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  1. My daughter had mesenteric adenitis after a virus, inflamed lymph nodes in the abdomen. I can't remember what the initial virus was but I don't think it was stomach related. It was extremely painful at first, she could barely walk for a couple of days, after that it was a lot better but she would often seemly randomly complain of stomach pain. Thankfully it only lasted a a few weeks but our GP said it could last a lot longer and it could flare up on occasion. She did get stomach aches more often than typical in the months after but not severe ones.
  2. I have always made my DH's lunch, before kids it made more sense to me time/effort wise than both us in the kitchen making our lunches separately and he was happy to eat whatever I made whereas I was not happy to eat whatever he made. After kids it just continued, but it's not like he's sitting on his arse doing nothing while I'm making his lunch and morning coffee, he's organising and feeding small children.
  3. Yes, these threads have exposed me to a viewpoint I'd never heard before and it has made me rethink how I view some of the issues surrounding transitioning.
  4. I'm in Australia and I think the attitudes are a little different here. If our version on CPS came knocking the only reason I'd have any thought about lawyers would be from reading US based threads on here! I just don't think that we have a culture of lawyering up in general, though we are a large country so there could be regional differences. I think in regards to other departments it would depend on who and what. It would mostly be a cost benefit analysis in relation to the particular incident for me, ideology would only occasionally come into it. I would not permit a search of my house without a warrant and I would get a lawyer if I was actually being charged with something or accused of a serious crime.
  5. Why does it matter if someone wears the same thing every day? Most employees should only be expected to be clean, tidy, and fit the expected dress code. I work in an office 4 days a week, I wear the same pants (slacks) every day unless they get visibly dirty and I have 4 shirts I mostly wear. Plus spare pants and another few shirts I wear occasionally. Sometimes I don't even wash my shirts after every wear, I work in an air conditioned office so I don't get sweaty and if I don't spill anything on them they stay clean.
  6. To me it sounds completely reasonable to attend practice even if injured, but where I am that would usually mean once a week unless you were competing at a state or national level.
  7. I'm in Australia, lots of street decorations already up here. Probably shops too but I can't remember if I've seen them. I don't usually see houses decorated until December 1 though.
  8. If she normally hides in a corner when she comes to your family events is it possible there is at least some social anxiety or such at play? I'm trying to imagine my sister, who struggles with social anxiety among other things, turning up to an in law event without her partner. She just couldn't do it, it would probably make her physically ill. If this is the case then it's not really her desire not to be around your family superseding your daughter's accomplishment, it is a mental health issue.
  9. If my memory is correct the Circle of Magic serious is aimed at a younger audience than her more popular Lioness books, I remember nothing in the way of sex or even really romance (maybe a little?) in the Circle of Magic books.
  10. Now I have read the poll I have too many options and I can't remember what I normally do. Except that it is definitely incy wincy spider!
  11. I don't mind spiders when I can see them, but freak out when they surprise me. I had one drop on my head as I walked under a doorway once, she had an egg sack on her back and they must have been ready to hatch because I ended up with baby spiders all through my hair.
  12. Thanks for the advice everyone. I will talk to his doctor about reflux and see if we can try something. With the leave to cry versions of sleep training, I am pretty set against leaving him to cry for more than a short time regardless of if it wakes dd or not. I have tried in the past out of desperation but he just gets more and more worked up and since I’m unwilling to stick with it when he is like that it is obviously not going to work. He also vomits when too worked up and this can happen pretty quickly (5 minutes or so). We have tried settling him in his room when he wakes with rocking or patting, the problem is that he just won’t go to sleep. It can take hours and so is pretty hard to stick to long term because of shear exhaustion (he settles okay at the beginning of the night, so it isn’t a complete inability to get to sleep). I might try the tv idea, we have a pretty baby proof play room that I can close the door and just lay down, if I’m not sleeping anyway I guess it can’t hurt!
  13. He always eats a good dinner and later gets offered full cream milk right before bed (which he only sometimes drinks). He was like this while still demand feeding overnight (doesn't breast feed anymore) so I don't think it would be hunger. He used to sleep with us all night, still had the same unsettled period. When he is sleeping he moves around a lot so unless dh goes to the spare room to give ds and I more room neither of us sleep well so I would really like to keep the initial sleep in the cot. We've tried moving from rocking at the start of the night to patting in cot, then just hand on him but we can't seem to move away from contact altogether without crying and if you don't pick him up to calm him when crying he gets to vomitting level of worked up pretty quickly. In those early morning hours nothing works, not rocking, patting, singing, walking. He either doesn't want to or can't sleep.
  14. Definitely not ready for potty training or at the level of understanding that something like the breakfast suggestion would work unfortunetly. Even if I was okay with letting him cry in the cot, if my older toddler gets woken up suddenly from a deep sleep she loses it and can take an hour to settle back down which isn't going to help with anything.
  15. Ever since he was born my 14 month old has been very unsettled in the early hours of the morning. He sleeps in a cot in his own room until usually between 12 and 2 and then he comes into our bed where he occasionally sleeps but more often does not, sometimes he is actively awake trying to chat and crawl over the top of us for hours (and getting very upset at us trying to make him sleep), other times he is just unsettled tossing and turning or clinging to me. On a good night I get 5 solid hours sleep which would be enough if it was 12-5 and consistent but 9-2 and inconsistent just doesn't work, I'm so so tired come the afternoon and I really struggle with the two toddlers (dd is almost 3). He does have better periods, he still ends up in our bed but mostly sleeps, I have not been able to identify what causes the better periods though. He still gets rocked to sleep at night, but there have been periods where he has self settled and it didn't help re the early hours. Leaving him to cry, or controlled crying methods of sleep training are not an option for me. He is a healthy baby, was very spitty as an infant and still ocasionally gets spitty but doesn't seem bothered by it. There was a suggestion of sleep apnea when he was younger due to him snoring but our doctor seemed to think it was unlikely and he no longer snores. Any suggestions or any btdt advice anyome has?
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