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  1. JLab Audio JBuds Air True Wireless Signature Bluetooth Earbuds + Charging Case - Black - IP55 Sweat Resistance - Bluetooth 5.0 Connection - 3 EQ Sound Settings: JLab Signature, Balanced, Bass Boost
  2. I’ve observed the same transactional view of sex among some young religious conservatives as well. Paired with a sense that women’s bodies are something a man (husband or otherwise) is entitled to access. It’s all rooted in the control of women and the disregard for women as people with bodily autonomy. For the record, I definitely see it in the same demographics as you do as well, I just don’t think it is an attitude exclusive to that demographic. Different rationalizations, same shitty view of women.
  3. My sons are both autistic and not a fan of disrupted routines. As such, our best family trips are probably the ones where we go to the same place each year. Which is driving to Idaho, camping at the same state park and going to the same small regional amusement park. Destinations unknown usually resulted in them just wanting to read in the fluffy hotel beds and we don’t need to travel to read in a fluffy bed. I am hoping they are more into it now that they are a bit older.
  4. This is what I came here to say. I don’t make a separate roux for milk gravy. Just cook up the sausage and add flour, then milk and seasoning. It’s perfect every time. Ixnay the broth.
  5. This is very important. I feel like fairly young kids need the tools to start pushing back on this sort of stuff.
  6. It’s like earthquakes. We are due and we can be reasonably certain one is coming but we haven’t perfected the methodology to precisely predict when, where and how bad. I expect a cyclical recession. It’s not going to be another 2008 though.
  7. From about age 8 and up, my boys have had to pay for gifts for family and friends from their allowance. They really get into finding things people will like.
  8. We pay for family outings that we initiate. My teenager has to pay for entertainment with his friends that he initiates. We require chores and we pay allowance, but these are not linked. We pay enough allowance so they have enough to make choices and learn about budgeting but not so much that they don’t have to pick and choose or learn from their mistakes. In addition to their allowances they have money from gifts + money they earn different ways.
  9. I’m assuming you mean like personal finance? Because as an accountant, I see literally no merit to the study of accountancy until someone, for whatever myriad of reasons we do, decides to pursue accounting as a career or needs to take accounting because it relates to something they are undertaking like a business. For middle school we did economics and personal finance classes but no accounting.
  10. I liked Little Women- my first introduction to it as a child was one of those illustrated classic heavily abridged editions- but I found the sequels practically unreadable. I would probably choose an audiobook over reading it aloud.
  11. At my husband’s job, the days that are longer than 8 hours more than offset the shorter or shortish days. He works for a large Fortune 500 company, is salaried/exempt and time tracking is very relaxed. If someone needs to arrive late or take a long lunch or leave early, they generally offset it that same day. They just send an email, subject line only for schedule variations or time off.
  12. I haven’t so much as read the jacket flap of the first book and I still get bombarded with ads for the second book. I read the title of the first one and immediately put it in the “NO” pile in my head.
  13. Some of this is a matter of state and federal law. An employer can jeopardize their right to deem an employee exempt if they are treating them identically to non-exempt employees with regards to time tracking. Generally employees who are exempt track by the day or 1/2 day rather than the hour. Often exempt employees are only required to document their time off.
  14. In my area, teen health clinics opened in the high schools back when I was still in high school. My 20th reunion has come and gone. So this is not news for me in the slightest and I really don't see the controversy as relevant to reality. I support meeting kids where they are at. I think the teen health clinics in schools here have been remarkably successful. In my state, pregnant teens have medical decision making for themselves. I'm not sure why it would be in anyone's best interest to insist that a parent must consent to OTC birth control but a few weeks or months later, if the teen becomes pregnant, they will be in the driver's seat for their medical decisions. Why not make it as easy as possible for them to NOT get pregnant in the first place? My niece sees a mental health counselor and gets all of her primary health care at school. This is a rich city and many of her classmates are as affluent as they come. She, however, is from poverty and the teen clinic is an indispensable resource for her.
  15. We owe less than I predicted because I wasn't factoring in my business expenses. We knew we would owe this year. The loss of the personal exemptions will hurt us when our oldest child ages out of the child tax credit in the 2020 tax year.
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