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  1. Wow. So much hating on crossfit. LOL I am not a crossfit member but do drop in to classes from time to time. If there is a good gym near you, you could always drop in to a class and check it out. There is something to be said for the group atmosphere. There is no need to kill yourself in the workouts. I always use less weight than I could do, run a little slower, row a little slower, pull a little less high and frankly no one cares. Like any workout schema, you have to do just enough work to get an effect, but not so much you can't come back to the table the next day. Our gym has people of all ages and sizes and is very supportive and encouraging.
  2. Pre-sliced cheese could have gluten on it. Don't they coat it to prevent the slices from sticking together?
  4. Soft skills: Dealing with social media Time management Organization Dealing with a voluminous increase in busy work if you haven't done that as part of your homeschool
  5. It also could be that you're stimulating an immune response and that initial stimulation can have analgesic effects.
  6. The way to make beans taste good is with a sofrito. Here's an easy way, although why she uses a regular pepper when italian peppers are readily available, I have no idea.... Beans
  7. Do you really believe this? (asking with curious tone)
  8. Okay thanks, I thought you were doing a second. Will try!
  9. I ordered a sample. Oh dear. LOL verbena freesia musk
  10. Rosie can you post your process for the rose kombucha please? I was doing a second ferment with elderberry that came out sooooo good. But then had a batch of contamination and stopped fermenting for a while. A new recipe would do the trick!
  11. Also egg could be an issue. Stop using fabric softener and dryer sheets.
  12. Why don't you look at
  13. :iagree: What's wrong with pants that are skin tight? Those are the ones that look nice. Does that include leggings too?
  14. You should not have added fruit to the brew until you are ready to do a second ferment. Emcap has the right sequence of how it should be done. I would not use the scoby you have to do a continuous brew because adding the fruit runs the risk of yeast overgrowth. Google around how to "do" kombucha. There are tutorials all over youtube. FTR, I prefer vinegary kombucha. I add a swig of it to all my drinking water.
  15. Me too. It's interesting to see the go to meals when time is short and ya gotta grab something. I eat a lot of sweet potatoes and sardines. LOL I love the coconut milk ice cream where you add coconut milk to fresh berries and whip it up. But guar gum, that explains it! LOL Argh!
  16. Sometimes I feel like I'm turning orange from all the sweet potatoes...
  17. I'm AIP too. It's rough when things creep back in. No matter how much I want to drink coffee, I just can't.
  18. I wear a size large in Target activewear. If you saw me, you'd think that was ludicrous. I practically disappear when I turn sideways.
  19. Yes and yes. I use either beef bones with a pork trotter or chicken backs with chicken feet or necks depending on what the farmer has available.
  20. I was under the impression that some teachers do this especially at the the beginning so by the end of the year they can prove their inputs contributed to the improvement of the student.
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