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  1. Also, I would contact the pool that the CC owns and ask them why it’s not being made available to faculty dependents. Lastly, if you want to stay on your vacation for an extra week, stay on your vacation for an extra week.
  2. Do you know anyone with a pool? Could a small group of families get together for regular swim lessons? In a climate like Mississippi, pools aren’t just found at the homes of wealthy people.
  3. I was born in SA. The water has always been bad there, especially in older pipes.
  4. Would home water cooler delivery be less expensive?
  5. One of my nicest friends is a single parent to three by choice. She hit 35, knew motherhood was something that was very important to her but wasn’t willing to stay with a bad partner to have kids in a couple. So she used a sperm bank. She’s fantastic and while it is hard, she went into it eyes wide open. She also says she basically orders EVERYTHING online.
  6. I think most people do what they have to do, especially with regards to their children. Special needs parents get told a lot “I couldn’t do what you do”. When people tell me that I’m always like “what wouldn’t you do?” When dealing with your child, really and truly, most people will do what they need to do. It’s clearly hard to be a single parent but if in that situation, I think most people rise to the challenge the best they can.
  7. Au pairs have to meet very specific requirements and the pay and hours are set for the entire au pair program. There’s no such thing as a part time au pair. In terms of trading room and board for part time childcare- you need to be careful. Domestic employers are not exempt from minimum wage laws and in a number of areas you may not deduct the cost of room and board from nanny pay unless the nanny is choosing to live in for their convenience. The easiest thing to do is if you can find a sitter who would be a good fit and find the room option attractive is to pay the part time sitter and then separately charge rent for the room. Have a lease agreement for the room. While a lot of people pay their nannies and sitters below the table, you and the employee are both better protected if you only pay on the books and pay the correct payroll taxes. I’ve seen room for work arrangements devolve into eviction costs and wage theft claims so I would be especially careful in this scenario. Pay for the 10-15 hours a week at the prevailing rate and then charge a reasonable rate for the room.
  8. I’m happy it worked for you guys but I know many for whom much effort was exerted and no gains made. The research doesn’t support this as being appropriate as a blanket recommendation for all kids on the spectrum. My son was thin but tall and never at the bottom of the growth curve even while being very thin. One provider recommended it with no exam or testing and completely blew off my concerns about eliminating calorie dense foods he would reliably eat. I’m glad we got additional opinions and decided against it.
  9. The community Facebook pages here are as bad as Nextdoor for the Nimbyism. I had to hide them. A non-profit built some transitional housing apartments for women and children and you would have thought they were reacting to being told that the feds were going to put death row inmates on work release in our town and that the inmates would all be housed on their lawns. There’s also a new DV shelter in an old fire station here. The Next Door sorts posted about how this would bring in “unsavory” people. On the upside the posts do provide a handy dandy cheat sheet to identify neighborhood assholes.
  10. I haven’t found the evidence compelling for GFCF diets for *all kids on the spectrum* and I have a child who was not in a position to lose any weight. After consulting with a range of doctors, including multiple naturopaths we opted to not go this way for our autistic sons. My older son started expanding his tastes when he turned 12 or thereabouts. He’s still on the thin side of thin but that’s ok, so was my (not autistic) husband. If there are GI issues, I would have tried it but that wasn’t the case for my kids.
  11. Once or twice per year in a good year. We have the cuisinart soft serve maker. We’d get rid of it, the thing is huge but my sons love it and it was a gift to them from my MIL.
  12. I would also assume that the guests might slip off to the store and bring back stuff to grill. If we were staying with someone for the weekend like that, we would offer to get a salmon or steaks or something for dinner one night. I’d keep breakfast very light and easy. Let guests toast their own bagels and such. Other than making sure people knew where the fruit, dairy, cereal and coffee were, I would give myself the morning off cooking.
  13. Saturday, I would do something in the crockpot or order in. Monday, Memorial Day is a great day to grill. If you want it to be especially healthy, you could grill up salmon and serve it with veggie kebobs, mango mint salsa and salad. Or just have a traditional cook out with potato salad and such on the sides with a mix of burgers, hot dogs and chicken on the grill.
  14. When I visited my grandparents, grandma would always take me to dress barn to get my tom boy self a dress I would wear once or twice to whatever family function we were visiting for and/or to attend mass with them. I usually wore jeans to mass at home but I would humor my dad’s parents with a dress. They were all from dress barn after I was about 10 years old (I was 5’7” and a women’s size small before I was 11). I haven’t been to Dress Barn since I was 18 but I always remember the shopping trips with my grandma fondly.
  15. I can feel hate for someone without feeling the need for revenge. I don’t wish ill on people in general, and definitely not on the children of people I feel hatred for at any given point in time. For me, hate is just a feeling, like anger or happiness, and doesn’t necessitate me forming intent to harm even a feeling of malice. I cracked open a bottle of champagne and toasted my mom when my mom’s mother died. My grandmother was an awful and vile person. I would never have cracked a bottle over her head but I long planned to toast her death (or more to the point a world without her in it) and when it happened, I did just that but didn’t feel any need for vengeance. One of my brothers wanted me to fly across the country to say good bye to her. When he asked me, which I was definitely not going to do, it dawned on me that the woman could be next door and I wouldn't walk over to either say goodbye or to harm her or even share a harsh word. While I didn’t love her at all, one of my aunts did and certainly I wouldn’t have wanted to cause my aunt pain in any way.
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