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  1. Thank you! I don't think my middle child will be ready for Traditional Logic next year (I also really like it - older dd13 is about 50% on watching the videos), but NO ONE (including my husband and I liked Critical Thinking at all) so I am looking for something more directed for middle school :)
  2. Has anyone used Introductory Logic? I am looking at ordering it for my soon to be 7th grader and trying to figure out if I need the dvds. My oldest is doing Traditional Logic and doesn't especially care for those dvds. Thank you so much
  3. My daughter is using Discovery/Dimensions math 7A and I am noticing that I am having trouble breaking the lessons down into an actual lesson plan. Has anyone made lesson plans for these books? Thanks for any help with this!
  4. This makes me so happy! We are just starting to think about high school history and this will definitely be on the list (oldest is just in 7th grade now). Will you guys have them for SWB's Middle Ages and Renaissance books as well?
  5. We liked it just fine and and my daughter really liked the history pockets and the independent nature of it. I like the level 2s that we have done (just started Early Modern, and have done Ancients and Middle Ages). We did not finish Middle Ages as we had a hard year in sixth grade with getting anything done! I do NOT like level 1 one much at all so far (My middle child is out of sync with the history cycle and has done SOTW already and is not ready for HO level 2 Early Modern (she would have done fine with the Ancients one).
  6. We are using History Odyssey level 1 for Early Modern history with my 10 year old 5th grader. She was not ready to do the more advanced work in level 2 that her sister is doing. It uses The Usborne Internet-Linked Encyclopedia of World History and A Child's History of the World as well as SOTW 3. I have SOTW3 (my son is using it and the girls used it 4 years ago). I am having a lot of trouble finding either of the other 2 books (at the library or to buy). Does anyone have any experience with substituting a different Encyclopedia for the Usborne one (there are 2 other Usborne history books on Amazon: The Usborne Book of World History and The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History)? Thank you!
  7. Thanks for the great suggestions! She will read The Witch of Blackbird Pond later this year. Maybe she'll enjoy the assigned reading more if I let her have a little bit of a choice in a replacement read :) She likes historical fiction just fine and isn't a reluctant reader so much as stubborn and independent (doesn't care for being told WHAT to read).
  8. If I can't find anything to replace it with, I may do this. My hesitation is that all she really remembers about it is not liking it (not so little stinker!)
  9. I kept thinking this book sounded familiar and after far too much time looking realized my 12 yo read this book for history way back in 3rd grade. Her history program (History Odyssey Early Modern level 2) recommends it for this year (7th grade). If I read this book then, I don't remember it now. :blushing: Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should replace this book with for her this year? She is a very good reader, who often doesn't care for reading assigned books Thank you so much!
  10. Thank you, I will be checking both of those out :hurray:
  11. Trying to get things ready for this year and spend as little as possible. Any ideas for good, cheap (or free) ways to do Chemistry for 5th and 7th grades? (My 3rd grader will be using noeo chemistry 1) Thanks so much!
  12. Thanks for the replies, everyone. I have most of those books reserved for additional history reading for the next couple of weeks, I guess I'll just have to consider them literature as well. And I will look into that Shakespeare for Everyone book when I pick up my holds at the library, for now my hold limit is full :)
  13. I have a 2nd and 4th grader both doing SOTW2 this year. We are at chapters 26-27 and there are very few literature recommendations. This is Henry V, Joan of Arc and War of the Roses Does anyone have any suggestions?
  14. Where do you buy Rod and Staff Eglish from? I found levels 5 and 6 on Amazon, but am not finding much choice there for level 7. I have also tried Rainbow Resources and CBD with no luck.
  15. I have been liking Amazon a lot. there is not as much for my kids on it (they' 've been watching Quack Pack on YouTube lately) . I also can not get Amazon prime on my Wii, but since I don' t watch on the WiI it hasn't been a problem for us, but it would be if that was what you were streaming through. there is a lot of preschool shows on Amazon, but my kids are older.
  16. When will Writing With Skill 2 be coming out? We're finally (after a year and a half) getting to the end of WWS 1 (on week 33) Can't wait for the new one and need to budget for ordering it - I didn't see it on the Peace Hill Press website.
  17. What is up with these children? I have a daughter I consider to be very math-brained. This is the child who will constantly ask questions like: How old were you when Aunt Stacey was 13, or what is your 3rd least favorite type of candy and various other statisical type questions like that. She loves coming up with new ways to do her math in her head (that aren't wahat I am teaching. She hates math. I chose Singapore fro her because of the emphasis on mental math. I have another daughter who loves to read and write. She even gets how grammar is important for writing. Her least favorite subject these days - you guessed it - writing. Some of it I get, she isn't interested in writing about Marie Antoinette (or whoever) and she doesn't like researching. Stubborn girls. :banghead:
  18. Thanks for the links to previous threads, I will check them out. I also read the blog and found it very interesting. My dd11 is NOT mathy in any way. I am hoping to be done with 6A at the end of 6th grade. My instinct is to stay with Singapore (I picked it because I like it, and I don't usually like changing curriculums), but it doesn't sound like it would be a good fit for her. She is very interested in astronomy so I want to make sure her math skills are solid and on track. Question - does Life of Fred combine math with other subjects (can't wrap my brain around it)?
  19. Anyone?? :bigear: Any favorites for 7th grade math? Does Singapore go through high school? If so, what is it called and does anyone have any experience with it?
  20. I just recently started grading my dd11 (6th grade) work. I decided to do so as an incentive for her to get her work done. Sports are her favorite things and so she has to have "acceptable" grades to play. We have only been doing this for a couple of weeks, so not sire how it'll play out yet. I also am considering it practice for when I do have to keep grades. Because of our reasons for doing to, most of my grades are points based, with points being given for each step. She has her schedule for a whole week and can change up the order of things (do 2 days of math, or history at a time, etc.) We do not do homework, but we have independent work that she works on in her room during "quiet time".
  21. Thanks so much for your imput. We are doing Singpore Primary Math and don't really have tests, although we do have reviews. Her list for math consists of 3 things daily, corrections from the day before, math facts/mental math , and her lesson. What I decided would work for my purposes last night is that everyday she would get 5 points for each one completed. So 15 points per day and 75 points for the week. My main purpose right now, is to get her used to grades and to use them to motivate her to get her work done. The rubrics in WWS are awesome and I love them, and will generally try to apply them to her writing for history as well. Where I am having difficulties is: last week for example. For the 4 days of writing, she had WWS1 week 30 days 2 and 3. At the beginning of day 2, there is a lot of stuff she usually skips over where the instructions say "Review the natural process chart", read and decide, etc. There were about 5 of those type instructions and I highlighted them in the book and told her to just make a check next to them (or tell me) so I knew she did them and I would give her 5 points for each of them, 25 points for taking the notes correctly and 50 points for each of the actual writing steps in day 3 (there were 3 of them). The whole week would be worth 200 points. She earned 15 points, she didn't do any of the review parts or writing parts - all she did was the notes, which she didn't do well. That's all fine (well its not, but it is what it is), but... where does it put me for this week? She only did 1 out of 4 days of writing and still has to do the other days, the writing parts from day 3, which I am fine to reschedule her to do, but should I just readjust my gradebook for the new week's assignments each week? That way each week's grades are in the past and the work scheduled for the week is the only work being "graded" for the week. Could that work? Or does a gradebook need to be more static.
  22. My oldest will be (hopefully) finished or close to it with Singapore Primary Math 6A at the end of her 6th grade year (in July). We are using the US editions if that matters. She likes to be able to work independently and does math fairly slowly. What do you recommend for a good math program to follow that? :bigear: Thanks!
  23. Do any of you grade your middle schoolers work? We have decided that we thinking giving my daughter grades (she is in 6th grade) might help her with getting work done. Then going to having "acceptable" grades to play sports (her passion). Since she has to do her math until it is correct, I can't really see how I can grade that - any suggestions? I was able to figure out a system I'm okay with for grammar (Rod & Staff) and History (History Oddyssey), but writing is where we most need it and where I am having the most trouble. How do you grade writing? At this point, my main purpose in grading is to make sure everything is getting done and not put off and having to play catch-up (a big problem for us last year). For writing we are trying to finish WWS1 and also doing the writing assignments from history as they come up. For example; she had to write a biography of Charlemagne for History, so for those two weeks she worked on that for writing instead of WWS. We are on week 30 of WWS and aiming to be ready to go to WWS2 in January or so, but last week she only got one day of writing done (instead of 4). She tends to put it off until the end of the day, but at the end of the day, if it comes down to getting her writing done, or her math, I tend to make the math get done :tongue_smilie: I more question - do you think I should start with where we are now (just finishing week 6 for her grades or start at the beginning of the year (I have all her work)? Thanks for any help you can give me. This is the best we can come up with as a way to motivate her to get her work done, please do not tell me you would never give your children grades at this age, unless you have suggestions for a better way for us to motivate her to get her work done - thank you!
  24. I'm glad we are not the only ones doing this. I just last week started highlighting the parts that are actual instructions (eg, go back and review week 22 day 2). I don't know how well its working yet, but you ladies are giving me hope. I find that my dd (11) tends to just read over the instructions and then do her own thing with them and miss lots of the steps.
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