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  1. My daughter, the engineer, watched the lectures and took notes, then we either discussed it or she wrote about it. She did the Superstar Student, Forensic Science, Inventions That Changed the World, and Greek and Roman Technology. Oh, and the How Conversation Works one but that was on her own. My middle son listened to Foundations of World Civilization 1 & 2 on audio and then wrote a short 1/2-1 page summary of the lecture. He also did Biology supplemented by labs and discussion, and Broadway Musicals and Element of Jazz as audiobooks just because he is into music and theater. I am currently evaluating some of them to use with my youngest.
  2. A block of cream cheese, a can of chipped beef (rinsed and shredded), and some green onion chopped. Mix well and serve with crackers or chips.
  3. Often, we plan our camping around something we want to see like a museum or historical site. We usually camp with friends, so that helps. Also, we bring board and card games, books, easily portable entertainment. The biggest help is to let the teens explore on their own while the parents relax.
  4. Amazon has these card readers for iPads. The link is for the older iPads, but they have them with the lightning connector too.
  5. My ds10 has been using a Kindle Fire for Audible for a year now issue. He also streams Netflix and Youtube occasionally. He prefers the computer or tv for those but will use his Kindle if that is what's available. He says the streaming is draggy if the wifi bar isn't completely full.
  6. Hamilton, Into the Woods, and various other broadway soundtracks. One Direction, and other pop groups inherited from older siblings. Celtic Thunder and other such groups from me. He has fairly eclectic tastes and will listen to whatever we are, but when given a chance to choose, it is whatever is stuck in his head at the time. Currently Hamilton and Into the Woods.
  7. I'm not sure of the answer to your question. There is a lot of Algebra used in the program, and it is structured so that a student can learn on his own when the teacher (me) has no clue about Chemistry. The few questions he has had, I have been able to use the teacher's manual to answer. There are chapters on those subjects and they have calculations in the chapter, but if they are what you asked, I'm not sure. The lab kit comes with everything needed, except distilled water, a pan, and a stove. Ds16 hasn't reached that part yet, but flipping forward, he thinks so. HTH
  8. Spectrum Chemistry is high school level.
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