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  1. I have a theatre major and an art major, both struggling right now with online learning to finish their current semesters. If their schools go online only in the fall, both of my kids may be sitting out a semester. It is a waste of money and time for them to try to work on their degrees online, not to mention the major hit their GPAs are going to take because they are not doing well with the online stuff.
  2. is a neat organization. You give money as little as $25 that they give as loans to people around the world to help with different needs. Then, they pay back the money. A friend of mine has done this for years with her kids and they just keep rolling the initial loan over and keep loaning it to different people. They have helped many people. I always give to the Ronald McDonald House, and Shriner's Hospitals for children that help all children with orthopedic issues and burns regardless of ability to pay.
  3. I have a Melitta cup that comes with a pot in 6 or 10 cup sizes. This doesn't keep coffee warm but they do also have them that come with a caraffe to keep the coffee warm after you make it. I love mine. I use it for my own coffee and can use for guests but doesn't take up a ton of space like a whole machine.
  4. I am so sorry for your loss. Your whole family is in my prayers.
  5. I don't really care for Will Ferrell or any actor that relies on that sort of humor. Its just not my thing. However, I can't stand to watch johnny Depp in anything. I think he always just looks like he needs a bath and he just creeps me out.
  6. Windmill Farm in Springboro is our favorite and we haven't missed a year in almost 25 years. The hay ride is crazy in that it is hilly and muddy and always a great time. There is also a small farm market a couple of play areas on the grounds and animals. Windmill Farm
  7. My nephew lives in an inner city neighborhood. During recent heatwave, he decided to go outside to sleep on his porch. He awakened to being bitten by raccoon - three times. Many rabies shots later, he also no longer thinks they are cute. I only think they are cute on TV.
  8. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond because I haven't been around much. The hybrid battery is in a constant state of charging. You never have to wait for it to charge. The gas engine charges battery while it is running so when you are driving it just cycles between gas engine and battery. Our gas mileage is great. We own two hybrid vehicles and never plan to go back to a non-hybrid.
  9. I am a Toyota person and have never enjoyed driving Hondas. If she is a Toyota person, I would keep that in mind. Also, I have an older Highlander Hybrid and LOVE it. With a hybrid, nothing has to be plugged in. The gas part of the engine charges the battery. I am not interested in ever straying from Toyota again. ETA: My 2007 needs more cup holders though.
  10. My daughter has a very hard time letting go of some things and is completely opposed to just donating her things to a thrift store. However, if I can come up with a charity or something with more of a specific purpose, she is better about it. For instance, she feels better about donating things to the homeless shelter and currently survivors of a devastating tornado in our area. Then, she feels that she knows more of where her things are going and can feel better about their new purpose. Just a suggestion. I have a MIL and DH very much like this so I feel your pain. It even has me second guessing what to get rid of nowadays.
  11. My favorite topic. Just recently saw Waitress. It is now in my top 10 musicals. I loved it Another favorite is Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. This is probably the one I actually listen to the most often. Others include: Little Shop of Horrors Jesus Christ Superstar American Idiot Chess In the Heights Chicago An American in Paris Bright Star City of Angels Finding Neverland Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder The Lion King Dogfight The Color Purple Something Rotten Also, I haven't actually seen these yet but love the music for Come from Away and Hadestown. While not one of my favorites personally, the tour currently out there of The King and I is one of the most visually stunning things I have seen in a long time. It was a very good show. I am sure I am missing something. My 15 year old's new favorite is Waitress and my 17 year old's favorite is Les Miserables. The tour of that currently going around is absolutely amazing.
  12. The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper and other books by Phaedra Patrick The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan I really enjoyed all of these books. Not so much on the belly laughs but I liked them.
  13. Another Shriner's recommendation. They will pay for all orthopedic care including custom made braces and orthotics. No cost to you ever. Your local Shrine can also help you with transportation, etc. They were amazing when we needed them to treat my daughter's clubfoot.
  14. All is well here. I live in city of Dayton and we had no damage. We were only about 2.5 miles from major damage though. Scary. We heard sirens but our first alert was that all of our iphones alerted us of the warning and we went to the basement, where we followed the news until it was over. It was a first for my daughters and my youngest was very scared. We had several good friends in the immediate path but thankfully no one was injured.
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