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  1. Gomer Pyle, USMC That Girl The Danny Thomas Show The Dick Van Dyke Show. I never saw any of them as a kid, but I have watched them with my kids, and my whole crew finds them funny.
  2. Has anyone downloaded one or created one themselves? I have a 12 yr old child and 3 adult children. I need something they can do together tomorrow that is new and different. I was looking at these, but have no idea if any of them are worth the money. I don't mind spending the money if it's worthwhile.
  3. She does not love Braille, but she misses games (from when she was a kid, she has been blind a long time). I think we will have to get the uno, thank you!
  4. I love reading this every year! Ideas for a blind lady in her 70s with not a lot of space?
  5. exercise dvds? small work out equipment? personalized water bottles? or just neat ones?
  6. A lot of martial arts schools (including the one my family owns) have virtual classes right now. The bonus is that often everyone in the family can do it for one low price. I know that our school also has fitness classes that we post as well at TKD. We are planning to continue to offer virtual classes even after our stay at home order is lifted, so those that are not comfortable or are too far away for in person classes can still participate. I hear that is going to be the norm for the industry as a whole.
  7. Last year, my immediate family and I had a nerf war. Grands weren't able to participate so we waited til they left. Kids loved it (3 are adults). at our extended family dinner, I have been known to make up a scavenger hunt for my kids to do. It all revolves around figuring out which relative did what. So they have to talk to them all. Since it is my kids, I tell them they can't have dessert unless they do it. Works fabulously. We have all learned a lot about my family and they have better relationships because the older people feel valued and really the younger people do to. We have also played the game where everyone writes down one thing and puts it a basket. You pass it around and everyone takes a piece of paper and tries to guess who said what. A lot of fun. Minute to win it games are fun too.
  8. Thank you all! We met last week, and it went well. We will be adding more families, so that will make it more challenging. ? I appreciate everyone's input. We did have really good discussion.
  9. Have you hosted a Bible study in your home? Did you lead or take turns? I am particularly interested in group family Bible study ideas. We want to have the children in with the parents.
  10. I saw a new video somewhere about a home school family that raised money for a charity. It was a very positive story. I can't find anything about it, possibly because I can't remember their name, where they lived or what charity they raised money for. It might have been KCTV5, but maybe not.
  11. I vote invite them. I love to get them and am so glad to know someone thought of my family.
  12. It is hard. Harder than raising kids, I think. We lost my dad almost six years ago on my birthday due to COPD. He also had a myriad of very hard diagnoses. Now all 4 of the remaining parents are having problems--including cancer, ALS, Parkinsons...and some other major stuff. 2 parents are here and 2 parents are 2 hrs away but could be here where we could help. It is horrible. Our family (extended) has been through the ringer for several years. I guess it will stop someday. :(
  13. I kinda feel bad for people who don't like ceremonies. We try to keep it fairly short and entertaining, but no one else does them here. They either go with one of the huge ones in another city or just a cake and punch reception. I just can't imagine us doing one another way.
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