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  1. My youngest is 17. She is taking a community college class and working this summer. She plans to move out in August and is gearing up for that.
  2. My youngest hasn't really decided what she wants to do in life. She has been dual enrolled for the last several years at the local community college. They are giving her a full scholarship to finish her two year art degree and then she will decide from there. She has about 10 classes left to take. She is adamantly against student loans and doesn't qualify for any other financial aid. The state paid for what she has taken so far and now the school is paying for the rest. Super proud of her.
  3. It will be just dh, dd2 and me tomorrow. I am at work for a 12 hour shift tonight so we decided to take it easy tomorrow and I am going to make some fettucine alfredo with salad and garlic bread for dinner.
  4. I am so sorry for your loss. My nephew committed suicide in October and I feel like my whole world has been knocked off of its axis. I have been alternately angry at him and everyone I have ever known. I have found that many people, people that I know care about me, just dont know what to say to me anymore after the initial condolences, especially with the societal taboo that exists around suicide. I even struggle with it because how many times can I ask my sister "How are You". Of course, she is devastated. It seems like the most worthless question and I think its common for people to s
  5. I do know a couple of great realtors in the area if you are interested. Most people are compliant with masks the closer to the city that you are and in the main suburbs. The more rural the area gets, the less compliant people are, in my experience. The Dayton area does still have fairly high COVID numbers. I work at the largest hospital in the region and though our numbers are coming down a little, our COVID census is still pretty high.
  6. Many WPAFB folks tend to live in Beavercreek because it doesn't have an income tax. However, it does have high property taxes. Its a large suburb feel and has everything from tiny little 1940s houses to huge homes. Some parts of Beavercreek are newly renovated/rebuilt after the city was hit by a bad tornado in 2019 and there always seems to be more new homes being built there. Anything in a township instead of city limits also does not have an income tax. Fairborn has an income tax and a school district tax on top of that but a lot of newer developments as well. If I were going to l
  7. I have already received dose 1 of the Moderna vaccine and am scheduled to receive dose 2 next week. I am a healthcare worker and after all that we have seen, I have no fear of vaccine but am terrified of COVID. The doctors I work with agree. I had minimal side effects from dose one, no worse than when I get a flu vaccine.
  8. I am a healthcare worker and I am scheduled to get mine on Thursday. It was recommended that we get it when we are scheduled to have 1-2 days off work in case it makes us not feel well. I hope it doesn't mess up Christmas but honestly, I really want nothing to do with Christmas this year so it might be better if I can sleep through it.
  9. I actually love this song. I have always looked at it from more of a "did you understand" perspective. She knew who he was but did she know how it was going to play out. The best version of the song for me is by the a capella group Pentatonix. I think it a stunning rendition that approaches the lyrics with a sense of awe and wonder.
  10. Definitely take them. The offer is there for the entire community.
  11. We went to Buxton, NC in the Outer Banks two years ago for Christmas. We got a great deal on a house with an unobstructed ocean view. We could watch the dolphins from our porch. There was hardly anyone there. Did pose a few problems for restaurants etc as it is off season but we had no trouble finding places to eat, even on Christmas. We are all introverts and it ended up being the most amazing Christmas for the four of us. Best time we ever had together.
  12. If they feel there may need to be a neurointerventional procedure at some point for clots in brain, some of the stronger blood thinners can't be reversed in time for emergent procedures. You have to wait for them to work out of your system and that can often be too long for intervention to be effective. That may be why they are sticking to aspirin - so they can get in there quickly if they need to do so.
  13. We added a third cat to our household last summer after a family friend passed away and we adopted her kitty. It completely upset the apple cart in our household and we are at our wits end. Since we added the third cat, the previous two cannot get along. The smaller female will hiss at the big male and then the male attacks her. When he attacks her, she pees everywhere and leaves a trail whereever she runs. We took her to the vet and tried to medicate her but she won't cooperate. We tried pheromone collars and that didn't work either. So, the female has been living in our bathroom to p
  14. My rising sophomore has all online classes this semester. She was given an out when it came to requiring her to live on campus for year 2. She has an apartment with one roommate so that she can be as distanced as possible. Her sister and Dad are high risk so we will play it by ear on if she comes home for holidays, depending on where we are at that point.
  15. My eldest was so traumatized by the Velveteen Rabbit and to this day, about 13 years later, still has upsetting memories of it. She wouldn't let her little sister read it. I think she holds a grudge that I even allowed it in the house.
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