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  1. Ok, ladies, I'm about to become y'all's new best friend. I have SO much to learn. I've posted a couple of times on this board because I've suspected something was up with my youngest but then she'd make a big leap and I'd dismiss it. Thinking all along if we worked harder, if I focused on teaching her more that she'd "catch up." I had talked to her evaluator privately and we mutually thought she was a late bloomer. Behind on some markers like nursing, walking, talking, reading but always got there eventually. She's now 6th grade and I had her tested. Just got the results and I want to cry my eyeballs out. There were no LDs...just a tag of slow learner, developmental delays. Some of the results were shocking actually and I can't believe it's talking about my girl. Not because she's my girl but because I see what's she's doing. So my real question: Can a child perform in actuality better than what tests show? And even more important: can you teach a child with cognitive delays so that they will outperform what their tests indicate they're capable of? Please don't quote as I'll edit some of this later. This is her story...but I need information to meet her in the best possible way.
  2. Y'all are good! I knew this was the place to ask. ? Thank you!
  3. Thank you! I'm going to check out some of these recipes. My go-to when taking a meal is a yummy recipe for baked ziti. It's meatless...wonder if I can find gluten free, egg free noodles?
  4. Hello all! Wow.....time has ticked by and I've thought about popping on here every now and again as I've had burning questions. I'll probably head to the logic board for some other questions. I'm still schooling my two youngest now -- 6th and 8th. This is my 20th year. {cue the confetti and my B vitamins. :) ) I'm briging a meal to another friend and here are their restrictions: Eggs, Gluten, We eat a plant-based organic diet, without refined sugars, and with lots of healthy fats and carbs (avocados, sweet potatoes, and rice). Can you share some meal ideas? This isn't completely foreign to me, but I don't want to resort to the same old beans and rice. Any ideas?
  5. Ellen McHenry's Chemistry and Exploration Education's Physical Science.
  6. FloridaLisa

    Help me pick a new Bible

    First choose which version you'd like. I like ESV or NKJV b/c they are solid translations. You can read other versions online or an app to compare if you're digging down into a particular passage. Then, I'd go into a store to look at the Bibles. Page through them. See if you like the size of print (I have a journaling Bible and the print is smaller because of the wide margins). I really, really like my study Bibles. I have two of them -- an NIV I used as a brand new mom and a John McArthur study Bible. There are many study Bibles to choose from. I actually have my eye on another one. You mentioned wanting to write in your Bible. I use the Micron pens (from my old scrapbooking days) becaue they're fine point and don't bleed through. They've lasted longer than the Bible pens sold at the store. Do you have a Lifeway or independent Christian store near you where you can see the Bibles in person? Even a Barnes & Noble will have several.
  7. FloridaLisa

    Memorization Ideas for Kids

    We've memorized: the poems in IEW's Linguistic Development through Poetry Memorization grammar lists -- prepositions, Shurley English jingles Declaration of Independence Gettysburge Address chapters of scriptures (Psalm 1, 8, 19, 23, 51; Romans 8, 12; 1 Cor 13; Phillipians 2; etc)
  8. FloridaLisa

    Wanna pray today? (Medical, Mayo, and the mama)

    Just seeing this, Kelly, but I'm praying that you will get a green light to go AND the medical advocate you need to treat this.
  9. FloridaLisa

    LL Bean scrapped their legendary return policy....

    Boohoo! I got that email this morning as well. I'd bought several things from LLBean this year including boots and jackets. BUT, we haven't had any trouble nor needed to return anything so I don't think this will affect us much.
  10. Tried to like this and it won't let me! Thank you all for sharing your experience. So the mutual conclusion is a YES on testing. I'm also happy to see a couple of you saying that homeschooling allowed you to teach to your child b/c I've really struggled with whether I'm still serving her or whether she would *perform* better for an outside teacher and enjoy the peer environment. My mama gut tells me she might feel the struggle whereas she doesn't now and feel some sort of labeling, strata system that she isn't getting now. Thanks so much! I'll begin to follow with some testing.
  11. I've homeschooled for 19 years. Graduated 5. Different personalities, strengths, weaknesses, curricula needs. My youngest is in 5th grade and she's behind grade level. She was slow to nurse (not until 3 months and until we tried e v e r y t h i n g, pumped and bottle fed until she could at 3 months), slow to walk, slow to talk. She has been slow to read (she reads but I'd say on a 3rd grade level), still prefers an improper pencil grip, has no so great handwriting. She's been slow at math -- we just switched to MUS and she's on Gamma. She's doing much better with going back to nail things down conceptually and using MUS's manipulative approach. I've not had her tested because all along, I thought if we schooled diligently and kept at it, she would catch up. She's my first to academically struggle and I've had to learn how to adjust curriculum and teaching. Our teacher evaluator last year described her as a late bloomer. As a mom, not an expert, I'd say that's spot on. She hits the milestones, just late. So I've honestly not thought there are LDs, but more that she developmentally just gets many of these things later. ALSO, she's the baby of the family and likes it. Until very recently, I had to continually ask her not to baby talk. Here's where I'd love input: 1) Should I have her evaluated? 2) What does that look like? Where do I start? 3) Does any of this ring a bell for you? Have any of you walked a path like this? 4) What have you used curriculum or teaching wise that has helped? Thank you!
  12. FloridaLisa

    So excited about the Falcon Heavy launch today

    Totally us. We couldn't go today b/c of obligations but we were set to head down tomorrow. We watched the Falcon 9 last week from one of the closer viewing areas, but I just couldn't ante up the $$ for today's launch. We had our binoculars and telescope out but we had too much local tree cover and I think it veers toward the horizon at some point so we never saw it. Watched it online though and the booster re-landing was almost better than the launch! We're hoping to get down for several more rockets this year. I was really surprised they got this one up on the first day with no re-scheduling. I know this pumps Cape Canaveral UP after seeing the shuttle program nixed.
  13. FloridaLisa

    I'm growing old on this forum.

    I've been on the boards since 1999 when we first started homeschooling. I remember the angst over Y2K and staying up to see what happened and nothing. I've met some wonderful IRL ladies here. I still have printed recipes and posts in my old-timey 3-ring school binder. What I've learned here and the impact on our homeschooling is really incalcuable. I remember talking with high school moms about the new process to get AP approval and submitting my syllabus. I learned how to make yogurt here, Quiver's cinnamon rolls, Amy's crock pot beef roast, and Jean in Wisc coached me through my first bread-making. I remember staying up and hitting refresh a hundred times when some great sleuthing was going on or when a thread was hopping (y'all know the ones). This board and the many of the folks here have been hugely formative in our home education. I've graduated 5 and have my 2 youngest still. I'll be 60 before we're done!
  14. FloridaLisa

    Vent and warning about The Crown Season 2 Episode 7

    Thanks for the heads up. Netflix took it over completely; no longer a BBC production (the actors talked about that in some pre-season interviews). I could see the differences in just the first couple of episodes (hello lingering camera on nude artwork). Some are fine with it; I want to know b/c I actually really appreciated having a family-friendly, somewhat accurate series and I'm disappointed that Netflix felt like it needed the words and the scenes. The Crown already had a great following.
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