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  1. If by quarantine you mean WITH my immediate family, yes. In our situation, I was already self employed in a field that lends itself to online/working from home anyways. I haven't seen most of my clients other than on Zoom/Teams/Skype since mid March. My husband works FT in IT and they sent his entire team home to work back in March and at this point they aren't expecting to open up his department onsite until the spring of 2021 at the earliest. Both sons are distance learning. We live in a populated suburb with many options for same day food and supply delivery. We also have the funds
  2. In hindsight for my older son: He wanted his own space. He didn't like being held much he was little. (My other son is also autistic and this wasn't at all the case for him- he was a snuggle-bug from the start). His sensory reaction to baths/water from day one was one of the most intense things I have ever seen. You would have thought that he was being boiled alive. We did everything we could to get to the point where baths were tolerable. I don't believe in reincarnation but I remember telling my husband that it was as though he had drowned in a past life. He was hy
  3. We generally spend Thanksgiving with another family of 4 (friends, not relatives). They are equally cautious to us so we will probably still do that, depending on how things are going in November. If cases are high or someone has symptoms, we will cancel and just video chat with them instead. On either the 23rd of the 24th with have cousin Christmas Eve here. That’s my two sons, my nephew and three nieces. All of the cousins are remote schooling and wearing masks/limiting in person social activities so we will probably still have that if no one is sick. Christmas Day we li
  4. Yes. All work from home, masks and social distance when we leave for essential purposes, appointments or recreation. No restaurants except for takeout or delivery. We have been to the (uncrowded) beach twice but aren’t getting close to anyone while there. I took my dad to a medical appointment. School is not opening. The guideline here is only gathering with five people out of your home 1x per week.
  5. For the single mom with an immune compromised child: can she get home based services from the school district? If she can’t attended school due to a medical condition, the district may be required to provide home instruction. Not just materials, a tutor or teacher.
  6. The only time I have used FB for homeschool related stuff is to find which park park day was supposed to be at or sign up for field trips. But as one can have park days and field trips without FB and homeschool without attending park days or field trips, it’s clearly possible to homeschool without FB. As for connecting to a community of homeschoolers, FB is just a tool and one tool of many. Here, FB is a pretty popular tool. But it’s not the only one being used and plenty of people stay connected without it.
  7. One of my clients is in arts education and they have pivoted to offer some online music lessons, as well as toolkits for music educators to teach online (since the school districts didn’t provide any real help to the music teachers anyways). But it’s a small trickle compared to their robust summer education programs. All of their programs are pay what you can (it’s a non-profit, like all of my other clients) and it’s impossible to reach any many students as they can with in person programming.
  8. Movements can and do routinely get co-opted. Besides people jamming in their own personal and political issues, there’s the very real factor of corporate co-opting. I don’t want to see this moment which has propelled BLM to a critical mass of support lost to “abolish capitalism” or to becoming a marketing mantra to sell shit at Target. This has happened more or less to many previous movements on a range of topics. I can’t speak for other areas, but friends, family and clients who live in the most impacted communities for over policing and police brutality don’t actually feel well served by
  9. Yep. Even processing the refunds for people who are owed them is an added cost on top of the cost of the actual refunds. A lot of people donated their ticket money where arts organizations were concerned but a lot of people can't do that because they are out a lot of their own income. Further, while I have seen a rush of foundation money for direct services, in times of crisis like this, arts always seem to take a hit. It's hard to make the case for support when you can't open your doors to provide any arts and only so much can actually go online. Many small local arts organizations make
  10. I could write off the Dillard situation as an extreme outlier if so many people weren't so willing to believe his version of events, first in the absence of any context or evidence and then that so many KEPT supporting his narrative even when it was clear that he's not credible. It was millions of views. So many negative comments about her. And also: why is anyone's bullshit meter broken enough to take a video like that at face value? I really wish people would think critically and gather more information before drawing conclusions. The way he tacked in the most damning allegation like
  11. Eliana, you and I are in agreement on a lot. I haven't seen much I would call rioting in Seattle, that's for sure. But Summer and I graduated from the same school and my perspective is a bit different. The school we graduated from is small and to a large degree ideologically focused. A lot of the students there past and present are white people of a certain degree of affluence. Activism is a big part of the school culture and many of my peers from that school are very dedicated to political activism in a variety of ways. Activism there is also sometimes for activism's sake and the school
  12. What about people who label anyone they disagree with that as a Nazi? Where I live, casual or joking use of the term has been off color/considered unacceptable for a long time now. What I am seeing more is people calling people they disagree with Nazis. And not just about things that might point to anyone being a Nazi or white nationalist.
  13. I’m very concerned about the long term impacts on small businesses. It seems that the largest corporations with the easier ability to offer apps that facilitate curbside and other large online retailers (cough, Amazon) will and are faring exceptionally well. But not a week goes by I don’t hear of a locally owned and previously very successful small business folding. My favorite restaurant from college is closing because without students on campus in the fall, they aren’t viable. This may be unavoidable but I am interested in the long term reshaping of the economy.
  14. I have three nieces, all of whom I am parent like figure for due to various reasons. 11, 13 and 18. None of them shave their legs. One asked me once for help and I showed them how but they don’t do it often. This seems par for the course in my son’s friend group and my nieces’ female friends. One niece does shave her arm pits.
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