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  1. It’s not coming, it’s here. The employer based model is a huge drag on our companies and on innovation/small businesses. I have one part time employee but don’t see how I could bump them to full time and provide a health plan. So I have intentionally limited my growth to be what I can handle with a part time admin assistant at least for now. And I am only able to be self employed/have this business because my health insurance comes to me via my husband’s Fortune 500 corporate employers. I know many people working all sorts of jobs just for the access to health insurance. My husband w
  2. It’s hard to get back into the workforce after being a stay at home parent long term, even in the best economy and this is not that. Age discrimination is also definitely a factor in many industries past a certain point. Working for a one man shop can be difficult. One of the worst bosses I ever had was as a legal assistant for one attorney working on his own. Now part of that was definitely my young age (he was a bit overly interested in me and I think it was because I was a 20 year old woman at time time- I doubt I would have that same issue at my age now) but part of it was wo
  3. How old is she? Section 8 (site based and voucher based) and subsidized housing programs vary and there are many that are geared to seniors and disabled adults and do not take families. The waitlist for section 8 vouchers is years long and in many places there’s a lottery to even be added to the waitlist. Site based program though can have much shorter lists. I know people who have gotten into those in under 1 year. She needs to be on all the waiting lists in all conceivable areas- the county she lives in, the counties adjacent to her and perhaps any county that she would be able to mov
  4. I’ve heard the term coyote since the late 80s/early 90s or thereabouts.
  5. Perhaps it’s having autistic sons who couldn’t handle Horton Hears a Who the movie at 4 or maybe it’s taking care of family members who daily navigate racism and ableism for things that are not optional but something about the narrative this man is pushing seems to be callous at best and quite possibly coercive. I think a teacher’s reaction to the fear of a small child shouldn’t be quite so self centered. There are certain things we can’t do at our jobs. Let’s not pretend this is about ink or diversity. Not *blacking out your eyes* is more in the same vein as “people need to wear cloth
  6. Also, by comparing it to racism, ableism and homophobia as he has done, it strikes me that he’s making light of oppression that people can not opt into or out of.
  7. I live in the same county that I spent the better part of ages 5-18 in. There were several moves to other parts of the state and out of state during that time but we always moved back in +\- a year or thereabouts. Anything that I miss is more a function of time than distance.
  8. By way of clarification, he hasn’t lost his job. He’s being told that he can only teach children ages 6+. That seems pretty accommodating of the teacher to me. He hasn’t been fired.
  9. I am usually skeptical of these stories for a few reasons. He can say whatever he wants while the school district or employer can not or will not. There’s really no confirmation that only 1 family complained.
  10. If by quarantine you mean WITH my immediate family, yes. In our situation, I was already self employed in a field that lends itself to online/working from home anyways. I haven't seen most of my clients other than on Zoom/Teams/Skype since mid March. My husband works FT in IT and they sent his entire team home to work back in March and at this point they aren't expecting to open up his department onsite until the spring of 2021 at the earliest. Both sons are distance learning. We live in a populated suburb with many options for same day food and supply delivery. We also have the funds
  11. In hindsight for my older son: He wanted his own space. He didn't like being held much he was little. (My other son is also autistic and this wasn't at all the case for him- he was a snuggle-bug from the start). His sensory reaction to baths/water from day one was one of the most intense things I have ever seen. You would have thought that he was being boiled alive. We did everything we could to get to the point where baths were tolerable. I don't believe in reincarnation but I remember telling my husband that it was as though he had drowned in a past life. He was hy
  12. We generally spend Thanksgiving with another family of 4 (friends, not relatives). They are equally cautious to us so we will probably still do that, depending on how things are going in November. If cases are high or someone has symptoms, we will cancel and just video chat with them instead. On either the 23rd of the 24th with have cousin Christmas Eve here. That’s my two sons, my nephew and three nieces. All of the cousins are remote schooling and wearing masks/limiting in person social activities so we will probably still have that if no one is sick. Christmas Day we li
  13. Yes. All work from home, masks and social distance when we leave for essential purposes, appointments or recreation. No restaurants except for takeout or delivery. We have been to the (uncrowded) beach twice but aren’t getting close to anyone while there. I took my dad to a medical appointment. School is not opening. The guideline here is only gathering with five people out of your home 1x per week.
  14. The only time I have used FB for homeschool related stuff is to find which park park day was supposed to be at or sign up for field trips. But as one can have park days and field trips without FB and homeschool without attending park days or field trips, it’s clearly possible to homeschool without FB. As for connecting to a community of homeschoolers, FB is just a tool and one tool of many. Here, FB is a pretty popular tool. But it’s not the only one being used and plenty of people stay connected without it.
  15. I could write off the Dillard situation as an extreme outlier if so many people weren't so willing to believe his version of events, first in the absence of any context or evidence and then that so many KEPT supporting his narrative even when it was clear that he's not credible. It was millions of views. So many negative comments about her. And also: why is anyone's bullshit meter broken enough to take a video like that at face value? I really wish people would think critically and gather more information before drawing conclusions. The way he tacked in the most damning allegation like
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