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  1. Klaire Labs is the one that my naturopath gave me. But it's expensive! I take it for me, but I can't afford it for the whole family. I just make sure they get a good yogurt every day that is just good cultured milk with the live active cultures and not anything else. Usually that means Dannon plain.
  2. probiotics...your gut health is tied to your immune system, healthy gut flora will help protect you from "harmful invaders" 😉 As soon as school starts in the fall, I make smoothies in the mornings with yogurt and Emergen-C Immune+ (has vitamin D & zinc) for my crew, and they've done very well with that. I don't do that during the summer months because I expect them to be outside a lot more, so IMO not necessary (they get lots of natural forms of vit D & probiotics from playing outside), and we don't have a set schedule as much. My crew has done very well with that approach. I also do daily elderberrry syrup once flu season kicks in. I keep an eye on the CDC's flu chart to stay up-to-date on that.
  3. In my area, yes, to be in style, snug-fitting all the way is required, be it skinny jeans or jeggings. Personally, I'm loving this. I have a very slender dd and the stretchy jeggings fit her soooo much better than anything else. She's covered and things don't gap or fall off her.
  4. I've heard the thing about HPV and warts, but it's a little confusing to me cause apparently there are different kinds of warts and the virus itself is actually pretty common...just lots of things up I haven't researched much...but my question would be this: if the virus behind the wart is contagious (and I understand that it is), how is it spread? Is it through contact with the wart itself? Or do bodily fluids (like slobber and snotty noses) carry the virus? Cause if it's the first, asking for simple Band-aid cover might be worth it. But if it's the last, then at that point, there's really no reason (IMO) to bring it up. Just clean like you regularly would to avoid all the germs passed around by little kids.
  5. Upper abdominal pain when drinking (especially water) and lying down does make me think of some kind of digestive issue like reflux. If that's what the doctor is thinking, then the Tums & Pepcid makes sense. But it doesn't make sense in light of her earlier symptoms like the shaking or the staph. So that makes me wonder if the doctor fixated on an easily identifiable issue and dismissed the others? Does she feel better w/ the Tums & Pepcid? Like Pen, I'm wondering if it's only or mostly water that gives her issue. Can she drink milk? The shaking makes me wonder about sugar levels. I get very shaky when my sugar levels drop. There are a lot of questions, and I'd be wanting more than "come see me on Monday" too. If she's not feeling better, I think I'd be heading to the ER again. Sorry you're going through this.
  6. This is a great thread! I just wanted to chime in with a couple things: 1. Someone commented about it being rare for a person to reject their faith just because they realized it no longer made sense to them. I don't think it's really accurate to say it's rare. Several people have already posted, and now I'm adding my voice, that we did not have some traumatic experience that precipitated the change. It really was a simply a change in belief solely because we didn't agree with what we had been taught. I have also learned not to be so dogmatic about belief. I was 100% certain of my faith 15 years ago. I just wanted to "dig deeper" to have a better relationship with God. But when I dug deeper, that 100% fell off a cliff. Now I know better than to say that anything is certain, and I also have a lot more grace towards people who believe differently. My default view of Joshua Harris's statements is that he just grew and his beliefs changed drastically, and with his larger worldview (IMO) he realized how narrow-minded and hurtful he had been to certain groups of people, and so he owed them an apology. Of course, I know better than to say that I'm sure of that 😉 . 2. After I asked a lot of the same questions being thrown around in this thread, I finally settled on reincarnation and for the most part, the way Edgar Cayce presented Creation. I don't agree with everything he taught, but it helped re-frame how I thought about things. It is a totally different way of looking at things than evangelical Christianity. I think it has more things in common with LDS and Greek Orthodox, but it doesn't line up with those either. (I admit, it took a long while for me to finally say I believed in reincarnation because coming from my Christian background, that belief was literally laughed at.) 3. At this point, I believe that we have freewill within a framework. We do have freewill in making the choices that are presented to us in our life, but our life path was set in motion before we were born, so there are certain aspects that we don't have freewill over. I don't believe in total freewill, because to me, that would be chaos. Everything works under prescribed rules, and life is no different. You can exercise your freewill and choose to run, walk, jump, sit, lie down, etc. But you still have to contend with gravity. That's how I view freewill. And as a side note, other people have the freewill to act against you as well. They can put objects in your path or try to tie you down. But there is nothing--no rope, no chain--that they can use that will ultimately override your freewill. It can however, make it extremely difficult. So anyway, I just wanted to throw those out there, just as other points of view in this discussion.
  7. Quill, I think we must have come from a similar religious background! So much of what you say mirrors my experiences! But in my experience if you believe the bolded, and especially the underlined, then you can't really be saved, or at best you're apostate. It's kinda weird, cause I have actually listed it out something like that, and the response I got was along the lines of: "Of course that's true for ancient people or the 'unreached' who didn't have the Bible, but we have the Bible, so..." and then they launch into all the reasons why what you just said was wrong. The disconnect is staggering.
  8. I saw this, too, and appreciated his willingness to apologize and to be upfront about his changing beliefs. It can't be easy to do something like that with the world watching you, knowing that a lot of people that he has probably looked up to and/or considered friends are now going to alienate him. Paradigm shifts are just really hard, and I can't imagine having everyone watching and judging all the while. From
  9. I live in Georgia, we have really high humidity, but I've never had anything not dry in one sunny day, not even towels. Maybe it's that much hotter here? But I wonder about your washer and how well it's wringing the water out. Is there a way to get your washer to do an extra spin only cycle? See if that helps?
  10. Hopper is a very flawed character, and I love it. He screws up royally, but at his heart, he's a good man. He tries. And he does go back and try to fix things once he realizes how wrong he was. I do think that there was a bit of that when he sent El and Mike off, but there was no time do more. (And on a side note, I loved the scene when he totally dismissed taking Erica back underground.) I don't think this season was a wrap. I do think Hopper is the American at the end. My dd & I went back and watched the blowing up of the machine. Hopper wasn't on the platform when it blew. Did he jump into the Upside Down? Did he go with the Russians somehow? And how did all the Russians disappear so quickly! It's also interesting to note how much LESS power El seems to have in season 3 than she had in season 1. In season 1 she was doing a lot of things without even flinching, much less moving her hands. And her nose was bleeding every time you turned around in season 3. Not so in season 1. I wonder if she's out of practice from having gone from being a prisoner and being forced to use her powers often to having a more stable life and not having to use them as much. I wonder if the lead-in for season 4 will be El getting her powers back and finding out that Hopper is NOT dead. Or maybe they find out some other way. Maybe El's gradual loss of power is part of the whole series plot and she won't get them back. So many questions! I'm pretty confident there will be a season 4.
  11. I'm mixing this up to try today! Thanks for the tip! I'm with you! I used to spend $$$ on "environmentally safe" dish soap, but that was getting too pricey and I had to find an alternative. Then someone pointed out (I think it was on WTM!) that environmentalists use plain old regular Dawn to bathe animals with after oil spills. I figure if it's safe to use on the animals, I can use it in my sink. So I've been using plain Dawn since then for anything that needs grease-cutting. I think it fits my bill for non-toxic, environmentally safe cleaner that actually works (and I can afford)!
  12. How bad would it be to go and work remotely, like you mentioned? I can totally understand not wanting to do that, but just wondering if you've considered the upsides of not having the pressures of normal home care weighing on you while you work. You might actually get more work done. If it was my family, we'd suck it up and go. We don't get to see my inlaws that much. We have a good relationship with them. The inconvenience of a week is worth the time and memories spent together. Often times, I REALLY don't want to go on trips. Kids around water (especially beaches!) really makes me nervous. Once I'm there, though, I do enjoy it, and admittedly, I often find that I needed that time away from my house, even if it's not as a relaxing a trip as I would have liked. I'm not saying go. Or not go. Just giving some thoughts.
  13. Are you sure you're not talking about MY daughter? 13 years old, mid-back length hair, fine but thick curly hair that easily tangles, hates showers especially washing hair??? That really sounds like my dd! I have bought multiple types of shampoo, very nice shampoo, leave-in conditioner, etc. None of that works if she refuses to use it, or only uses it occasionally. I have decided that as unkempt as it looks, I am only going to worry about making sure she keeps it clean. If she's content with channeling her first-year Hermoine Granger (as I've put it) then fine. It's her head. I suspect that as she gets older, she'll decided what to do about it herself. Until then, I'll supply her with the necessary tools and products, but if she wants to leave the house with a frizzy mess, it's on her. No matter what I say or how I say it, she's still 13, and I'm just a nagging mom. I've already crossed similar bridges with her older brothers, so it's kinda BTDT for me. Their choices in clothes. And the body odor. Aack!!! And the battles. (Take a shower already! Wear deodorant EVERY DAY! And could you please just make sure it's matching and there are no stains or holes? Please?!) At this point, I've really learned to just let go and let them make their own decisions. I keep my firm line at hygiene. Beyond that, it's their lives. For all of them, if they have to dress a bit nicer, I lay out specific guidelines: take a shower, wash your hair, wear nice jeans, etc. But I try not to do that too often. They're much more willing to give in if I keep it occasional (and when it's really important to me) and let them have more control every day.
  14. I have no advice, but it's interesting that you should post this! I just finished reading Michelle Obama's Becoming, and I was thinking of writing her, which is totally something I NEVER do! But I soooo enjoyed that book! Good luck!
  15. ^^This. I get that going to trial is traumatizing and re-victimizing. I get that without proper evidence, a plea deal may be the best a prosecutor could do. But the fact that the judge decided against the prosecution's request is one of the reasons that I'm angry. Grrrr. I'm going to stop now before I rant further. 🤬
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