not yet formally offered merit aid but it is automatic with her GPA and ACT score. She has a chance for more if higher ACT score on December test. We will likely get no other financial aid so the merit aid is crucial.
  11. We did a bunch of college visits in the spring. Dd really liked two schools. She applied to both and has been accepted to both and has been offered some merit aid for one of the schools. Now, she just has to choose. It will most likely come down to the full aid/merit aid packages.
  12. Find whichever hospital is your level 1 trauma center in your city/region. I would look for a neurologist affiliated with that hospital. Those docs are used to seeing significant trauma related issues and will be more likely to take you seriously.
  13. My oldest daughter and I love Hamilton and are huge theatre people. For the two of us, I would likely go up to $150 each for the tour and probably $200 each for Broadway but that is pretty much it. I paid $100 for a ticket myself to see Chess at the Kennedy Center in February and that was worth every penny but typically that is about the max I will pay for theatre tickets unless I am in New York. It would pretty much blow our theatre ticket budget for the year.
  14. My favorite food memories from childhood center around my grandparents and visiting their house. Big farm breakfasts with the whole family. I still feel that pork chops are best with eggs, biscuits and gravy. This meal still brings me great comfort although I rarely eat it. I only really enjoy it when at my uncle's house, whose house now stands exactly where my grandparent's house stood. Also, chicken and dumplings remain a comfort food for me to this day and have become the favorite of dd14. Also, I have good memories of my mother's fudge. She makes the best fudge ever. My dd14 recently spent time with her to learn how to make it and wrote the recipe down. She also wrote a sociology paper on the fudge and the family traditions that went with it. I generally only like to cook when we are entertaining people. I am always in such a rut and have picky kids so it sucks the joy out of it. It's more fun when I get to try new things. Otherwise, it is mostly just drudgery.
  15. My cousin's son has Dravet Syndrome, a catastrophic epilepsy. They have had fairly good luck with the Charlotte's Web CBD oil although it seemed to help more in the beginning than it is now that he has been on it for more than a year. His brother did better with it but unfortunately, he passed away last November so I don't know how that would have held out had he been on it the same amount of time. He is on several medicines so I am not sure about side effects but he is still pretty energetic most of the time except when he is having a lot of the myoclonic seizures. He definitely still has good and bad days. I know that he is better with it than without.
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