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  1. My daughter, the engineer, watched the lectures and took notes, then we either discussed it or she wrote about it. She did the Superstar Student, Forensic Science, Inventions That Changed the World, and Greek and Roman Technology. Oh, and the How Conversation Works one but that was on her own. My middle son listened to Foundations of World Civilization 1 & 2 on audio and then wrote a short 1/2-1 page summary of the lecture. He also did Biology supplemented by labs and discussion, and Broadway Musicals and Element of Jazz as audiobooks just because he is into music and theater. I am currently evaluating some of them to use with my youngest.
  2. A block of cream cheese, a can of chipped beef (rinsed and shredded), and some green onion chopped. Mix well and serve with crackers or chips.
  3. Often, we plan our camping around something we want to see like a museum or historical site. We usually camp with friends, so that helps. Also, we bring board and card games, books, easily portable entertainment. The biggest help is to let the teens explore on their own while the parents relax.
  4. Amazon has these card readers for iPads. The link is for the older iPads, but they have them with the lightning connector too.
  5. My ds10 has been using a Kindle Fire for Audible for a year now issue. He also streams Netflix and Youtube occasionally. He prefers the computer or tv for those but will use his Kindle if that is what's available. He says the streaming is draggy if the wifi bar isn't completely full.
  6. Hamilton, Into the Woods, and various other broadway soundtracks. One Direction, and other pop groups inherited from older siblings. Celtic Thunder and other such groups from me. He has fairly eclectic tastes and will listen to whatever we are, but when given a chance to choose, it is whatever is stuck in his head at the time. Currently Hamilton and Into the Woods.
  7. Cocoa Beach is about an hour east of Disney. It isn't super clear water, but it is mostly calm and nice sand. If you follow the signs off 528(the Beeline) for Jetty Park, it is $5 a car and has nice bathrooms and a concession. The gulf is a farther drive, much prettier water, the few times I've been it's been rougher but I'm not sure if that's the norm. They also have a reputation for more and better shells.
  8. For my dd16, Boy Scouts Venturing Crew has definitely helped with learning things like being a leader and negotiating with those who don't agree with you, calling and making reservations, planning, strategizing. She also is on a bowling league and does a medieval re-enactment where they treat her as an adult (except I still need to sign off for her). She gets to design and lead classes, teach people skills she has learned as well as learn new skills, and generally help out where needed. Surprisingly for my ds14, theater has been the place to learn leadership. After 5 years of being in youth theater, this year he added 3 main stage shows to his repertoire, started learning backstage skills, and helps with the youngest youth group.
  9. The Mountain Has some long Tshirts. I wear XXL and they come down to the bottom of my jeans pockets. I love Mountain Tees!!!
  10. My DD15 says it is a good beginning and she would read more.
  11. I once lost a checkbook when it fell out of my purse into the top of the car hood, where the hood meets the windshield. There was a gap there and when my purse fell over, the checkbook out and into the gap. After cancelling all those checks and carefully watching statements for about a month or two, DH found it when he opened the hood to fix something.
  12. It didn't really go into the adoption at all, other than what is in the book. There is a lot of research on history, anatomy and botany, government, culture as it occurs in the book, but not the adoption itself.
  13. The Barefoot Mailman by Theodore Pratt tells of a mailman walking between Titusville and Miami when they were the only settlements bigger than 10 people on the East coast. Suitable for about 6th grade and older. Fort Christmas between Titusville and Orlando has a small, free museum on the Seminole Indian War. Also some reenactments through the year. I second all the recommendations for St. Augustine. Tampa, Tallahassee, and Gainesville all have good museums and historical areas.
  14. Some yarn, a crochet hook or knitting needles, and youtube videos on how to crochet. Ipad apps or youtube videos on how to do something she's been wanting to learn learn a language
  15. Hi, I am looking for some suggestions for audiobook textbooks for high school level in History and science. Also if someone could explain how Audible.com works and how it links with the kindle. Thank you
  16. We schedule spaghetti for grocery day. The kids know how to cook that :D
  17. Not necessarily. I had rubella when I was about 3 and still have failed every titre and have been re-vaccinated after every pregnancy!!! It's ridiculous!!
  18. I used mine to record my son singing on stage in the Christmas show. Audio came out nice and clear, but pic was blurry.
  19. My youngest three have the Ipod Nano Gen 6 and find it easy to use.
  20. 4 cups bread flour 2 tbs sugar 2 tsp salt 3 tsp ActiveDry yeast 1 1/2- 1 3/4 warm water add yeast and 1 cup of water to bowl, mix til light tan and frothy. add flour, sugar, and salt. mix. add in rest of water a little at a time, mixing in between, until dough is smooth and silky. knead dough. roll into a ball a put into an oiled bowl, cover with towel, let rise until doubled in size.(usually takes about 2 hrs.) punch dough down. If you like thick crust: take 3-4 cake pans, put about 3-4 tbs oil in the bottom, coat pan. split dough into how many pans you have, work it into a flat circle and place in pan. Cover with towel and let rise for another hour or two. top and cook in a 500 degree oven for 10-12 min. or until cheese is browned. If you like thinner crust: let the dough rise again covered for another hour or two. split dough, roll it out and place into flat pizza pan or cookie sheet. top and cook in 500 degree oven for 10-12 min or until cheese is browned.
  21. For those with the xbox version, was it easier to do the computer having done the xbox? Are they similar enough that what you learn on one transfers? My 8yo is wanting the xbox version, and I figure in a year, he'll either be bored with it or want the more complex computer version.
  22. Things is fun here!! Although some of the questions can be inappropriate, depending on the age of the group.
  23. Ds8 also likes Phil Chenevert's reading of the Oz series.
  24. My 8yo is working at 3rd grade more or less. He just got a diagnosis of dyslexia this summer, so it has only been addressed recently. Even before diagnosis, he was my hardest to school. Not learning to read made it more difficult. We accommodated by having me read aloud history, science, word problems, instructions, etc. I also do a lot of the scribing for him or allow him to type it. He has just discovered audio books and has blown through the first two Wizard of Oz books. He loves that he can listen at any time and not be tied to my schedule. Basically, anything that reading and writing are not intrinsic to, I do the reading and writing and he does the understanding and thinking. Reading and writing are done as separate subjects right now. Also, he loves to watch videos that teach him things. He knows lots of animal facts from videos. So I would say, if you let go of the idea that a child needs to do all the reading and writing and embrace alternate methods of learning and output, homeschooling a dyslexic child would be a 3. Maybe even easier if you have a compliant child.
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