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  1. I've done this recipe with 1/2 of cup of silken tofu replacing the 2 eggs and gotten raves from people who aren't vegan.
  2. Autopay for bills. My iPhone for so much but most especially MOBILE DEPOSIT. No more going to the bank, basically ever. I'm a big label maker user as well. A garlic press that allows me to press the garlic out without peeling it or getting peel detritus in my garlic.
  3. This is why BLM Seattle and King County have not become involved with the local protests. From the link:
  4. These are so good that when I make them, no one knows or cares that they are gluten free.
  5. My husband is making us brownies for dessert. So thank you. I plan to eat a corner piece in a big bowl of strawberries and dairy free whip cream.
  6. I made red curry noodles with chicken and veggies for everyone and also fried tofu. Overcooked the noodles and my husband bought the wrong kind of tofu so it didn't fry well. Moral of the story: PBJ would have been far less work and come out perfectly.
  7. Not since I was 20 years old. When I cut my hair at home now, I tend to put it in a ponytail and snip snip snip. It gives me an angled bob that falls along my jawline. Maybe I will do that with an undercut for summer. What's the worst that could happen? Not much. My husband cuts his own hair all of the time but all he's doing is using the clippers with no guard.
  8. Root Ann and I could share a pan of brownies very easily though. I'm always glad when other people don't want the bit I want. 😛
  9. Corner pieces so I get TWO edges. I feel very strongly about this. 🤣
  10. I've seen almost all of the pictures from your link over the last few days. I don't think I have access to special media. I think a lot of those things or in some cases, types of things, have received quite a lot of coverage.
  11. I am lactose intolerant (used to be allergic- dairy allergies are often outgrown) but my family is not. At a minimum, we always have a large block of cheddar, a wedge of Parmesan, a bag of cheese sticks, a tub of cream cheese, some presliced deli cheeses like provolone, harvarti and/or Colby, some goat cheese, mozzarella for pizza and it's not uncommon for us to have some smaller packages of with peppered cheddar, smoked cheese or a soft cheese like brie or port salut. Right now there's some fresh local cheese from a CSA box I ordered on a whim from a local restaurant. I ordered the box for the other stuff, the cheese was just in there. Cheese is one of the calorie dense foods that I can get my skinny as all get out kid to eat. So we keep it stocked. I don't have a drawer for it, but we do have a bin in the fridge for it all. I can have dairy that has been cooked for more than 30 minutes. Also, hard cheese is less problematic for me than soft cheese or other dairy products besides butter. That said, if I lived alone, I probably wouldn't have much, if any cheese.
  12. There is zero evidence that it engenders fraud. It's been in place successfully in the states for decades now. We have had some statewide races come down to a handful of votes (like, literally the governor's race in the not too distant past was decided on a recount by 129 votes out of 2.5+ million votes cast) and mail in voting has broad based, bipartisan support in my state. I also feel strongly that the Secretary of State here (who is not of my political party) is vastly better informed on election security than the pundits claiming it doesn't or can't work. It also strikes me that if one wants to change the outcome of an election, there are waaaay easier ways than either stealing, changing or buying people's mail in ballots ONE BY ONE.
  13. There are giant ballot return boxes here outside of town halls, libraries and community centers. The ballots can now also be returned without postage. If someone needs an accessible ballot, there are places to go and vote and unlike in the days of only poll based voting, people needing an accessible ballot can get one and vote anytime over a one to two week period. Much more flexible.
  14. Over the years, my signature has changed. I got a letter in the mail asking me to confirm my signature and update it. Once, my ballot was challenged for some reason or another (close recall) and they contacted me and my vote was counted. I trust it as much as in person voting on paper and more than in person electronic voting that lacks a voter verified audit trail. I can log into a website and confirm if my vote has been counted.
  15. Hi, my name is Katie and I have never not voted by mail. I have voted for 22 years and never had to do so in a polling place. Back in 1998, when I registered to vote, I registered too late to be able to vote at a polling place. So they set me up with an absentee ballot so I would not miss the election. And I never, ever changed it. Because voting at home on my own time is freaking fantastic. Then the state closed almost all in-person voting and basically the entire state has been doing it this way for like, a decade. We are all ok. Do people not realize that paper is actually one of the most secure ways to vote? Because it can be recounted and audited? Do people trust for-profit private voting machine companies MORE than they trust themselves? Do people like standing in line for a long time? Are people really attached to the stickers? Is it the sweet old ladies and the free cookies? I like cookies and stickers but I really like being able to vote at home, by myself and return my ballot without any fuss. If we send old ladies with cookies and stickers around on ice cream trucks collecting the ballots, would that address the concerns? Mail-in voting works. ETA: I'm aware that long lines aren't a thing everywhere, but when I hear of people lined up all day to vote, I just think there has to be a better way to ensure that everyone has ballot access.
  16. The ones the boys have previously attended are all cancelled. Two are scouting related, one is a private camp. Also, the LGBT family and youth camp my nieces attend each summer is cancelled. Western Washington.
  17. Yep, the anarchists in Seattle definitely predate the collection of various activists who claim the term antifa. The left wing anarchists that show up in Seattle have a tendency to show up at every protest along the I-5 corridor in WA and Oregon. They are not especially concerned with racial justice. Some of them have been doing this since WTO in 99 or even before though I’m sure there’s younger people in this loose collection. Protests are like their Christmas. There’s a band of them that show up every May 1st like clockwork. They fancy themselves real hardcore for smashing glass at the Nike store. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for their ideology or them as individuals. The ones I know personally are generally white men from affluent families. It's not rare for them to be sexist asses IME. A number of them did some damage in the ID the other night. The ID is full of locally owned minority owned businesses who are already on the ropes financially due to Covid. In the past when local businesses have been affected, the anarchists will try to simultaneously say no regrets/it's all justified and get brownie points for fundraising to help with the damages. They took a lot of blow back for distracting from immigration protests but they still pretty much keep it up. If I were to go through my hippie high school year book, I could point out a decent handful of these guys. ETA: A lot of them live in and around Eugene and Olympia. Also, don't get me wrong, some of them talk a big game on race and feminism but when push comes to shove, it's all about them.
  18. Totally. One time I was pulled over for expired tabs. My license AND MY PROOF OF INSURANCE WAS ALSO EXPIRED. It was a comedy of errors. My mom had died and I just hadn’t remembered to renew my tabs or license and my new insurance card was sitting in a pile of unopened mail. I drove away from that incident very much alive and the officer had given me helpful instructions to get it all sorted out. I am viscerally aware that it might be a very different story for one of my brothers or my nephews.
  19. Seattle suburbs. We are still staying home so I don’t have a lot of information. When I walk, I take a mask to wear if I see other people. I don’t wear it when biking, I tried to once and it was not sustainable. We wear masks during curbside pick up (Target, CSA, an occasional restaurant). Store employees seem to all be wearing masks. When I encounter people for work (picking up materials from clients for instance), people at my client’s office are wearing masks. Most of my clients and I have moved all work online. I pick up from one client that still has people working in the office (essential social services) and one client that is a church. The church is almost always empty when I go- I have a key. When I encounter people, we are staying 6+ feet apart. All of my other clients just scan or mail everything. When I mail things from the post office, people are staying 6ft apart. Most people seem to wear masks at the post office. I personally don’t go into stores very much- my husband has been doing all the grocery shopping. He says not everyone is wearing masks and it’s sometimes too crowded and people aren’t really staying 6 feet apart. He does wear one himself. It’s a stray N95 that we found tucked away with pinewood derby materials. At some point when he worked at a hospital, he brought one home that he’d used at work (sterile compounding) for protection for woodworking.
  20. I’ve unknowingly passed some counterfeit money. I was given it as change at a flea market. I didn’t recognize it was fake. Assuming all of the change I received was fake, I used at least one fake $20 unknowingly and then when I went to deposit the rest with some checks, the teller spotted the fake $20s. I was presumed to not be responsible. I wasn’t arrested. I was contacted by an investigator who simply wanted to know where I had been given the bills. I learned then to never need change when buying things from random people. I’m appalled by anyone who would blame this man for his own death. It’s the same old story. A black man is dead for possibly doing something that a white person would never be killed for.
  21. My main issue is that they monetized his life for themselves with all those videos. They should direct the money from those videos to a trust for him. I’m not at all comfortable with parents who invade their children’s privacy for fame. I’ve read also that she apparently researched which special needs would be relatively easy to care for and was, not long after he came home, pondered adopting again, but from an East African country. It really pings my alarm bells. White savior, collecting children, building a brand for clicks. That said, I’m hopeful that it’s true that he’s better off and I honestly don’t doubt that an autistic child would be better off away from parents who want to video his life. I get that sometimes adoptions fail. I also know that sometimes out of home care is necessary for some kids. I have two autistic sons and at times we have pondered in patient, group homes and once even the possibility that it would be better for us to live separately (so me with one son and my husband with the other) to keep one child safe from the other child’s bouts of unpredictable explosive rage. Fortunately we were able to avoid that with therapy and medication. I know first hand how little there is in the way of support and services for families with special needs kids. I still find it appalling for people to naively (and perhaps even opportunistically) adopt, use the child for clickbait and then very quietly just drop the kid. They never stopped their channel- not while they had him and not after. They just continued to film and then addressed his absence only when their fans were like “where’s Huxley”? That really messed up. She also positioned herself as an expert on special needs parenting and international adoption and gave interviews on both. I sincerely hope they are never permitted to adopt again.
  22. I don't have any major regrets. Minor regrets: We would not have bought a house in 2007 right before the great recession. Might as well have burned $80K just to see the blaze. I wish I would have prioritized my self care more and set more boundaries with my extended family. There was a job I held for two years that if I had the insight I have now, I would have taken care of myself and walked out after 3 months tops. I would have been less harsh with myself, which in turn would have softened me with other people. The big stuff had to happen the way it happened.
  23. Electrical line worker? The training length varies by state but it's good money and not a long term training commitment. Notary is something that people usually have to offer in conjunction with their occupation. For instance, a legal secretary, bank teller or a bookkeeper might also be a notary just as a value add. That said, I do think docusign is going to expedite the near elimination of wet signature requirements. Home inspector? Bookkeeping is something someone can get into without any education requirements and online classes for Quickbooks are available for free. Not sure if that appeals. The way I work, it's not all sitting at a computer but I offer specialized accounting services for non-profits. It's not hard but it's a niche set of knowledge that I cultivated over a decade. One of my new clients is a church. There are bookkeepers who just service the needs of churches. There aren't tax filing reqs for that other than employment related so it might be a nice entry point?
  24. FWIW, I pay a lot of my dad’s bills and gift him cash. There have been no assistance related or other averse implications here for me doing so. The only way this works long term is moving into a subsidized housing project for seniors or living with family. She can’t get by if her SS check just covers rent. My dad lives in such a place. It’s a small 1bdfm in a desirable area. His rent is $300 and change. The other suggestion I have: if she was married for more than 10 years, it may work out that the spousal benefit on her ex-husband’s SS account is larger than her benefit calculated on her own account. She should check, she is eligible to draw whichever one is higher.
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