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  1. Everything at ITailor is made to his measurements. Alain DuPetit may have finished pants now but when we have ordered from them, they came unhemmed. We take most new suits to a tailor shop for slight alterations. Partially because my husband is picky about it and partially because our son is all arms and legs.
  2. Hello from the mom of a skinny teen who has required 1-2 suits all through high school (school + choir). This is a good place for inexpensive but still stylish suits: https://alaindupetit.com/collections/all-suits/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw4v2EBhCtARIsACan3nz_rWnCMP_1nHFkM8dg79o6XshqVM20bQbuHAp6kqc8KbQnpb1HB50aAqtdEALw_wcB There’s another site with more color options (including hot pink, lime green, purple) that’s a bit more expensive but still striking distance to H&M regular prices. https://www.itailor.com/designsuits/?device=desktop
  3. My younger son is 12 and is set up to get his first shot. The rest of us are vaccinated already. Vaccination rates and compliance with Covid restrictions both seem high where I live. My husband and I both WFH and there have been no cases showing up in the batch testing the schools are doing for hybrid learning (1 son goes 1 morning a week and the other son goes 2 mornings a week). Of the people I have seen in person or WANT to be seeing soon, vaccination is the norm. We will still mask in venues where it is required and in large group settings. I just ordered another large box
  4. Ack, didn’t realize this was a zombie thread until I saw Albeto’s username. 🤦‍♀️
  5. On the one hand, it’s not my job to protect adults from their choices/decisions. On the other hand, no one is obligated to volunteer their time and energy in situations that they don’t feel comfortable. I think it’s fine to say no, thanks; see you next year.
  6. My son's family tree on both sides is full of people who have struggled with addiction so I am not permissive about this stuff at all despite being a generally laid back and fairly progressive parent. I fervently believe that the main thing that spared me from addiction was that the first time I drank in any serious amount I was well into adulthood (it was actually an accident at age 28) and that I didn't experiment with any other drugs at all. For me, this largely happened because when I was old enough to remember it vividly yet too young to have already tried it myself, I saw my older brot
  7. I took Zofran during my second pregnancy due to hypermesis. It was slightly but nothing amazingly helpful. Zofran affects different people differently. The only way to know for sure is to try it. Some people get a tremendous amount of relief from Zofran.
  8. I took my niece for a bra fitting at Nordstrom’s. They had the clerk talk me through it and check the fits from 3 feet away. We got a good fit. The fitter was very helpful. This was in the fall, it’s possible they are able to do regular fittings now with the vaccines being widely available.
  9. You don’t have to take care of everything and everyone all the time. Move away from this HCOL area before the kids are old enough to care.
  10. Where does she equate porn with child abuse? She says that porn a gateway to abusive mindset and actions. She doesn’t say that porn is equal to hurtcore featuring children. I’ve read and experienced enough on this issue to see that at least in some instances porn most certainly is a gateway to abuse of women and/or children. I agree with you that sometimes spouses don’t know (case in point, the OP of this thread). While you certainly don’t have to agree with her because of what she has experienced, I don’t think it’s necessary to police the language of a survivor because
  11. I don’t remember anyone being especially positive about the Pearls but I do remember a more conservative Evangelical presence on these boards for sure. Young Earth Creationism was debated hotly. I remember more discussions about wives obeying their husbands. I remember people defending the Duggars and ATI. It wasn’t the majority when I started (which would have been around 2011/2012ish) but it was present.
  12. I made this same point on the Duggar thread- in this ATI influenced space they tend to view everything from lingerie catalogs to illegal videos online as pornography and the term porn addiction gets tossed around for everyone from a teenage boy who spends time looking at Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition to people like Josh Duggar. This minimizes the latter and wrongfully pathologizes the former. In her post, Rachel references sin leveling which implies to me that she gets that it’s not all the same thing. I don’t agree though that she was saying that porn and the depiction of child
  13. As a survivor myself, I sympathize with a view that is critical of porn in general or at least one that is quite aware that porn has many significant issues. I don’t think she is doing anything wrong to see a line between some of the issues with porn and either patriarchy, misogyny and/or rape culture. Porn is designed to keep people watching. Many people who get into it report that after awhile they do find that they want more and more taboo or hard core materials because what they initially enjoyed is no longer arousing to them. Another factor is that in the internet age, it can be
  14. Michelle is whole hog in on this. She’s not a hapless victim here. I’ll grant you this behavior is gross towards his daughter and her suitor for sure. She was getting a kick out of showing the her daughter what wasn’t allowed until marriage. JB and Michelle have both always seemed more than a bit exhibitionist to me.
  15. I get that it’s a cliche and I’m skeptical that Michelle needs any putt putt golf lessons. It also sounds like something that was set up for the show. They come across as creepy in a whole host of ways (heck, I find his hairstyle gross and who in their right mind keeps their menstrual cycle on the fridge and has their kids remind her to have sex when she’s fertile? Ick) but I do think that this clip wasn’t as an extreme example as some do nor do I think it’s dry humping.
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